Most important thing of VR device

Resolution and clarity
8kx gives me all of those, thankfully.

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Seriously, if Pimax or a third party were to manufacture an acceptable-quality replacement lens that was user-installable, I would buy it. To me the lens is by far the most disappointing part of the 8KX experience. Everything else is either pretty good or something I can live with.

EDIT: Hey Pimax, why don’t you make this your next project? The 8KX Mk 2 will come with better-quality lenses, and existing owners can purchase the new lenses at a discount.


Comfort has moved up on my list, but it is something that can be improved by the consumer.

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Comfort encompasses a number of things certainly. Weight, feel, fit are primary, but then there is heat, bits that dig in (like the nose torture of some HMD’s), even eye strain/fatigue… probably some others I can’t think of :slight_smile:

I’ve not yet used a hmd or headstrap that I’ve found really comfortable… my quest2 is probably closest, index is too heavy and I’m always fidgeting with it, 5k+ was nice for being light but hurt my nose and lacked a good headstrap… just got the mas+ck today but no hmd yet to try it with so no idea if any good.

Overall I need comfort to improve a lot more and think it’s the most important thing of a VR device personally. Then other things like clarity, resolution, wireless and fov can come into it in that order as a personal preference.

  1. Resolution
  2. FOV
  3. Consistent Frame Times
  1. Comfort
  2. Audio
  3. Lens

No matter how advanced the resolution or fov gets, immersion is the most important factor of vr.
For example, you’ll eventually get tired of looking up when forced in the only seats left at a movie theatre but you’ll eventually leave because comfort and immersion in the movie is broken by a hurting neck.

immersion is a great word. i ask myself- what breaks immersion first?

fov. -i have it cranked.
roughness. -a dropped frame, loss of tracking, loading screens, aliasing, culling pops, etc.

if the above is adequate … what makes it more immersive or deepens the immersion?

quality content

While I respect your opinion,and your entitled to it, I must disagree to some extent the example I will use is …My CV1 was the most comfortable HMD I own, but would never be used again because of the resolution and fov. So for me, comfort is not in my top 3. Again that’s your opinion and shows how we humans are so diverse.
I could wear a cinder block on my face if it was HDR quality and full human FOV. I have yet to be limited in my vr sessions because of comfort and my OG Vive, and Pimax 5k+ with the cloth strap were anything but comfortable and 6/7 hour sessions were the norm hauling freight across many continents in ATS + ETS

Well obviously I would choose the hmd that has the best balance not just if the comfort is better by 1% in your opinion. For instance, if your cv1 was a little more comfortable than an index, I would obviously still pick the index which has the best of all aspects at this current time.

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  1. Perfect optics
  2. Perfect panels with high resolution and refresh
  3. Perfect tracking

Extra but much needed for Pimax!
Fast and efficient Support and RMA service without the tiering prolonging of tickets.



1a. FoV
1b. Resolution
1c. Crispness / Colors
2. Overall Performance and Tracking
3. Refresh
4. Weight and Comfort.

My CV1 was nice for being light, but I’m sure the facepad was made from broken glass and sandpaper. It was dreadful, my vive was more comfortable on the face than cv1 but just far too heavy (day1 vive this was)

I appreciate various vrcovers became to exist, but just on the concept of what HMD mfrs should be looking at… out of box that was not nice to use at all, index/quest2 so far seem to have the best default face pads i’ve used.

1a. FOV at least around 140° Horizontal, above that and it decreases in importance for me to not even be on the list.
1b. Distortions
1c. Comfort (Only HMD I ever tried that I could call comfortable has been the Vive Pro).
2. Resolution
3. Possibility to fit the HMD to an as wide range of people as possible.
4. That the company that makes and/or sell the HMD has good warranty, support, logistics etc. just aftersales in general.
5. That the HMD can hold up to its marketing claims.

Only ones that Pimax has reached are 1a. 2. and to some extent 1b. for some people.
Most of the other points Pimax is not even close to.


lol :smile:I can see your point, but there’s obviously a long way to go

Balanced. Low resolution? Can’t read quickly. Uncomfortable? Can’t use as long.

Pimax Vision 8kX can be used in all established occupations at >80% production rate and >80% productive hours. Pushing those numbers higher would be awesome of course. Better lenses, double resolution, half weight, could be worked into a strap that would be tolerable 24/7, every day.

What is lacking most right now is stuff I already have, but others don’t.

  • Foam. From CES/Roadshow unit, I have at least 10x better foam. Drastically reduces friction and pressure, especially with the hinges tilting the headset up. From photos, I can’t be sure any reviewers have this.
  • Hinges. Using 161deg, a 10x improvement for me. Both the plastic/metal hinges have far too aggressive defaults, and grinding them down as some have done, loses the comfort kit benefits! Hopefully others can confirm a similar angle is usable for most people, and Pimax can ship these out.

Right now, the Pimax Vision 8kX is tremendously underrated due to these two issues.

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The most important thing is tricking my brain into thinking it’s real.

If I brace myself in my seat with extreme force as I’m about to hit a wall in a car racing sim, or if I get that losing the stomach feeling, a burst of adrenaline and a complete mind flip out as I’m plummeting to earth after having a wing blown off in a flight sim…it’s a great hmd.

Sadly things I have never experienced in my 5k+, yet did in my og rift. During the kickstarter I would have said fov and resolution. I was sorely mistaken. In the end it’s the total package and how immersed it makes me feel.


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