My Pimax 5K+ has been stolen... Warning for french backers


I was waiting for my Pimax 5k+ on saturday 2019/01/09. The parcel was managed by Chronopost (France).

The tracking says that the delivery man called me, and I chose to change the delivery option to a “safe location”.

The problem is : No one called me that morning (I will have the phone bill to prove it). And even it that was the case, there is no safe location where I live (you can check picture below, the door is always closed).

The carrier (Chronopost) didn’t find my parcel, and there is no proof of delivery. They ask me to send my complaint with Pimax (Chronopost didn’t talk about compensation), and Pimax is (I guess) waiting for more details from the carrier…

So I waited more than a year, spent 546$, and got…nothing. At the moment, I guess that the delivery man is playing with my headset.

So I wrote this topic to warn french backers that their parcel can be literaly stole by Chronopost. The safest way is to ask Chronopost to go take the parcel yourself.


that sucks hope pimax can rectify this for you my friend


wow my condolence, what f*cking situation I hope Pimax could help you.


Désolé d’apprendre cela. Le mien est arrivé sans encombre, par Chronopost aussi. De toute façon, j’ai dû signer à la réception. Donc si tu n’as rien signé, cela prouve que le hmd est toujours chez le transporteur.
Bon courage, j’espère qu’une solution sera trouvée !


Pimax, don’t be dumbs, remove the logo from your boxes if you can not provide expedited delivery.


Le problème, c’est que la livraison en lieu sûr (genre fond du jardin), exonère le livreur de la signature. Mais je n’ai pas été apellé. Le type a du changer ça tout seul (il ne m’a pas appelé) pour pouvoir garder le colis :frowning:

You are right. Even if it’s not mine and it’s quite blurry… Edit done.

Tes infos tracking mentionnent la livraison en lieu sûr ? Ce n’est pas standard, normalement, ce n’est qu’à la demande du client, demande qui fait partie des infos tracking. Vraiment bizarre.

Voici le suivi…

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Ca devrait se regler, d’une façon ou d’une autre. C’est quand meme rageant. Quant à penser que le livreur savait que c’était un logo Pimax et donc un casque VR, j’ai un doute quand meme : la notoriété de Pimax n’est pas celle de Sony non plus :slight_smile:

Good luck anyway !


I’d go postal, pun intended. Can you track down the delivery guy?


That’s impossible… The carrier won’t let me know who it is…


Damn it :angry: this makes me mad.

Go to the carrier company office and tell them you’re not goin anywhere until the packet has been found, threat them with a police.


You can’t guess how i feel bad too … X(


Any video footage of the “delivery attempt” ?

Search in your neighbourhood, maybe somebody´s camera picked him up.

This is infuriating and VERY common here in Brazil. That´s why i have footage of everything that comes closer to my place.


Yes I asked everyone… There is no camera here, but that’s a good Idea !


I had the same problem with DPD delivery in Germany. Thought the parcel was stolen but it was put into my compost bin in the front yard. And they also called it stored in a safe place.:roll_eyes:
I hope you will find your lost parcel and can enjoy the Pimax.


That sucks indeed. I would also elevate this with Chronopost. If it’s like Canada alao they make it difficult you should between yourself & pimax get Chronopost to fix this at least on paying for a replacement.

@anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu I reccommend the team pressuring Chronopost to resolve this.

If like Canada your call was recorded by chronopost (which sounds like you left a message)


Get the authorities invovled as it seems you have confirmation on safe drop.


have you checked the trash containers?
this is not a joke, they actually put it in there as this is a “safe space”.
u really should look there!