MRTV: Pimax 8K vs Pimax 5k Plus: SDE & Quality Comparison At Maximum Quality Settings & Supersampling On

Dear Pimax community!

I have compared the Pimax 8K and the Pimax 5k Plus once again. This time at the highest PiTool Quality settings with Steam SuperSampling turned to the maximum that my high-end rig could stomach. You can check out the results in this video:

You can also download the comparison pictures: Dropbox - 8K VS 5K+ - Simplify your life

Hope that is helpful! Sincerely, Sebastian


Thanks, Sebastian. This makes it easier for me now.


Thanks for the information, it was quite helpful and really disappointing how bad the 8k headset performs compared to the 5k. I would say the 8k is a failure, but only when compared to the 5k+, which is an unexpected success. Still, I ordered the 8k and am not happy it isn’t better than the 5k…


a real eye opener, and yeah they should just change everyone to a 5K+ as there is no reason for the 8K, if anything they should just rebrand the 8KX as the 8K and call 5K+ the 5K.


thanks for this. It really helped me make my decision. 5K+


Sebastian you are the man!

I think if Pimax offers some little color temp/gamma sliders in the future, I am good to go.


He listened!

Thanks Sebastian, you da man!

I still hope for the Go comparison though!


Gonna happen. Now I remember you from Reddit…:wink: Great that you enjoy my content now. :slight_smile: Yes, Go comparison is gonna happen.


You’ve improved, and it shows, and I now appreciate what you’re doing sir! Cheers!


Can you please compare them as video players ?
This 3D video looks amazing on Oculus GO, but I can still see the pixels of the screen, the SDE is distracting.

Is the 8K better as a video player ?

Thanks !


I will do that comparison for you guys. Allow me a night of sleep now. :slight_smile:


Ok something very odd is going on. Even with all the super sampling turned up your 8k looks worse compared to your 5k than swevivers did in his text comparison Check his review at 1.21.05. there’s no comparison.

So either:

  1. his 8k is better than yours./yours is broken
  2. pitool has bugs that lead to it not behaving consistently (given the recent discovery very that it reports small resolution for 8k than 5k for sweviver this is my suspicion)
  3. you have a different pitool version
  4. the 8k needs the SS slider to be a very specific setting to be clear. (Sweviver likes to put 50% SS and 1.5 pitool slider)
  5. something else is wrong
  6. something is off about swevivers photos

Very odd

Edit. Might be wrong but @SweViver do you see a difference if steam as is set to exactly 51%? I’m just wondering if you just miss the 1 to 1 2560 post warp if it upsets the headset upscaling. The algorithm might only work at its best at a perfect 2560x1440 input.

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If you could address anything on the weirdness of the ‘Rendering Quality’ slider talked about here:

and what SweViver discovered about it here:

That would be great. You can see Xunshi said it’s all a big secret:

The only difference I see is the smaller text. The rest of the text is comparable. The white balance however is a definite decider having me go for the 8k.


@mixedrealityTV Sebastian are u running latest PiTool 76?


Depending on how the pipeline is set up, that could be a consequence of the lower screen utilisation of the 8k, compared to the 5k+.

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I cannot agree on this @mixedrealityTV . In the text chart, you are clearly not using higher than PiTool 1.0 as the jagged edges are just too apparent on the 8K.

Also, if you were running latest PiTool 76 you would notice the scaling has improved using 8K and PiTool 1.0 very noticeably on Normal and Small FOV.

Also do NOT run this test with Large FOV as it has a bug in the latest PiTool 76 which already is reported and will be fixes asap.

Oh also, Your 8K photo of the SteamVR Home mascot clearly shows the 8K has higher pixel reality and more definition to the image.

5K+ gives you clarity the 8K will never have probably. But the image definition and pixel density is CLEARLY better on the 8K. Now even more apparent using PiTool 1.0 after the update (except for large FOV).


Oh, hi there, subjectivity. :9

(EDIT: Also, a reminder that depending on the sampling algorithm, at really high supersampling levels, it may begin to not use every source pixel available.)

Many thanks Sebastian!

I like the brighter, more natural white on the 8k and still prefer the lower sde.


Can you replicate @mixedrealityTV 's experiment ?