Natural Medicine vs Manufactured Sponsored Medicine

Sorry @Heliosurge but @Lillo has not suggested educating yourself by credible sources - quite the opposite (as you will see if you read the bit about colloidal silver in their post).

Normally I would quietly tolerate homeopaths/crystal healers/naturopaths etc (as long as they weren’t peddling their snake oil as an alternative to medical treatment for serious illnesses, like cancer) but in the face of a serious and deadly pandemic we need to call them on their woowoo b/s because it is DANGEROUS.

Wash your hands, avoid crowded spaces and mass gatherings, self-isolate if you show symptoms and if you are elderly or have an underlying heath condition which increases your risk then stay at home and avoid contact with other people for the foreseeable future.


He suggests both. Not to get into a homeopathic/naturopaths vs commercial drug trade.

If you know the Actor Dirk Benedict (Face - A Team & Starbuck - og Battlestar Galactica). When his acting career was just taking off he was diagnosed with Cancer and given 6 months to live. He did a macrobiotic diet and is still here today.

A friend of the family whom died at age of 98 in her early life was given a similar cancer diagnosis and told the doctor she didn’t have time for it. Didn’t go for treatments and that doctor went ghostly white 5 years after seeing she was still here.

The difficulty with any medical practitioner whether mainstream or nature medicine is that there are good ones and bad ones and can be difficult to find a good one.

Yes if things have progressed to a bad state you may indeed need a more aggressive and often dangerous prescribe medications. I don’t know about the :uk: but in :canada: drug companies do give doctors endorsements for prescribing at least some medications.

A friend of mine vets what his doctor wants to prescribe him before he accepts a prescription and if he doesn’t like what he reads often gives his doctor options of ones he might accept.

The simple truth you should always read up on what your taking. Silver has good & bad and you need to know how much is okay vs taking too much which can cause harm. Snake oils are everywhere and yes sometimes they are prescribed.

Yepp, I don’t believe in homeopathy, but the power of the immune system is amazing. E.g. it seems to take the immune system about 2 weeks to come up with a cure for the virus, while human experts are investigating for months now. (Ok, the immune system doesn’t have to go through clinical tests and directly applies the latest findings to the patient :wink: ).
But if one feels symptoms, then taking a sugar pill and thinking not to be infectious anymore and meeting lots of people would be high on the list of the most stupid things to do atm.

Many do and don’t. However a dietician is practising homeopathy through a good diet. Researching foods you can find foods that encourage your body to produce what is needed vs taking artificial prescribed meds that may help but may also create a dependency or toxic effects ie lithium, pain pills. Where as Penicillin is both a homeopathic origin and researched medication. All paths require good research.

BTW - Sugar pill was something Medics used to make people think they got pain pills when morphine was in short supply. Only shady people knowingly prescribe snake oil cures.

Jepp, medicine can have natural sources, a lot of plants etc. contain effective substances. I just wouldn’t e.g. take antibiotica in subatomic dosis…


I’m a big fan of modern medicine. Just wish more doctors practised it. I was told i had Hodgkin lymphoma about 30 years back, They were wrong. The surgeon who did the biopsy when digging into my neck said “oops” as he quickly retreated from what was an infection, He then handled the follow up treatment of that wrong and it reoccurred a year later. Had another surgeon do it right the second time.
I tore both meniscus in my knee about 10 years ago and was told I would need to have it removed by a GP and a surgeon. I took anti-inflammatory for 12 days and then started a daily routine of Turmeric and glucosamine sulfate (which i do to this day). When I asked my doctor for a slip to return to work after 8 weeks he said “why? you have great insurance” I said “I need to work the leg and not sit around”.
A year later I’m in his office doing squats in front of him asking "why did everyone want to tear out my cartilage? He said “I thought you had the surgery”.
I have a new family doctor who practises both modern medicine and homeopathy. I eat right and exercise daily. (VR is an awesome addition to that).
I will be 70 in a couple of months and can kick to the head while supporting my 210lbs on the leg everyone wanted to cut up.

No doubt genetics plays a large amount in health and especially longevity, but good health is also about diet, exercise, enough sleep and a positive attitude.

One of the biggest killers is stress. That is why I play games. Many of my generation think i never grew up. Many of them now are over weight and have issues like high BP and cholesterol.
BTW the homeopathic solution for high cholesterol is red wine or grape juice if you can’t drink alcohol. I had when I was younger and that doctor I mentioned wanted to put me on drugs. I said leave it with me and 3 months later he ran the numbers and I asked “how’s the cholesterol”. He said “It’s normal, How’d you do that?” I said “I started drinking a glass of red wine with supper daily”. He said “that will do it”. I said “Can I have a prescription for Merlot please?”

Sorry if i went on too long, but at least a few might have a good laugh and laughter is the best medicine.


Pretty sure that diluting red wine until there are trace amounts of it left robs it of any beneficial properties of the antioxidants it contains, and it definitely doesn’t increase their power… So we’re not really talking about homeopathy which is the ludicrous belief that massively diluting something actually increases its potency.

Yes diet and exercise can have an important effect on the body, and yes the placebo effect does exist but:

i) the plural of anecdote is not data;

ii) as f***ed up as the US healthcare/pharma system is there are hundreds of thousands of academics and public sector doctors and health researchers in other parts of the world who have dedicated their lived to finding proven cures and treatments for illness using the scientific method (you know, that thing that made smartphones, computers, the internet, VR, space exploration etc etc possible). They are not profit driven and they don’t get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies and they are putting their lives on the line to treat this epidemic;

iii) Countries are losing billions (if not trillions) because of the economic disruption caused by the coronavirus and are resorting to unprecedented measures (including looking at ways to convert car plants and other factories to produce medical ventilators). If curing or preventing coronavirus was as simple as drinking some silver solution, turmeric, powdered bleach or whatever other alternative treatment du jour is circulating on the Internet today don’t you think that at least 1 of the countries currently in the grips of an epidemic would be using it???

Seriously people need to develop some basic critical thinking skills.


I like my wine full strength. :smiley:


But a homeopath would tell you that if you diluted that wine to a few parts per million it would be an even more powerful remedy…

Which is the point I am making.

But with you on the full strength bit!

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I have no idea what a homeopath would tell me. This does not mean that the benefits of red wine and the heart are dismissed. Even the Mayo Clinic doesn’t refute the potential value only saying that the mechanisms involved are still not totally understood.
There are many medical discoveries that come from investigating the natural world.

There are great doctors, good doctors and crappy doctors. There is good natural medicine and there is snake oil. I look for the best indications of each.
Let me be clear here that i never suggested this virus would be solved (if it even is) by natural remedies and was only speaking to earlier posts regarding their general validity.

As for the “full strength bit” I thought you might be clued in that it was a joke by the :grinning:

Edit homeopathic was a misnomer. I should have said my doctor supports natural medicine.


For homeopathy you afaik don’t need a PHD, so I could imagine some people who want to become doctors without jumping through all the hoops go that route. (You probably don’t need a 1.0 grade and advanced latin knowledge to become a good doctor). So I’m sure there are many rational people among them who can help people in a lot of cases - and also know their limits, sending people to specialists in these cases.

The dilution thing is imho just implausible though, in order to have an impact something has to contain information. And this stuff doesn’t even contain a single bit of information anymore…

I do see you have misconceptions on what homeopathic medicine is. Natural medicine is what lead to chemical medicine and it was these folks that were burned at the stake for helping to cure folks.

There are also doctors that support natural medicine and balance it with prescribe medicine. For a long time Acupressure/Acupuncture was look at as hokey practise until it was validated with things like MRI etc… Interestingly the fellow that discovered/developed it had describe seeing lines of energy (aura).

I know a few Homeopaths with degrees that wouldn’t recommend diluting things. Unless I mixing up Natural medicine with something else. :laughing:

Now Rasputin believed taking diluted poison made him stronger. And well it succeeded when they tried to kill him with Arsenic laced wine.

There is a practise that is dying that involves healing bones with mobilizing the broken bone and is said to heal faster and most often less problems after mended.

As I understood it the deluting thing is the defining aspect of homeopathy. What you mean is naturopathy I think (had to google the english word, “Naturheilkunde” in German).


Well i take it as as encompassing natural medicine but some current definitions seem to dilute (pun intended) it’s meaning.

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Here I don’t think they seperate/classify it like that here.

In that respect we know Rasputin practised that form of homeopathy at least with arsenic.

On that note though Cancer treatment involves mild radiation poisoning targeting the cancer.

A very common problem is diverging meanings vs literal proper meanings. :laughing:

When looking at the Wikipedia article of “naturopathy” this also doesn’t sound like the right word. More the evidence based subset of that (so empirically proven medicine that is based on natural substances), no idea how this is called in English…


When I look at the number of drug companies being sued every night on US tv lawyer commercials, i have a hard time with that definition as well.

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Likely better to just call it Natural Medicine(Natural Remedies) vs Manufactured Medicine.

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