New Artisan...smell of chemicals

Just got an Artisan off eBay and trying to use it for sim racing but it reeks of a super strong chemical smell that literally is making me light headed.

Additionally with all the new drivers…it WILL NOT go into 72hz mode. I was running PC2 and AMS2 bypassing steam and was getting 80fps locked with 1.4 supersampling. On the pimax, even though the (resolution is higher)…I can’t get stable 60 frames with steam , pitool @ 1.0 and basically super low settings in either game. Any one have similar experience in either category?

do you have FPS in steam? what GPU utilization it shows?

Are you on 262 Pitool which has much better GPU utilization than other previous pitool versions? If no or if you installed it on top of previous version try to delete all folders & install 262 (google on this forum or reddit, there is link to software if it’s still not available through pitool). Check what folders to delete:

Also make sure you have PP (parallel projection) setting turned off if your game doesn’t require it, coz it drains unacceptable consumption of CPU/GPU. Also make sure yo have hidden mask enabled in pitool, you want to have it always enabled as it doesn’t render pixels which aren’t seen in you HMD. If you play with FOV settings to achive performance whenever you change it you need to restart steamvr otherwise FOV will be lower but it won’t affect performance, by restarting steamvr it doesn’t render the rest not used FOV pixels.

Whan GPU/CPU you have though?


Just the fresh smell of freshly made foam, it’ll go away after it’s stale.

Also open your video settings panel (3D settings in nvidia) & try to turn off all anti aliasing completely, in dirt rally 2.0 I use high settings but without aliasing & shadows on mid, I have 1080TI & i7700K it makes my 5k+ & XR work smooth, then I increase a bit aliasing depending on performance results.

If you performance is poor & you need aliasing try using
FXAA - it works the fastest but provides more blurry image
try to avoid using SSAA - it’s the slowest
MSAA - it middle between SSAA & FXAA,

MFAA (mutlframe) - makes image also good & somehow similar in terms of performance to MSAA

I bought 5k+ & 5KXR I had no any chemicals smell at all try to dry it & keep in ventilated area for a bit, maybe it helps


Literally unboxed it yesterday (just reboxed it) so I’ll double check for the version but I’d imagine it has to be the latest as I literally just downloaded it yesterday. It did update when I plugged the Headset in, but that’s weird because I literally downloaded the most recent version to start with.

Specifically Project cars 2 and Automobilista 2 which both use the same engine that requires Parallel Projections… So that’s probably part of the issues. I don’t have base stations or controllers to test any other games, although I did try to launch boneworks…and nothing happened. (add it to the list.)

5700xt/Ryzen 3700. Not expecting 2080ti performance but I just can’t accept this hug of a step down from the Rift S in terms of clarity/performance on the visual side.

Just checked and it is indeed Version 261 and it wont update when i try click check version

Artisan should be bettern than Rift S in terms of clarity for sure, try setup adjustments mentioned in the guide I linked above if you don’t mind to spend some time with setuping it, guide is well documented & it shouldn’t be a bit issue to setup it in 30 mins or faster.

I play on Pimax in Dirt Rally 2.0, Asseto Corsa which don’t require PP enabled. But I also play Elite D. with PP but it works very well on my system on ultra settings & normal FOV I sometimes play with large as well, PP just drains much larger power if larger FOV is used due to technique used behind the scene, the more FOV the more power it drains & it’s not linear dependency.

The point is 262 was in beta & could be not available in official release (on the download link from site). So it might you have much less GPU utilization than you can achieve, coz your system looks quite strong for me & it defintely should probide better results.


Also check out this link
it can let you get rid of PP for project cars 2 so 262 version & PP off should significantly increase your frame rate.

Pimax aren’t well supported by some games but there are defintely some workarounds how to make them perform smoothly. It’s due to bigger FOV & minor market part that Pimax has. But it doesn’t mean it bad.

But with majority of games I play I usually have no issues with Pimax, just need to setups some pitool internal settings accordingly.

Also try to increase contrast +2 & brightness -2 in pitool, you may like it as Rift S has so pale screen

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Thanks for the help, but i think i’m throwing in the towel. I cant find the 262 software…I cant drop the headset to 72 hz to try and improve performance and i did a lot of research BEFORE it arrived. Read the post on reddit and modified my steam config files etc. Really Really Really hoped this would go better than the horror stories that i read. Literally lost a weekend of gaming when this all should be close to plug and play at this point.

Thanks again

Weird it was the first link on my google try:


Thanks for the help, but i think i’m throwing in the towel.

Np, suite yourself, if it doesn’t make you happy it’s not what you want I guess, just wanted to note that 2 days for Pimax is a bit limmited to start it perform well if you coming from non Pimax HMDs or if it’s your first HMD. Weird that Rift S has better clarity according to you, i have Rift S & Pimax 5k+ & 5kXR, Artisan supposed to have a bit better SDE than 5k+ but less FOV, so 5k+ in my experience looks way better than S.

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get .263

an use paste bin form this link

Steam VR SS adjust to get stable farame rate ( the 30 % or 40 % SS values are outdated that was on old steam app and Pitool - now you should double it or even higher)


Also check Pitool\Release Notes Category for pitool releases.

Update: Unboxed Found the .262 file and looked at another old post about PCe. SOOOO reduced Steam SS down to 50% and bumped up pie tool to 1.25 and Running it on Normal FOV @ 90hz im now getting similar image to RIft S ( with slightly lower settings) and now in Automobilista 2 and Project cars @ Its looking like im getting close to 75 fps and in FPSVR its looking like im getting 80-90 GPU usage.

I Am getting a some big frame time stutters so i dont know if i need to lower the steam SS lower or if there could be another fix.

Finally MY headset WILL NOT BOOT INTO HZ mode at all. If i switch it, even go to small mode in the fov settings it simply will not turn the lenses on in that setting. Anyone had experience with this? Im not as disappointed as i was originally with it but im concerned about keeping a defective headset. Any ideas what could be causing this?

try to delete all the folders from home directory, as was reported before if you had old pitool installed before 262 it can affect the latter in a bad way, just delete it:

@taskkill /F /IM PiTool.exe
@taskkill /F /IM PiService.exe
@taskkill /F /IM pi_server.exe
@net stop "PiServiceLauncher"

RD /Q /S C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\PiTool

RD /Q /S C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax

RD /Q /S C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Pimax

RD /Q /S C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\PiTool

RD /Q /S C:\ProgramData\pimax

You can delete manually or just create .bat file put it inside & execute

Then reinstall pitool, you may install 263 from link above.

Did you try to replace Project cars2 xml from posts above & get rid of PP there? It should give you a good boost in performance


It Never Ran in 72hz since Saturday when I first opens the box. Meaning that even with the standard pitool 261 it didn’t work. I’d never had any version of pitool installed.

I tried the PC2 thing it won’t launch in VR , just the desktop mode. I already have Oculus home on my computer and additionally downloaded and put the files and the project cars folder where I was supposed to and I still can’t get it to Launch in VR for some reason.

Do Not Care, though, I ended up picking up a OG Vive with base stations and wands for $250 2 hours ago.
Was able launch and run ,Alyx 90fps , Contractors 110fps Zero Caliber 44( may need to tweak some settings. BUT these games have NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD. OMG… I’m trying to get used to the wands, coming from OCULUS controllers but maaaaaaaaaaaaan, this is what VR was supposed to be. Thanks for the tips guy’s. What a turnaround!


if you happy with OG Vive’s resolution well it’s good for you, I personally use Vive Pro with knuckles, it’s pricy but it’s best OLED solution for me I found so far.

OG Vive has 2160x1200 (2 592 000 pixels) while artisan has 3400x1440 (4 953 600 pixels) & it’s not surprise why performance on the first is better. If you are coming from Rifs S with that dull screen I can understand you, all of us came from OLED displays since 2016 as every HMD by that time was OLED, so OLED colours & blacks & contrast is what doesn’t make me to start using actively LCD displays (including Index).

On your place if you have money I would buy htc vive pro HMD only for ~550$ & keep your lighthouses & wands until you can change it with valve knuckles or pimax sword controllers

Just look at this to understand difference:

Preferences vary, but HTC HMDs have best 3d immersion feeling & colours (Oculus Quest on par with colours a bit worse but still very good, I used Rift S for 5 hrs & then put it on shelve & it’s there for more than year)

But what you will find eventually that sweetspot (side clarity) of HTC HMDs is poor & only center is in focus.

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Unless I missed something in his post. He has bought the og vive set for controllers and lighthouses.

Ie 110 fps.

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aha seems you’re right, if so seems PP free games were good for him on Artisan which is good to hear.

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You misunderstood, as it probably wasn’t clear what I was saying. I got my pimax without any controllers or base stations Saturday. I was only able to test it using the racing simulators that I mentioned (and was having trouble with).

I was able to pick up a Vive system used and really cheap yesterday simply to use the base stations and wands with my Artisan. I have zero intentions of ever plugging in the Vive headset.

So my post was in regards to finally being able to test the Artisan with games that required me to have controllers and lighthouse, and not just a controller and wheel. Contractors , Boneworks , Alyx etc. I was trying to convey that I actually love my pimax headset now after the software update you guys told me about, and the fact that I’m actually able to play my other games and see how they look with the field of view and 120 hertz mode. I was raving about how I went from wanting to send the Pimax back , to actually getting it working properly on my system and was reporting the performance I’m seeing since updating to .262 beta and tweaking a few settings.