Loosing my patience/ confidence

I am not a backer but I have been following the Pimax 5k plus hype for 3 months now and waiting to pre order the 5k plus however… I am somewhat disappointed in some recent information and my perception of the road to my upgrade. First is I true that the top 100 out 4K backers have not even received their tracking number? And those who have tracking numbers still do not have units in hand? How is it feasible to believe the promise that all backers will receive units prior to Christmas? And if that’s the case even if they do take pre orders in October when the heck will those customers have to wait to receive product? This is the company that is a year behind their target date for the backers right? Any input from the faithful or are others getting frustrated?


I read somewhere on the forums that the current batch of software is still not ready for average consumers. So it will most likely be quite a bit longer to wait after the backers receive their headset. They are taking the backers input to tweak the software.

Thanks for the update Snoopy I will most likely look for other headset options and come back next year to see how things played out


If you do pre order expect it to be like backing another kickstarter round 2. What’s even more troubling is the shipping method their using

So in other words I could pre order in October/ November and a year plus later I would be waiting for a tracking # with little to no communication from the company except for the broken promises and pushed backed dates? :crazy_face:

Its a lucky draw with this company. Chances are you put a pre order down and by the time it’s ready they announce something like the 8K+ OR X. Anything could happen :slight_smile:

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First of all forget the word “promisse”. They dont promisse anything, there are no garanties and no cashback, this is how kickstarter works.

You’re not a backer, you have not spent any cent, no reason for being frustrated. Tracking numbers were sent and 2nd wave is already prepairing (should search & read first).

p.s. furthermore Christmas is once per year. Could be meant Christmas 2019:joy:


If Pimax does create multiple thousands per month then yours can be ready in Q1 2019.
All this talk above about a year delay time was in the past and holds no weight for the future.


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Pre-Ordering is not the same as backing a kickstarter.

We invested in there abilities. While the road has been long. We backers will soon join in exploring their shared vision. The next leg is just over the horizon.


Wow, I’m truly sorry I started this thread that seams to have ruffled so many feathers. I am/ was buying into the Pimax hype, and like any product I am interested in I spend a lot of time researching. The company has a less then great history (Pimax 4K I’m talking to you) and the lack of communication as well as a poor backer roll out has not given me confidence going forward (9 weeks to fulfill 6k backer orders?) Me bitching? Actually I was expecting the faithful to rally and talk about why they are still so excited and confident that their new toys will meet and exceed their expectations and that they would receive their product any day now. Instead…”this” Again, my apologies… I’m out

I wouldn’t put too much stock in how the users at times over dramatizes things here.

Just a lot of folks on the edge of their seats.

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Yea, you know how to stay on topic… HYPOCRITE… let me guess “hypocrisy” is an obscenity too, right Sally???

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Simple Math 90% backers received Headsets by Xmas. Now with a good run they might exceed this & Pre-Orders ship by January (first 2 weeks) though more likely last 2weeks. But I would guess the Pre-Orders likely start shipping in February.

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Sadly Quality assurance departments in most companies are the easiest place to “trim the fat.” Its too bad really.

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