New 8K+ Owner - Visual Problem Difficulty Troubleshooting

Hello dear people
briefly about my story with VR:

I had an Oculus Quest for a week and had to return it. I couldn’t focus through the glasses and the SDE was too bad.

For this reason, I had now decided on the 8K +.

The device arrived yesterday and when I put it on the shock came.

Everything looks just as bad as with the Oculus Quest, I can’t focus, everything is out of focus, fuzzy, flashing, even the SDE is almost the same as with the Quest … after 5 seconds my head is broken, which means that my eyes are broken cannot focus on a single point.

it looks like someone who does not need glasses, would wear glasses with strength.

I have already tested the IPD … no matter what I set, it is always the same.

Even with super sampling of 500% (!!) in SteamVR everything looks exactly like on the quest.

I can’t wear the glasses for more than a minute and I’m not talking about motion sickness but about this extreme out of focus.

I also have extreme tracking problems. I have 2 Lighthouse 2.0 bases and the Index Knuckles controller.

The headset lose connection every 10 seconds and everything is “glitchy”.
Its like really bad VR on Cardboard or something :frowning:

I tried to take photos of the lenses to explain it. That’s exactly how I see it:



Thanks for the help in advance


Hmm hoping you can get this fixed. It may possibly be a defective unit. What is your ipd?

My IPD is round about 67. But if I set this on the Headset, its a absolutely mess.

For science tell us Pitool, firmware. the hardware of your PC

Is a lens more dark than the other ?

No Lenses are both the Same. My PC has a 2070 Super and a Ryzen 3600X.

Pitool and Firmware:


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You are using the physical knob to adjust IPD right? Not the software.

I would suggest you first adjust IPD with the physical knob then use the IPD settings in pitool to fine tune.
Make sure you position the headset on your head for the best visual experience. I suggest with the headset on move it slightly up/down/left/right to see if any of those positions have any positive effect. Also check closer (tighter) and further away.
Turn Parallel Projections ON.
Set Pitool quality to 1.5 for now leave steamvr SS settings on default.
Set FOV to Normal and Refresh at 90Hz.
You should also upgrade your pitool to version 260, the one you are using is a few months old.

You can further tweak the SteamVR settings file resolution, this causes a great improvement for a lot of people - you can read about it in this thread: How to exceed the maximum resolution of 4096px imposed by SteamVR



Try this. Close one eye, look at the headset without strapping it on, and move the headset around. See if you can get a reasonably clear image through one eye (though this will not be as clear as when the headset is properly aligned and strapped on).

If you can do this successfully, then the issue is IPD.

Measure you IPD, in front of a mirror, with a ruler or better yet digital calipers. Just try to report a rough estimate of the number of millimeters from one pupil to the other.

My first guess, and probably everyone else’s, is that your IPD is an outlier far outside what most VR headsets support.

About the lightouses, tell us if both lighthouses are showing green icons in SteamVR status window, or if one or both are flashing. Also hover your cursor over the lighthouse icons, and please inform which channels are used by each.


Have you tried closing one eye? Really shouldn’t be blurry. At least with looking with one eye.


Use Pitool 260 beta, the old version may have bad brightness and make image look bad.


@mirage335 @PimaxUSA @Heliosurge

I have tried it… same problem with one eye… like I have glasses with false diopter on my eyes. I have tried other Pitool Version… its the same :frowning:


That sounds then possibly a defective unit.


Sounds exactly the same as my 5k loaner, i could never get both eyes clear even on ipd 60 (I have ipd 64).


His issue sounds different as he mentions it’s not clear even in one eye.


I suppose you checked that there are no transport protective covers on the lenses and cleaned them carefully with a soft tissue ?

Try to check if you can move the headset around as PimaxUSA said - you may be out of the sweetspot.

Can you possibly get another user, ideally somebody who has VR experience, to try your headset ? Just to rule out that it is an issue with your vision ?

And - are you strongly short-sighted ? VR headsets usually have an optical distance at around 1,5 - 3m so if you thought that it should be fine because the screens are 10 cm away, that’s not true - if that may be an issue, try wearing your glasses with the headset (be careful to not scratch the screens/glasses)


To regulate the IPD is a matter of seconds

Do you have someone, that could try the headset ?

If he/she can’t see well. the same as you, then i suggest to re-install the firmware and pitool

@Heliosurge should know the correct procedure


@Heliosurge @Axacuatl @Fabrizio

As I have the same issue on the Oculus Quest I think its something with my eyes. I have no glasses and I can see good details near and far…

I think it has nothing to do with steamVR or so, because the loading screen (that with the Pimax Logo in Space) has the same problems …everything like I’m drunk.

I have move the Headset and got the sweet spot. but the sweet spot for me is this sight I have mentioned before.

I have nobody who has VR Experience… But I have let tested the Quest from some others and nobody had said that there is nothing in focus…beside the SDE.

Is it normal that everything looks like “double images” and with Chromatic Aberration?

Sorry that im writing so confused…but im really disappointed and I was so happy to get the 8K Plus.

THX for your help so far :wink:


NO, it definitely isn’t normal to perceive ‘double images’ and massive chromatic aberration.

I understand you have let others try the Quest and for them, it didn’t appear out of focus?

If that is correct, I’d imagine what you experience might in fact be connected to your eyesight. I also have the Quest and although it does have noticable SDE due to its type of OLED panels, I most definitely never had any issues to get a clear, undistorted and aberration free image.

Do you know if you have issues perceiving depth, i.e. 3D vision? Did you have similar issues consuming other 3D content (cinema etc)?


This effect exit SteamVR and enable Parallel Projections in pitool settings. Then restart SteamVR this will remove the double vision. It is a compatability setting for games that do not support Canted displays properly

With what you have said regarding a possibility of being a sight issue. Likely a good idea to have an appointment with an optometrist.

Having a friend whom sampled your quest would be a good test as well.


@Heliosurge @twack3r

I had already Parallel Projections activated, nothing changed…

3D in Cinema and on TV was perfekt…so no problem with that. (Shutter was a problem but passiv is good).

I have try to simulate what I seeing through the glasses:


The above picture is like I expected, the lower is like I experience my sight


And that effect you visualizeed happened on both the Quest and the 8K+?

Can you have someone else try on the 8K+ and confirm or deny the same experience?

What was the issue you experienced with shutter glasses in 3D?

EDIT: just saw you are German. Where are you based? If in Munich or close I can offer you assistance.