New EU site issues

For the past year I’ve spent constantly waiting on pimax to come back to me at various points on my 5k+ RMA swap that Matthew originally said I could do after all the faulty HMD’s I received. The last case was the escallation to @PimaxQuorra earlier this year who agreed to look into it and also after many weeks didn’t come back to me… so after all this time I still have nothing to show for my ks money except 3 useless vouchers.

So after pre-ordering an RTX 3090 the other week I actually (well beyond my better judgement) attempted to order an 8kx, only to be redirected to an EU webpage. goes to as soon as I do anything.

The price of an 8kx has increased by over $100 (being priced at 1199 euros) and the EU website does not accept any of my vouchers (for which I have 3!). I’ve checked it a couple of times since in case it was just a work in progress thing but it appears to be consistent that I cannot order the 8kx with any vouchers… I can’t even use the $100 downgrade voucher on anything such as replacement cables!!

Pimax maybe wants to look at this as the pricing and useless voucher situation is not great.

Side note, even the pitool link on here just sends me to a 404 Page not found on the eu page.


I am dealing with this for several days now, I reported the price issue as soon as the EU website was on, I was told that they would adjust prices as soon as the website is officially up.
For example, the Artisan went from 449$ to 449€ (527$…)
I have coupon I want to use, I contacted Vivi and she told me Artisan was not in stock (because I wanted to use it on an Artisan but I want get some accessories now instead) and when ready I will be able to use my coupon.
I contacted the person in charge by the chat and whatsapp, I did not get reply yet…or not about the coupon, I asked about the fake shop AND my coupon but I only get reply for the fake shop.
I just want to point out what looks like to be a fake Pimax shop.
I’ve been told it is not official (I have only one source I usually wait for more). @PimaxQuorra can you confirm this please?
Someone told me about this on my YTchannel.
Well, it is finally a legit shop.


Hi Pitool is here in this page .

Anytime you want to use your voucher just talk to the online chat service and they will replace the old with a new to be used in

Yea, the redirect is not taking us to there though is what I’m saying.

So everyones vouchers in Europe need to be re-requested? Is that a temporary thing or the permanent process?

What about the price differences? Minor currency differences are acceptable but over $100… no chance.


I had to use a VPN to be able to ask at the original site.
They said “yes is our european site. All IP from Eu redirects to that site”

So at least its legit.
Suggest to use VPN to chat with the us site for issues with cupouns etc.


Anyone already purchased something from the E.U website?
Dang, for a comfort kit and a Silicon Sleeve, shipping to France is 25.6 € :cry:where is the warehouse, moon :new_moon:?


Hmm. You Must have chosen expedited shipping. There is standard shipping option also with slower shipping speed.

There is no standard shipping option, only expedited, I just checked to UK and France.

You need to look at those prices, no way I’m paying $110 ($1410 currently) extra for an 8kx.

You need to address the voucher situation, people should not be having to go through chat/ticket systems. Also please let us know what a $100 downgrade voucher converts to in euro?


The product price is correct. We have reginal prices. we have standard shipping option when weight is within 1kg.

No there is not :


I have spent over a year trying to get this arranged with pimax, literally 2 years now since the first faulty HMD arrived and I’ve spent weeks and months since each time waiting for responses, cancelled tickets, more waiting on responses, more cancelled tickets. I return my 5k+ for this stupid voucher arrangement, you acknowledge receipt then I still wait months for the voucher. Then you don’t let me use the vouchers properly. Then I spend more time waiting on @PimaxQuorra who tells me he’ll look at it then nothing happens. You wanted to charge me $150 for shipping on an RMA swap, and wouldn’t even let me use any vouchers towards it, I have one for a customs fee refund you refuse to let me use.

Finally, after all this time you change the site and give me some bs about regional pricing even though nothing ‘regional’ is changing (tax isn’t included and shipping is priced per case). So basically for us you’ve increased the price by $120 (checking today).

I am not paying a suddenly inflated price, I am not paying an unreasonable amount for shipping on what is still an RMA.

So basically I have nothing from this kickstarter, just useless vouchers, what an absolute joke of a company.


Yes I dont get the point of this E.U shop since there are no included taxes and shipping cost are the same or even worse.


I’m in the same boat (sort of). My voucher does not work on the EU site, and I cannot use the standard one as I keep getting redirected.


Then what is right pimax shop in eu? There are 2 similar internet stores:

    Model 8kx = 1559.00€ (vat included) - LOL Price :crazy_face:

    Model 8kx = 1199.00€ (vat not included) = 1422usd without vat???

Is that really the price?


No problem, if that means regional laws, and 2 years warranty minimum.

If not, bye-bye.


@Europe Can you please comment higher price in Europe, is that because of 2 years warranty?


Ok got news today.
I ordered a cable using a coupon, got 10.15€ shipping
Another coupon to get a Confort Kit and a Silicon sleeve (yes I have several Pimax Hmd) and for this was 25.36€ shipping.
Only had choice of Expedited shipping which was supposed to be FAST, EXPRESS delivery.
After 10 days of no news I finally got reply

Shipping is scheduled next week, since it is post shipping logistic arrange post after express


So much for express shipping… Unless they mean after it leaves there facility.

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