Most important thing of VR device

What do you think is the most important thing for you to have a VR device?
resolution?Refresh Rate?FOV?Sensor?Fit?Lens?
Please choose,Choose up to three :grinning:


Comfort, comfort and…comfort.

Nothing else matters if you can’t stand to wear it for long.

  1. Resolution
  2. Lens
  3. Refresh rate
  1. Lens
  2. Comfort
  3. Resolution

full rgb stripe oled

  1. Comfort
  2. Lens
  3. Resolution
  4. FOV (because three ain’t enough :grin:)
  1. Resolution
  2. Comfort
  3. SDE

Honorary mention: being plug & play

The issue with these specs is, if you take the first generation (CV1 and Vive), some specs still needed a lot of improvement while others were almost there.

I would say while for many e.g. 90 Hz refresh rate, lighthouse tracking was good and they will not strictly need any further improvement, pretty much everybody would agree that resolution, SDE, comfort, FoV, being tethered to the PC were areas of a clear need for improvement in order to improve the experience substantially.

And some specs would just be assumed to be obvious, like larger sweet spots, absence of undue distortions, godrays, visual discomfort (beyond the current state of art, so not talking about varifocal displays which surely will improve things), and also plug & play is something you wouldn’t usually mention until you experience a headset which demands an abundance of tinkering (hint hint).

FoV is surely also an area of improvement being looked for, but not in my top 3 list (but not far behind either).

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  1. FOV
  2. Lens
  3. Resolution

1- FOV.
2- Resolution.
3- Lens.

  1. Ergonomics - includes comfort but also IPD adjustment enabling to get any clarity (biggest 2 problems with Pimax)
  2. SDE/clarity/colours - resolution is only part of the solution
  3. Refresh rate - 72/75hz makes me nauseous, 90hz doesn’t

FOV is something that will be improved when it can be, Pimax have proven to me that it isn’t at all important if these three things are not right

  • Resolution.
  • FOV
  • Lens

Everything else can be modified if necessary.

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  1. FOV
  2. Resolution
  3. Software compatibility
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I think a better way to know what you have to improve in a future headset is measure what hits a ‘good enough’ level in the current headset to forget and enjoy and what doesn’t. Improve each one that doesn’t and profit.

Resolution: good enough, industry leading with one other competitor. Can stop focus on this for now.

Lenses: not good enough, redesign. This might be expensive but should be the first thing on your list. Use multiple sized heads and faces to test.

Comfort: out the box not good enough, iterate on current design. Use multiple sized heads and faces to test.

FOV: good enough, best in the industry with no real competitors.

Refresh rate: just about good enough. Improvements would be beneficial but more of an icing on the cake. You should still pursue this as it’s a waste that the cables are the limiting factor.


overall perceived picture, if it has one of the properties but fails on other it’s still poor experience:

  1. resolution
  2. good contrast
  3. image consistency (no pixels arrangement ripple, no ripple when moving your head, jagged edges / aliasing friendly pixels arrangement pattern - i.e. which helps to hide those)
  4. brightness - what a disappointment to have a good resolution but dull as 10% of desktop LCD monitor.
  5. artifacts free image - mura / distortions / godrays
  6. eye relief adjustment to tune it optimal & not suffer the whole device usage time
  7. good colour saturation, correct colours reprojections & good blacks
  8. good sweetspot - to not keep tuning your HMD every single minute - it’s just annoying & gets you off your experience
  9. oled rgb stripe or g2 level sceen
  10. supporting optimization features - e.g. cosmos elite doesn’t support smar smoothing & with the same setting but with worse visuals due to bigger SDE than Index has 15 less FPS - on Index it keeps at 40 & with SS enabled it’s smooth & playable on 80Hz with high settings & all features on high apart of local reflections on 1080ti & with 2x SSAA & 2xMSAA but on cosmos it’s just unplayable at all, same for pimax - software compatibility & experience polishness is very welcome
  11. weight & balance & overall comfort - it should be light & well balanced
  12. steamvr tracking support - just look at this fancy g2 but with this awful tracking integration
  13. durability & quality - it shouldn’t crack, it should last at least 5 years
  14. optics is a very important aspect - if you have all above points done but your lenses implementation is $ hit - you will end up in frusration by trying to fix eye strain & distortions.
  15. it should be fogless, it really doesn’t matter how good the clarity is if it gets foggy every single minute like CV1 or Pimax 5k+ for me (good examples without this problem - Index, Quests)
  16. it should feel pleasant - not bad sounds in adjustment knobs, no micro cracks on arrival, good aesthetics
  17. good eye tracking without degrading experience
  18. varifocal lense - to provide better 3d immersion
  19. rubber gasket - what a heck every single HMD manufacturer does this $hitty rigid plastic ones - just look at Q1 red rubber gasket - it’s 100 times better in comfort than default ones
  20. good audio drivers & correctly working 2 jacks so you can connect your proven sound solution & it will just work out of the box & you don’t need to use 2nd wire from your PC
  21. distance clarity should be good
  22. passthrough mode as it really helpful & is vital for fast paced games - look at Oculus they almost do it right - if you cross your boundary cameras get enabled & you stop seeing game until you got back

Other points but I got tired writing this :slight_smile:

People tend to take qualtiy for granted. Proven by this voting.

  1. Most important thing is that it actually works. No crashing the PC, random error messages, undetected, black screens, etc.

  2. Visually not distracting (disortion, broken pixels, object pop-ins etc.)

  3. Comfort - only then I can actually use it for more than 15min

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  1. Fov
  2. Resolution
  3. Lens
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Really… The optics is the foundation of a VR headset - if they are unsatisfactory, everything else is moot.