List of all Highend PC VR HMD's prices and some other tech

I decided to put together a spreadsheet containing prices of all the main PC VR headsets, a couple of GPUs and CPU’s that I’m personally interested in. It shows launch and current prices. Might be of use to others. Enjoy.


Damn. I didn’t know my soul was this cheap :frowning:


For Pimax’s weight you can check Sweviver 2 hours video, i remember he weighted them all.

I did watch it, but like hell am I going through the 2 1/2 hour video looking for that lol. If someone knows the weights, let me know. I do remember that he said the 5K+ was slightly heavier than the 8K for some strange reason.

HTC Vive w/ TPC 910g or 2.1lbs
8K 530g or 1.17 lbs
5k+ 564g or 1.24lbs

Thankfully, there was an index entry for the weight section in the video description

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I can sell mine for half price. Freebie: my imaginary pal and my imaginary pet (a unicorn)

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I’ve just weighed the 5k+, 499g without headstrap or cable attached:


I have that EXACT same scale!

not anymore! do you want it back? :stuck_out_tongue:


But why 8K is 34g lighter than 5K+?
8K has much more pixels (lol) and upscaler electronics.

No idea. Maybe the panels are heavier in the 5K+?

Are you going to include any of the Windows Mixed Reality PC VR headsets?

Need someone with an 8K to weigh it standalone… no cable pull etc distorting results

With the strap I’m getting 538g on the 5K+

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@Chucksta has just weighed his 8K. The reading via ‘analogue scales’ with no strap/cable he is getting slightly over 500g.

Obviously, not the same scales and will be some further margin of error in reading analogue.

@Heliosurge care to weigh your HMD’s as a decider? :slight_smile:

Updated with the weight of the Pimax HMD’s. Thanks

No I`ll be here forever listing every HMD out there. It’s just the main high end VR headsets that I wanted to show a comparison.

In case you want to update your chart…The VRgineers website shows 4900euro @ 5573 US for the XTAL. Order Inquiry | Vrgineers . I am really hoping the StarVR is much less


Understood but how are you defining “main” and “high end”?

My list contains the main HMD’s that require a beefy PC to run them. I decided to share it to see if it would be of any use to anyone for looking into these type of headsets. I wasn’t expecting people to see the list and expect me to go adding every single HMD (AR/VR/MR/standalones etc.) out there and spend hours consolodating an extensive list. I assumed what I constructed was helpful somewhat. If you would like to start a list of all the different MR headsets out there for everyone and collate all of the information.

Added to the list for XTAL price and only thing I can find is $2000+ for StarVR

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