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Hello Pimax staff,

Will the Pimax 8KX come with the standard (stretchy) strap along with the MAS? I prefer to use my own headphones on all my headsets rather than onboard audio. I like the tactile volume and mute controls on my headphones, nothing against the audio solutions you guys have worked on or are actively working on.



You don’t need it with the MAS. You just disconnect the audio cable from the left and right sides and connect your own solution. The MAS is designed to rotate up to accommodate your own headphones if you wish.

Martin had some video I think he put up where we do show this in action.


I think a top stretchy strap is still part of the MAS, but I guess you mean can you specify the original strap on a new headset and drop the MAS entirely. Good question.

Personally I intend to use speakers and maybe headphones occasionally, and I will get a MAS and CK regardless because the headsets are very hard to use comfortably without them, based on what I have with my 5k+. It is perfectly possible to add headphones to a MAS as shown at CES etc

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Thanks for responding. I’m aware of the ability to flip them up. It makes it useful for earbuds and whatnot. What I’m talking about is the use of full size headphones (I use Corsair HS70’s for example). The concern is the fit. The MAS is quite wide from what I’ve seen and seem like they would obstruct the headphones and prevent them from contacting your ears.


@PimaxUSA Is the design finalized yet for the MAS and DMAS? Will we see those prior to shipping the MAS to backer? I’m someone considering using my 8k>5k+ money to upgrade to a DMAS, but I’d like to know more info before it’s too late.



Are you saying it can rotate up and accommodate full size headphones underneath (like the corsair HS70’s)?

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I’ve placed pretty good sized regular headphones on my MAS below the rigid strap for testing. It works.


Interesting. That’s good to hear. Is there any reason the headset was not in this configuration at the New York event? In the attached picture the user is wearing full sized headphones awkwardly over the MAS. This image is what had me (and others on the VR discord) worried.


He could have raised it up more but said this was comfortable so did not argue.


Could someone please show a picture where this is done with a couple of larger cans.
As I see no way those headphones can rest on the proper position on the head.

Edit: Another pic clearly showing the issue


Could someone please confirm the situation with the MAS.

  1. How many versions of MAS there’s going to be?
  2. Will you be able to replace the plastic cans audio with the deluxe audio aka headphones?
  3. Is the deluxe audio solution going to be available to buy separately from Pimax?



And for 3., what will the cost of a standalone D add-on be? @PimaxUSA


Thank you for asking this XabbuSwe. I really want to figure out how to do full size headphones with the 8KX/8K+ and that picture does not spark hope. I hope they respond to you.


Can anyone please confirm the ‘flap down’ headphones in the Sweviver Yaw video VR, are still the ‘Deluxe model’ (without the chrome rod type design shown on the Pimax website)?

If not, there are 3 audio solutions, but I doubt this. If I remember correctly, I think I saw these ‘flap down’ type black earphones (they have a plastic arm that holds the earcup near the ear, but not touching it), on the new Artisan headset as well in a previous video.

Pause the video below at 5:23 elapsed with Martin sitting on the Yaw VR chair and you’ll see a different headphone design, than the standard MAS Audio that has much smaller disc type plastic speakers connected onto the headstrap above the ear. The ones in the video are a different design.

EDIT: These headphones are the Vive DAS not a Pimax Audio solution


That is just a Vive DAS

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Thank you for the information, as you can see I’ve only used a Gear VR!. I’ll delete my post if I can or maybe I’ll leave it up in case, others are wondering? Might be useful.

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Ohh then you are in for a treat no matter what HMD you go for :slight_smile:
Naah leave it up, as you say, it can be useful for others.

Edit: Just saw now that you are a 8KX backer, haha you will really get a wonderful upgrade.

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Perhaps I should clarify what I’m looking to get out of this thread.

It is apparent that wearing full-size headphones in the correct position over/under the MAS is most likely going to be quite difficult. (I’d like to be proven wrong and see a picture/diagram/video of it being done comfortably).

Will the 8KX come with the standard (stretchy, soft fabric) headstrap along with the MAS? I’m talking abt the same one that the 8K+ is currently shipping with. If not, will it be possible to order the standard headstrap for the 8KX? It seems like that strap is going to be most conducive option towards wearing headphones comfortably.

Being able to comfortably wear headphones while wearing the HMD is the final concern I have before committing to a purchase. It’s the last thing I’m worried about regarding the 8kx.


Sorry about polluting your thread.

@PimaxQuorra or @PimaxUSA will be the best guys to answer your question.


@PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra