Matteo311 review - Pimax 8KX VS Valve Index


I wish Martin or I would have had the chance to talk to him. Could have resolved his issues very quickly.


I didnt know the microphone and earphones would be that bad :confused:

There is alot room of improvement guys !

Looking forward to the Deluxe Modular audio Strap :slight_smile:

This is a exellent review…

I sold my pimax 8kx exactly what he is telling,bad mic,wobbeling,distortion,short cable…

Also what he said,it feels like looking at a screen…

Lets say with the hp reverb g2 that i now have(with index controllers) you are in the world instead off looking at a screen even with the low field off view…

Its to expensive for what you get.

If they get a new 8kx II with better lenses better mic etc maybe i will buy it again(if the support is better) and a price around 800 euro for the headset…


It’s a good video, you can’t fault the guy - he would have had to have spent ages researching these forums to have done any better. No idea why pimax sent him a headset with the KDMAS, this was an opportunity to have a huge impact and it was floundered.


I find this a bit weird reply. Lots of people have been dealing with those same issues (like distortion) forever and they’re supposedly very easy to solve? Why isn’t Pimax helping us out then? Like Pimax has NEVER even replied to any of the topics with IPD settings and we’re all still struggling with lots of these same issue’s that this guy is mentioning


He’s giving his experience just as everyone else could potentially perceive it, your 8kx purchased doesn’t come with a personal 1:1 with sweviver or pimaxusa, I can understand some of the misunderstandings there but that’s on pimax to improve on too, especially if they provided this for a review, but most people are running into all of this.

I concur the new fibre cable should now be included in their premium product, I think they should look to have dmas as default too on the 8kx if they can once released.

The audio ‘is’ poor (soon to improve hopefully but it appears might not have got that message across to him) not had chance to try my kdmas but I hear that’s still average, the mic is poor (i need to do some digging through the forum to see if anyone improved it), there is wobble/geo distortion still (although doesn’t bother me, and less noticeable if you don’t look for it) there is certainly some issues surrounding ipd, curious if there is some misalignment and/or variation between hmds or other influences that is affecting so many to not have a good time with visuals yet, maybe their soon to be released ipd guide will help a lot. Overall I feel this review was quite fair, even if some parts are not the full story, that’s the perception many get.


I like how he ends his video and that he’s really looking for an upgrade over the index. I’m like that myself all the time. I always really WANT to love new headsets, I kinda was in love with my G2 but after time not so much anymore. And now that I went back to the 8k-X, I want to love it but man … all those issue’s just make it hard to love it.

Really hoping somebody will make a new better headset soon.


We want a index 2 with the hp reverb g2 screens! instant buy for me!


He is comparing apples and oranges. He should have compares different Pimax model.

I don’t need to watch the video to know what he thinks.
I’ve owned the 8K X for a couple of months now and it hasn’t been easy.

  • The audio just plain sucks on smas and going to have to modify it.

  • I have doubled vision image and trying ipd offsets to sort that.

  • I want someone or some company to make prescription lens adapters.

  • The lighthouse tracking is jittery and loses tracking when touched on the corners of the hmd.

Only upsides are higher resolution on par with G2 and wide FOV which suits me as I sim race.


I always had uncertainty setting up ipd on my 8kx, but recently I have found a method that works for me.

I have my eyes looking at the edge of one side, where the distortion and blurred part usually is, and I adjust the ipd dial until it becomes sharp and clear, and also adjust the strap tightness.

Now I have edge to edge clarity and no distortion in all fovs.

Maybe I havr Pimax compatible head.

Edit :

My measured actual ipd is 64, and the osd displayed in hmd im at 68.5 to have the edges clear and image not distorted. I may have to adjust the strap tightness for the side blur to be gone.

This has given me best image quality and I don’t suffer from eye strain. This might not work for everyone but it works for me, maybe its worth a shot for someone that struggles to get to that specific spot where everything looks great.


You mentioned in the Pimax Day 4 stream that a software driver is being developed for the DMAS; is pimax also working on there own usb microphone driver? As The W10 usb generic audio driver is reported not good. This was also an issue for Blue Yeti Usb Mic.


Not really. Comparing a Pimax headset against other Pimax models would not create a realistic evaluation; unless it is for a pimax user wanting to know if upgrading within the same brand is worthwhile or not.

There is enough commonalities between headsets warranting a comparison between brands.

Otherwise one could also say you should only gage HTC headsets against other HTC headsets.


I didn’t say that; he should compare a lower res Pimax with a FOV that matches the valve. Of course, if you like to feel, you a looking through binoculars.

Most of the time, yes, indeed. I solve issues like he reported in his review for people literally every single day as does our support staff.

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Well, what i meant is: if it’s so simple to fix the distortion, then please explain here on the forum what he should have done to fix it. Also I experience the same wobbleness of the headset that he talks about. Now that I’ve finally managed to fix my eyestrain I think this is becoming my number one point of irritation about the headset (although this is minor in comparison to the eye strain and I can live with it, though would be certainly great if it can be improved). If I quickly move my head, the headset just moves on my head, just like he experiences. How to fix that? Because of the form and size of the headset it seems quite difficult to improve that. Just like he says, even if you really have the headset pressed against your head (so that it’s uncomfortable) it still moves when you quickly move your head.

Or if you don’t know how to fix those 2 issues, please explain us how to fix some of the other issue’s he mentioned. Would be great info here for the Pimax users.


Yes the default headstrap causes quite a bit of wobbling unless you make it tight enough. If you do the Vive Deluxe audio strap mod however, theres no more wobble and great audio. I think Pimax could sell the 8KX with Vive DAS installed as an alternative.


Double image you have something set wrong beyond ipd. Does the game require parallel projections?


The denial from Pimax is still prevalent in 2021

It’s not the headset, it’s you.

Pimax just own it. The gasket is too wide, the optics produce eye strain. The cables too short. The tracking is glitchy. The software is buggy.

Just except it and work on it for your next headset. If you don’t own it then the same faults and bugs will turn up in your next headset and you’ll be defending Pimax while shouting ‘user error’ forever.