Linus Reviews Pimax

@PimaxVR @deletedpimaxrep1 WHY IN THE HELL would you send Linus the V2 Prototype? WHY? Linus is notoriously hard on tech when it comes to reviews.

That was a bad idea. He often uploads content late.

He mentions a wavy distirtion issue, his ipd needed adjusting (WHICH IS BROKEN ON V2) WHY?


This video was almost certainly filmed a while ago.

Linus often has many days between filming and uploading.

I realize that, but the campaign is over now. Linus’ upload time is not this slow usually, even though he is late too often.

This is damaging. I told Pimax not to send him a review unit when they 1st asked us if they should. His channel is always hard on VR

Its a review that confirns all of the problems that the 1st tested review mentioned, but because it was uploaded late, most folks wont know.


Most folks will not make any change now ( since they can’t )

When Pimax goes retail there will be reviews of the retail version.


This guy rarely knows much about what he reviews. It’s actually quite irritating to watch anything he puts out.


thats not so good that review…i hope he is wrong!

Precisely. But he has many viewers.

Its an old review of the V2 prototype, but because Linus is Linus, he uploads it Now.

It didn’t come across as all too negative. He made some fair points. I don’t think his set up was right to get optimal performance. Pimax people were saying it took them a long time to get it setup right. But he did say the wide field of view and increased resolution make the current headsets feel last gen, so it was a thumbs up as I see it.


He talked smack about the displays before he tried it, (classic Linus) only to say “wow its better than I thought it would be” once he tried it.

Also, Pimax didnt let tested test unverified apps, but for Linus its ok? Lol

Truth be told, I was afraid Linus would upload his review late, and I knew he would be critical. It seems like Pimax gave Linus a free range Demo, while doing that for Tested wpuld have faired better in my opinion.


he talks about the kickstarter as if it is still running, so this is clearly a v2 from some time ago as he wasn’t even aware there was a v3.

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Pimax should do another round of letting reviewers & VR enthusiasts see what has improved before they’ve decided, “well, it’s good enough to ship to the pledgers”.

He used video made by Pimax to make it look as if he hardware adjusting IPD while he could not do it with v2 prototype. 8K VR Headset from China – BS marketing, very cool experience… - YouTube


For me this review is not that bad… He said a couple of time that the ppd augmented and the fov is super cool.
If all the problem reported can help pimax to fix it, that’s a very nice review.

The review is late, yes definitely.


I read reactions on Vive and Oculus subreddits and of course some people who do not like Pimax picked up mainly criticism from this review. But I think that those who take it impartially, can find more positives than negatives in his view. Still it is based only on v2 prototype and v3 probably already solved some of the issues he had.


I love the generic comment " If 4k 200FOV is possible why are the big players not doing it"

Correct me if Im wrong but HTC was just a failing mobile manufacturer 2 years ago…

Obviously Oculus and HTC have prototypes like this but their more interested in milking the market as best they can


We need somone to go over there and correct some of his false claims and update the current progress. Millions of people will see that video

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Seems to me that HTC replicates its failed strategy from mobile phone business. They had good products at the start where there was not much competition in Android phone market and quickly gained quite a big share of it. Then they slept on laurels when competition started to offer better phones for lower prices. Also their user support was notoriously bad in phone business and seems to be the same now in VR field according to many complains I read in forums. Oculus seems to prefer rather building walled garden than pushing latest technology to market plus I don’t have much trust in company owned by Facebook. So I’m glad that Pimax is trying to go forward when other players are satisfied with selling headsets with lots of SDE, low res etc. and do not even announce anything better.


Ya I was wondering the same thing.

Linus should not have released the video, being he tested an old prototype, when the current prototype fixes many of the issues hes mentioned and the fact that hes posting this AFTER the campaign has already ended.

Or he should have cut new information into the video such as saying they are making knuckle controllers instead of the ones he tried and the the image stretching has already been fixed.

This was a very harsh review and may be one of the least positive Pimax reviews I’ve seen thus far.
He even said, that users should not expect much to be fixed as usual on Kickstarter