Need firmware for Pimax 8K X DMAS, serial number 2076*

I just got my Pimax 8K X, serial number 2076*. I believe this is the DMAS version.

I accidentally “bricked” it by installing PiTool beta 280, which auto updated the firmware the second I launched it, and then my headset did not work anymore (red light, display port cable unconnected). I have tried a number of firmware versions I found on various forums, but none have worked. I believe I need the firmware for the 8K X S/N 2076* model, see this thread.

The log files in AppData\Local\Pimax\runtime also show that the first firmware my headset had was “”.

I checked Playa’s repo and 2001 is not there.

Could someone kindly post a link to the firmware?


Please recheck serial. 200 is original 8k. Your serial for the 8kX (Revised)DMAS should be 2076*

Rechecked, sorry the serial number is 2076*. Updated the post.

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No worries. @PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal can you assist and provide firmware 2001 for @pimin314 & @Playa (so he can add 2001 to his data base) please.



You might want to try this debugged version.

It’s compatibles with the SN2076 model.



Bumped your user level up.

Thanks so much, that worked! I used the firmware provided by PimaxQuorra.

Since my headset was soft bricked, I had to use the special DFU mode to flash the firmware.

Once I reset the firmware to 2001, the Pimax 8K X DMAS was detected. I had to unplug and re-plugin the USBs, and wait a bit for it to be detected. I did a reboot to be safe too I think. I am using PiTool 277, the latest official release.

After this, PiTool was still giving me the “DP unconnected” error. I was using a gtx 1000 series card. The website says it requires RTX 2000 or higher, so I swapped to an RTX 3000 series card and boom, the display port connection was detected, and it worked! I was able to load up steam VR and play games.

Thanks so much for the help!


I just got a secondhand 8K X model 2076, had a yellow light so tried updating the firmware via DFU (was on .2001 but still yellow light), somehow it now says its an 8K plus 260 with a different serial number. Everytime I try to put on a new firmware with DFU it says “The firmware version number has not changed!” Any advice @PimaxQuorra or anyone else? Thanks.

Edit: Installed the Pitool beta and it is trying to upgrade the firmware but keeps failing. :confused:

Still the same, also the HMD is showing up as “none” now in DFU.exe but with the .260 firmware and a random serial number that doesn’t match the headset. (When I originally plugged it in, it showed as .2001 8K X with the correct 2076 serial number).

There should be a link in the forums from a guy who did upload all the versions, as far as i can remember.


@SmallBaguette checkout Playa’s site linkef in his topic below.


Thanks! I eventually got it sorted using the physical button DFU method, also had to unplug one of my monitors but I think that might be a limitation of the new GPU I got (3080 FE coming from a MSI Ventus 2x 3070)

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Did you got the older 8kx also (model 2075)?If so do you see a differance in the panels?

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I didn’t do too much side by side testing but 2076 definitely seems a bit brighter and better colours. Not a massive different though, I’d be more than happy with the 2075 and it may just be buyer’s bias making me think 2076 is brighter and more vivid.