My headset has Eye Strain on Left Eye

I’ve noticed the eye strain is mostly on LEFT eye. Does the vertical offset have anything to do with this? I tried all range of horizontal offset and none is good…
I just think i have a bad headset but Pimax doesn’t want to replace it.

What is your IPD?

Have you tried with right eye closed to see if you can get LEFT eye clear?

Some find the headset needs either thicker spacing on Brow or Cheek. This can be accomplished with Peal & stick velcro layered by sticking velcro back to back.

Another user said SteamVR’s Media player with a stereographic sbs gif can help (static 3d image).

Links in this topic at bottom may help.

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63 measured in the mirror, not accurate but it is what i was also using with oculus cross image guide. Felt comfortable enough to VR 5 hours straight without issue. On pimax i can only game for 30 minutes before my eyes want to implode.

I use double foam on pimax, standard and htc vive on top because i wear glasses and the headset would hurt my nose.

Yeah i think my left eye is clear, so is the right eye… i dont know what to do really.

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Do you by chance have polarized clip ons for your glasses? The polarized filter might reduce eye strain.

Now depending on your eyesight you might be able to use the headset without your glasses. Big Maybe.

Another test could be to have a friend or family member try the headset to see if they experience similar strain.

@neal_white_iii found he could use without glasses & I believe uses the vertical offset & a counter weight.

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Go to an optician, my measure with the mirror method was 1,5 cm off.
On top optician will also measure if both eyes have the same distance from the middle…

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I have -8 on left eye and -7 on right so no glasses is not an option. I have blue eye filter i think (makes the image slightly yellow and underlight the glasses have a “blue.purple glow”)
I’ve had my father testing the headset and he immediately said he had headache though that could be because of not properly set IPD.
I’ve also found out that using the horizontal software IPD all the way to left does not make “crosseye effect” only right when pushed too much

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With oculus i had to do none of such things, 63 was just fine

This is not Oculus, I slightly wrong set ipd can have impact already…


My measure with the mirror is repeatedly within sub mm precision compared to my “official” IPD measured by the optician. You had to misread the mirror :slight_smile:.

Okay so what I am going to suggest find a stereographic Gif file of a static image & load it in the SteamVR Media player (found in desktop status window drop down menu)

I believe folks said the soft settings affect things in realtime.

I have no idea about what are you talking about :confused:

Here is an example of a stereo 3d image


Someone might have a better one. Load it up in steamvr media player.

This link shows where to find the player.


Here is the user made guide

And then do what? Btw i’ve found out that hardening straps to put the headset closer to the eyes alleviate but do not solve the problem

Once image is loaded into media player try adjusting as per the link describes.

You need to know your official IPD going in.
If that number doesn’t line up with the IPD readout then your headset is going to need horizontal offset adjustment in pitool.
Start with Pitool default (0) offset.
Load up the Steam grid or some VR scene.
Pick your strongest eye and close the other.
Line it up to best clarity and switch eyes.
Adjust the headset so that it is as clear as possible in that eye.
take note of how far outside or inside you needed to move the headset.
If outside- minus the horizontal offset
If inside then plus.
You will hopefully find the setting that puts both lenses if perfect position when the IPD is matched to RL.

The 2nd part is to keep the headset in that position for the entire playtime which will be difficult in active games. Without a proper DAS this isn’t likely and having the headset moving off the sweet spot is going to cause eye strain. This is why many of us went to Vive Das, Studioform straps and counter-weights which given yet another delay in Pimax’s MAS was money well spent.


Ive noticed Right eye is a bit blurry no matter if i close left eye and move hardware knob/software IPD.
This further convinces me it’s an hardware error, i asked months ago @PimaxUSA for a replacement with no answer 2 times!

PimaxUSA isn’t really in charge of support, he pops in every once in a while to answer a question or two but giving hardware support over the forum is not his job, you need to create a ticket and/or ping @Matthew.Xu

I had support from a guy named “Wythe” and this is back from 20 lug 2019

Hi Insagaming:
My name is Wythe from the Pimax support team, we have received your feedback.
Our initial suspicion is that your problem is caused by the following reasons:
1.IPD physical adjustment Not adjusted well
2.Screen offset valueNot adjusted well
You can solve your problem by doing the following.

  1. IPD physical adjustment knob (attached picture)
    2.Adjustment in Pitool IPD Offset & Screen vertical offset value (attached picture)

    We are very willing to arrange time for you to assist you remotely. This is my Skype . You can contact me via Skype and tell me your convenient time.The remote assistance software we use is teamview.
    You can download this software via the link below (this software is free):
    After you download the teamview software and send us your ID and password, we can remotely check your computer.
    The current technical support team working hours are (Monday - Friday 9:30am - 20:00pm GTM+8)
    Look forward to your reply!

When i replied that i am not supposed to give remote access to my computer when my hardware is faulty he went missing. I’ve contacted them 3 times (4th by now) without answer.
They blatantly made the 1st month of purchase pass like this (i’ve received the headset mid june) to not refund me, now let’s see if i atleast can get a damn replacement.

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Ive noticed that my comfortable IPD is a little lower on the 5k+ than it was on my vive before it and i read that others say their near IPD measurement works better than their regular IPD for pimax.

I dont wear glasses so im not all that versed in what the near IPD is but from what i gather its what is measured for reading glasses, for focusing on something that is pretty close.

Do a quick search on “near IPD” here on the forum and you should stumble upon the relevant discussions, i think one of the post even had some diagrams explaining what someone else had figured out.