Mouse emulation using head tracking

Dear @PIMAX-Support, I’m wondering if you can feature in the next Piplay release, mouse emulation using head tracking, I’ve been trying to play my old games (like CoD2, CFS3) with Tridef and Pimax and I’m really tired with the settings of PSMoveservice , Opentrack, TrackIR, all of them with many problems when all I need is just a simple mouse emulation.

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I second this request!

Genuine mouse emulation without violent skips or jumps when turn 180 degrees would be fantastic!

Keep in mind “simple” is not always easy. :wink:

I haven’t admittedly played around with those methodes but i am guessing you might need to balance mouse sensitivity setting to smooth out movement.

Definitely a good idea for those who have tweaked mouse emulation in games to share settings.

Hi guys, actually I have added this issue to our bug system some days ago, I will let you guys know once we got a new progress.

Still sorry for this perfunctory reply :sweat_smile:


Hi @PIMAX-Support, please support this feature in both modes; Pimax Mode and Extended Mode.