MRTV Rant: Pimax Communcation Is Terrible Regarding 8K / 5k+

Dear Pimax community,

here is my pure and unfiltered opinion about how Pimax deals with backers regarding the Pimax 8K and 5K Plus decision:

It is worth it to watch. But if you are not into watching it, here a summary:

  • Pimax communication is terrible
  • tough decision for backers between 8K or 5K Plus
  • some people just joined the Kickstarter for two 4k screens without SDE - now feel forced to change to 5K Plus because it just seems to be the overall better headset
  • all information that backers have come from 3 YouTubers - Why not from Pimax???
  • it is not Youtubers’ job to communicate the differences, it is Pimax’ job to let ppl know ALL the details about the headsets
  • Pimax should tell backers about exact panel sizes of all headsets (8k, 5k, 5k Plus)
  • Pimax should tell backers about panel technology of all headsets
  • Pimax should tell backers in a detailed manner if the 8K will get better at one point with more GPU power or not (and not just bs, the real deal)
  • I tried hard to get information out of them, but would only get bs answers
  • Pimax needs to be more transparent and stop with bs
  • Backers deserve and demand more information for this decision
  • Pimax has great devices but still have a big chance to fail miserably if they don’t up their communication game NOW
  • why do they let the YouTubers do the work, THEY must do it instead
  • Pimax should not put backers into this bad situation, they went through enough (waiting time, broken promises (1070), etc)
  • right thing to do would be: allow all 8K backers to upgrade to Pimax 8K X for free
  • send them 8K or 5K Plus first, then once 8K X is on the market, allow them to exchange devices if they still want
  • for current 8K X backers, give them an additional accessory coupon to make up for the difference they paid over the 8K.

Would be glad to get your opinion about all of that.

Sincerely, Sebastian


I agree with all of it. But honestly feel if they’re going to really make an 8kx, it should be more around the starvr one in terms of screen size and oled.



Hi Sebastian, the premise that Pimax should offer free upgrade to 8kX is ludicrous and giving existing 8kX backers $50 voucher as compensation is insulting considering that the price difference between 8k and 8kx is $200.

How would you feel know that other people got a free upgrade to something that you paid 30% more for ? Especially when that could have been spent on other things whilst 8kX users were waiting… What you are saying there makes little sense.

I personally think that the main reviewers probably deserve the free upgrade though… but everyone else should pay to upgrade if that option is made available.


Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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seems 8kx is the hmd 8k backers truely deserve. a true premium upgrade upon 5k+

im backer #6xx so I still have alittle bit more time to see how this develop.

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Give existing 8k x backers a coupon to make up for the difference. Does nit need to be 50 only. I just said that spontaneously in the stream. Cheers!


Yeah it seems the 8K X would really be the true premium upgrade. Agreed.


I have ever ask option to upgrade from 8k to 8k x. (I am a winner of activity who should get free 8k and want to get 8k x instead by paid more money, but it look no any reward from the partner, another winner just ask me too and I tell that may you will not get anything).

I don’t care that if I have to paid more money for cost of return or paid the different price of 8k and 8k x, but It look they dont’ want to do that.

But I don’t happy to downgrade to 5k+ because we back 8k since first.
It look like you buy a super car, but get a choice to get other car which be faster. Yes we can drive so fast in that car, but it is not a super car.

I want to know the limitation of 8k, how much it could be the best. What is the future of us. We still don’t see any announcement from pimax about the plan.


I don’t have a newsletter. :wink: But it indeed upgrading to 8k x would be a very nice gesture. I bought a 1070 laptop for the 8k because Pimax said that’s enough. But then it wasnt which sucked for my laptop purchase for example.

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Yeah, we need more clear announcements and communication. Agreed.


I agree the indepth reviews from the 3 big testers are pretty much the only source of information for backers to decide either 5k+ or 8k. Pimax really should take this responsibility and inform us the correct 1st hand information so we can agree with our choices (or disagree, afterall i believe ppl backing the 8k are expecting a product that offers LESS noticeable SDE, AND higher clarity than it’s liittle brother 5k) but as it turns out, we are not getting the 8k we thought we are getting.


Pimax upgrading 8k pledgers to an 8kx for free is a bit silly for lots of different reasons.


Also, 8k backers downgrade to 5k+ and a free upgrade offer is only given to 8k users…there will also be resentment there too

Pimax offer 5k+ for backer who don’t want to upgrade gpu by mistake of commitment that we can use 1070 for minimum.

But people not choose 5k+ because gpu right now, they choose because the clarity.

Although I choose 5k+, I think that my 1070 still not enough. So gpu is not main factor of decision for me.

This is some mistake that they make 5k+ to be better than 8k while 8k look worse in a lot of case.

5k is upgrade to 5k+ for free, that great for 5k backer. But what is for 8k backer.

People ask why not 8k+?

Infact I don’t want much reward or something else, but only want 8k to be the best which it should be.

Don’t let me stay in super car which be slow so much. If it is the maximum speed because lack of technology or any plan to make it fast, please told us for the reason, may we can accept that.

@Sean.Huang @deletedpimaxrep1

Please announce what are you doing and we can make a decision for our future.

Infact I don’t want to buy both of them, but I don’t have much choice when I don’t know much about my 8k improvement. We still have a risk in our wrong decision.

5k+ backer afraid of 8k improvement.
8k backer afraid that it will never be better than 5k+.

Let people to make the decision easier although there is no guarantee that we will get that commitment in the future. (As we can’t hope that ghosting in 4k can be solved).

So if someone is upset because they bought a laptop with a 1070 hoping it would work with the 8k, Pimax should offer them a free upgrade to a Pimax 8KX that requires 2x 2080ti’s that will still likely never run it?


I back 8k and not back 8k x because I just buy 1070 and don’t have a plan to upgrade gpu. I buy gpu in august and though that I will get 8k in January.

If I know that 1070 is not enough, I will back 8k x for sure.

Yeah I’m sorry Sebastian but your sour grapes just lost you all credibility mate.
So much for being a neutral reviewer.


The 8KX is an experimental product that will likely require 2x2080ti or a 3080ti to run. Upgrading thousands of 8K backers to it is totally nonsensical.

Pimax have alot of work to do with their communication but alot of the suggestions and feelings expressed here on the forum lately are totally illogical.


In my opinion

5k is upgrade to be 5k+
8k has option to get 5k+ and get $100.

While pimax never confirm that 8k is better than 5k+, they let us to make a decision by ourself.
But from all review, 5k+ is looking better than 8k.

It is funny when “cheaper” is “better”.
But if they have pro and cons, I will assume that no any headset is better.
So 5k+ should be same 8k (And they should have the same price).

If people have to choose 5k+ and 8k by themself, although they change to 5k+ or stick 8k or not, they should get the same $100.
$100 is should not for change the headset, but backer will get for upgrade their gpu because 1070 is not enough as they promise (Infact we will not get any refund, so we will get coupon for accesories and save our cost to buy wireless adaptor or other). So I still be happy with my 8k although something is worse than 5k+. But as I have said, I don’t want any reward, but I want 8k should be best as it should be. If pimax can’t confirm that 8k is better and let us to get 5k+ and $100 because they can’t make 8k to be better. We should not be forced to get 5k+, but should stay with 8k and some more benefit.

If I have to buy both headset, yes pimax get more benefit, but why no any discount for some 8k backer? We can’t make the right decision if we never try headset by ourself.

Maybe there should be an option to obtain both headsets (for additional amount) or a return option after first usage for switching to other version. Used HMD’s may be sold to business customers.

Without any statement of Pimax about the potential and further improvements of the 8K it’s nearly impossible to make the “right decision”. At least one side will become or stay unsatisfied in the future if the impression arises the wrong decision was made.

Pimax always talked about seeing the community in the first place. But in this important decision, the community has to rely on its own and the assessment of three outstanding testers. Those who already did an incredible amount of work for Pimax before.

And now the community is having to find answer to questions whose technical background is unclear or could easily be completed by Pimax. It’s really a good moment for Pimax to provide concrete information about the future of the 8K. Thanks in advance @deletedpimaxrep1!