MINI (Re)View 8K X - ARRIVED 07 September 2020

So yesterday my 8K X has arrived - silently.
I guess most is known, and well Pictures say more than words, so I’ll keep it short.

The 8K X Improves on every aspect - period.

The Image supersedes the 8K+ even if I reduce from 1.5 or 1.25 to 1.0 in the 8K X. Its sharp like a monitor to me in most cases. Racing is beautiful (Dirt 2.0, Asseto Corsa competizione)
Packaging is very nice, and the Head Strap is quite usable - its comfortable - I would have liked just a few adjustment possibility’s more - but its good none the less.

The 8K XY is the BEST, no points in arguing - I would say get the Artisan if you don’t want to burn so much money or save up for the X - period.

So here some images

My cat loved the box the minute the X was out :wink:

Family union

Funnily I ran the 8K X just using USB 3.0 and no power on the 2.0 (I forgot to power on the plug strip) and it ran… will try again tonight WITH both powered up :wink:


cool, congratulations and thanks for the mini review.

related to another thread, I see you have the metal hinges, how is the comfort for you with placement of the headset and the strap?


Nice, enjoy it. “Your Experience is what we concerned” is a weird thing to say on the inside packaging.


congrats, did you receive the thin face foam as well ?


Very good to know can’t wait till I get mine whenever that’ll be LOL


Hi and thx for your short review! Feel free to post more of your impressions along the way :slightly_smiling_face:
Original 8kX backer or upgrader? If upgrader, when ordered and approx. order number? thx and viel spass ! :sunglasses:


And ‘Buckle the PiTool up’ hehe


LOL that’s Google Translate gone wrong :laughing:


Thanks for mini review and thanks for sharing :+1:
I should be getting mine this Friday 11/9/2020!
What pitool should i use,260 or 263?
Many thanks


Why they do not take time to get simple stuff as text in correct english :upside_down_face:
For the love of… their American COO is located in Florida, and is borne and probably raise in the USA. :rofl:
sorry for the thread hijack MReis


I agree, the packaging is amazing but this sort of thing completely ruins the premium feel for me.

I know a piece of cardboard doesn’t reflect the actual product, but still


I do like that Pimax have listened ! For example they now protect the lenses when they ship the hmd .
For the future I would love to see a prebuild deluxe audiostrap , eye tracking PRE BUILD and TESTED .
and ofc a thin face foam included in the box


@PimaxUSA should take note of this. It definitely comes off as the typical poor translations found on many Chinese electronics products.


So, how many face pads was in the box ? @MReis


Its good - it sits nicely and can be easily adjusted.

Its not the perfect solution - I would have liked to put down the part that connects to the hinges more (or better put tilt the HMD further downward, so I could get that neck cushion deeper - but since the HMD wont tilt down more, the HMD is lifted a bit too much away from my checks.

But since it sits nicely, Its not really an issue to complain - Head Strap 2.0 maybe :wink:


Thanks, I do - just keep driving one Stage after the other in Dirt 2.0 - looks very very good - truly I would say better in VR now then on my WHQD Monitor - just drove in Sweden - the melting snow is awesome on the windshield in VR 3D!
(I wanted to try DCS, but it has some steam issue, need to check it but wanted to just use the HMD).

Yeah I got the meaning of the saying - but its a bit of english (even for my expertise in writing). But that is not a pimax issue - I dont remeber, but its very often now days that you get a bit of translations - I guess the languages are just to diffrent - but Kevin could have checked it :wink:


I got the thin foam only, I put the 8K +'s thicker foam in the pic below for comparison.

This thinner foam is perfect for my liking.

Still I think it could be wise to add both or make it a choice - depending on face shape, I am not sure if one will always be perfect for all.


Just was in the front door (family got it) when I got back from work - nice suprice :wink:


I check a lot of them, some make it in quickly, some changes take time. Sometimes it’s thought the wording is ok when it still needs a bit of tweaking. We’ll get more and more of the text updates in there.


I am a Backer of the 8K - swaped to 5K+, got the 8K+ (got a good deal) and went for the Upgrade (?) in Oktober 30 2019 thingy. Order Number is [4675].