My headset is on FedEx hold

WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GUYS SMOKING??? FEDEX HOLD??? As FedEx has not sent me anything I don’t know what you did??? So what did you do this time?

FedEx Hold? Not sure but as you know Fedex may delay an order to there warehouse if high priority supplies(ie medical supplies for covid) bumps product shipments.

However stronger transparency on where things are at would help. @PimaxQuorra


Could you please share some details with us?
The order number / tracking number is okay for us to check the status.
You can always do it via PM.


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I’ll find out what’s going on by calling FedEx myself!!!
I’ll let you know for sure!

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I feel you probably should have tried contacting Fedex before creating this topic? For all you know at this point Pimax could be entirely blameless for this.


YAWN. Yet another stupid post where sole reason is to badmouth Pimax. Why are you doing this? You understand that those are real people working at pimax? That kind of tone wont help nobody


My company ships things from China on a regular basis, so I can confirm that FedEx China does some stupid things sometimes. The worst I recall was a shipment going to Florida that took the following path:

  1. Back and forth between multiple FedEx Shanghai offices over the course of several days.
  2. Japan
  3. Alaska
  4. Nashville, Tennessee
  5. Florida

Normal route:
China -> Miami, FL -> our FL office

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For me it looks like they did not hold it for ever in Belgium, do they did take 5days to get it out off China so with some luck I get it at the end off this week.


If we’ve learnt anything from history it is not to hold in Belgium.

9 days running in circles in Shanghai…
Should I start worrying already? :no_mouth:

Scheduled delivery was set for yesterday which now passed and no new schedule given…

Backer Upgrade Plan D (Vision 8K X(Deluxe Audio Headstrap) order SO11973 from february

FedEx moves in mysterious ways, its wonders to perform. My base station and controller bundle went from Shenzhen to Guangzhou (just down the road) via Osaka.

This is a screen grab of my FedEx update - looks line either mine and your headsets are holding hands or FedEx are updating their location notifications using an algorithm - mine is scheduled for delivery on the 21st and had hope that they were still going to make it before seeing your post!

My 8KX was shipped and canceled after 8 minutes.
I don’t understand what is going on at all :neutral_face:

Maybe this is a joke?

@PimaxQuorra @Miracle

9 days sound excessive but when mine did it for a few days i was told it was a freight capacity thing. as in the package is checked out for flight in the morning but there’s either no room or some higher priority thing comes along and takes its space so it ends up getting checked back into the facility in the evening.

I don’t know why they’d be capacity constrained but at least as long as it gets scanned in and out they haven’t lost it yet… probably.

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Label created end of September but 0 movement at all 1 way or another


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Mine’s also still doing the ‘Shanghai shuffle’!!

Rothman, is yours still going around in Shanghai? Mine is!

My 8KX has been on and off a plane more times than Biggles. Fedex plan to deliver by 8pm on Wed 21st, I am not optimistic.

My 8kx (upgrade) hasn’t even reached Fedex according to the tracking number from 21/Sept/2020