Complaining thread about non backers. Be warned

I think I’m more frustrated with those who either didn’t back the HMD in kickstarter or did and sold their pledge but continues to complain in public about delays!!! Simple fact… if you don’t want to wait until the item is ready… go buy something else!


The thread is pointless.
Even Pimax could not estimate when you might get it at this time before you actually line up and click BUY so that question is moot. Certainly nobody else’s guess is relevant. I ordered Oculus in 1st week of Jan 2016 and didn’t get the notice and tracking until 10days before my June 22 delivery they though they had estimated demand and the error set them back a month. my waitng 4 days after launch cost 7 weeks. Anyone who didn’t click in the first 5 MINUTES lost a month of delivery time.

Also coming in here saying you have been following for 3 months and using terms like “broken promises” and “no communication” is just clickbate and serves no constructive purpose. It also shows that you have been reading the frustrations and therefore answers you’re last question, illustrating that also you already knew the answer to the question.

What’s the point?


@tomohm @dogbite

Would you two geriatrics take a second and read what you’ve posted here. Falconx is a potential buyer and has posted some genuine concerns on the pre order process. The fact is it’s a gamble at this stage and Pimax make it no easier to decide with their chosen shipping method. Buying online from China is risky enough as it is

The minute you two see somone posting cold hard facts you jump on it with your precious opinion. As backers it’s really no concern of yours so save your troling for another thread


I buy online from China all the time and no problems so far for like 70 transactions even with cheapest shipping methods.

I will let you know when my pimax reaches nz if there was any risk involved


Ohh. If your anywhere near kapiti coast can I come over and have a look :wink:


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Ouch a bit far, I’m in Auckland.
But if you happen to come in the area , sure!


I’m in Howick. I can bring pizza and coke

Ah the usual vitriol begins. Name calling, how unexpected.
You talk about reading posts. Re-read your last paragraph and tell me when EVER in this forum I have jumped on FACTS. I have certainly asked question about what people claim to be facts and have been pleased to get confirmation when those facts are substantiated. I have never even told anyone that has presented what they say are facts they are incorrect or correct. Like anyone without verification I would question whether something can be call a fact without substantiation, but not whether it was or is not truly a fact. Only whether it is a “fact in evidence”
Your last paragraph is purely an attack not based in fact. I am open to being presented with facts on that, but it is obvious that it was not composed for that purpose, just by the tone. It is the tone you set that only reinforces the validity of my questioning the continue value of the topic. Thanks for making that point for me.

I rebuff your insults and leave you to continue with whatever value you find left in this topic, because I don’t deny you the right to find value in it even as the topic now becomes -----whatever.
Feel free to discuss loss of patients and confidence and frustrate yourself. I would die to support your right to do so.
I did and do question the need to do so, though. Been there, Done that. Got the t-shirt. I’ll leave you to it.

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My response was to you rubbishing this guy for his questions. Give it a break and stay on topic

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You need to pull yourself together buddy. Juping in here screaming obscenities over nothing

I simply said its a risk for anyone placing preorders and not to expect delivery for many months. That couldn’t be closer to the truth. This thing will be availabe to consumers by pre order in the next few weeks so your way off topic. Perhaps get your reading glasses checked.

Flagged your post for the filthy language. Please stay on topic

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I couldnt care less where your from. This forums not taylored to you. Stay on topic please. Noone needs to read your school girl drama

You need to really pull yourself together old timer. You have nothing to contribute about pre orders. Stay on topic

ok Sally… whatever you say!

Just on the otherside lighten up please. Pre Order is not the same as backing a kickstarter; unless of course you pre ordered from sixsense whom not only had a successful Kickstarter but accepted ore orders as well… 4 years later… Folded & sold project; but had a spec of decency & is refunding backers & pre orders. Though I am sure some will complain they didn’t get interest on their 4 year investment; just to break even.

I don’t consider it as such. But misuse of many works has often tainted their original intended meanings.

There was min of 3 ppl whom flagged a couple of your posts. I think folks on all sides needs to relax a bit with their biases. Attacking folks iver reviews etc is imho childish.

To me

Bitch - Female Canine or to nag & complain endlessly.

Consider the word Retard which simply means delayed as used in Engine Timing. With Education was often used “educatable-retarded”. Which dies not mean Stupid/Dum etc… Simply learns slower.

But due to ppl using it as a means to demean, it is now often frowned upon as an insult/discrimination etc.

I remember as a kid Crap & hell were swear words. :wink: now it’s acceptable every day words (in most places)


Thanks for your moderation Helio. All I have said is that pre ordering at this stage is an absolute gamble to “when” you might recieve it. Their shipping method doesnt help that decision just as the op has stated. I really hope they give DHL/FEDEX options for the consumer release as Im sure 90% of buyers will rather pay an extra $10 to have their cutting edge VR device shipped saftley and promptly especially with the warentee concerns. Im not bashing Pimax at all. I just think If you’re a cautious buyer It might be worth holding off untill stock is readily available. Focus on upgrading your system to ensure you have the best experience when it finally becomes available. I will most likely order at that time because your not likely to get one much earlier

Yes this was a responce to catching up when his headset arrives. We live in the same city. Totally relivant.

Please stop spaming this thread. Theres plenty of “backers” complaining about the shipping method. Go preach your insecurities on that thread

Ems once Tracking number is received usually within 2weeks.

As for Gamble to pre order? Not really. I’d estimate the headset itself likely to be received by march probably sooner depending on suppliers meeting quality standards set by pimax. Companies often have penalties in their agreements on supplying good quality components.

Dhl & such your guaranteed to have to pay import fees if sent direct. I have ordered a lot from

There is a hint within this post once I have more time will expand on. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

Thanks now were getting somewhere :grinning: :tada: :beers:

March is probably realistic. Thats a 5 month wait. By then they should be upto full capacity so Ill wait. It will take that long to get the overpriced 2080ti :grinning: :beers:

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And those backers complaining should relax & be grateful. Less than a year from ks close & headsets are shipping.

While it is slower than prefered via volume. This is due to them trying to ensure quality vs quantity. Some mfgrs will produce volume without ensuring proper quality to meet targets & fix issues later. Í have worked for a few companies that have ran 1000+ parts without a first off to discover they made some high scrap numbers before they knew it was good or the QC tech approved a first off that was borderline near out of spec.