MRTV Exclusive Unboxing Video of Pimax 5k plus/8k

I watched this and my question is what is the purpose of making such a #YT content ?
As we know we will get units in nice boxes which 3 months ago Sebastian show us in another unboxing vid.


if you didn’t laugh at this video i dont know what to say to you.


The purpose is to have fun. As simple as that!


Tell him a knock-knock joke

Stop teasing us and make the 16th day TO COME FASTER!

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What a great bag, Berlin really has the best bags

special adhesive tape to hold everything together is definitely a nice touch … i’m laughing my bellybutton off!!!


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germans may be a little cold and rational. but on the other hand we are the only ones enjoying those awesome LIDL bags. I’m so happy to be one of them.


lidl and aldi are germanys gift to the world.

Before they came irish chain supermarkets were terrible. Lidl and aldi beat six shades of shit out of them and still do, but they have at least shamed them into upping their game.

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Spanish testers are surprisingly quiet.

Maybe they trod a fine line with the NDA that’s supposed to be you know “a binding order that they freely signed”
And are being shut out for it. That’s my guess anyway. And pretty much what I’d do if it were my business and future livelihood that they did that too as well.

given we know they were previously warned there is a non 0 chance of this being the case.

cm’on - he just tried to be funny.

AFAIK the plastic bag with flowers on it is taken from the cheapest discounter you can find there… so he got kicked off in 1st place i’d assume.

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How has said that? hummmm.

What with that power connector?

Yeah, purpose is to have fun…but SIX MINUTES reviewing the bag and packaging…'cmon Sebastian !!.. :joy::innocent:


Apparently no one is allowed to have fun on here anymore. :laughing:

well he’s a very thorough guy and leaves no stone unturned. BTW I never understood why people watch unboxing videos anyways. I’m more about what is inside than wrapped around…couldn’t care less. I just keep boxes if I intend to sell it someday, untill then packaging is stored in the cellar. So I really enjoyed this one :joy:

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If you watch the first 3 seconds of the clip, you will notice that he actually disclosed a secret which was still blocked under the NDA !

“The Pimax 8K Plus has just been announced…”

So there it is, that will be the next bomb Pimax will drop ! I am so excited… :wink:


secrets of a lidl tüte :smiley: