Let's Talk About The Yaw VR 2 Motion Simulator Kickstarter - Just 24 Hours Left Until Launch!

So here we are just 24 hours from the start of Yaw VR’s second Kickstarter and I couldn’t be more excited! It seems like only yesterday that the Yaw team finished up on their popular campaign for the original Yaw VR personal motion simulator and now in just 24 hours we will see the next generation of the first affordable and somewhat compact personal motion simulator that was built from the ground up for VR gameplay.

As many of you that watch my channel know, Yaw was kind enough to send me one of their first generation devices about 6 months ago and man I’ve gotta tell ya… It has been the most amazing VR experience I have ever had in the 25 years that I have now been chasing that VR dragon! Sitting my butt in that little bowl has brought me to levels of presence that I never thought possible.

The only drawback to the first device for me was the design which quite frankly was not very comfortable but flash forward to now and Yaw has taken all the user feedback over the past couple of years and turned it into the simulator I have always dreamed about! Gone is the bowl design which has now been replaced with a true motion platform that allows users to customize the seating choice to their own liking. No more having to position yourself into awkwardness just to get in and out of the simulator as this new design looks like a premium relaxation chair with an incredible range of motion.

The Kickstarter will be going live at 9:30am PST on 04/23/2021 and there will be a very limited amount of units at the super early bird price of $790 USD! This is a steal for the quality of simulator that I am sure YAW will deliver… So if you are like me and can’t wait… Get those f5 keys ready to go and may the odds be ever in your favor! [;]-)

I can’t publish a link to the actual page ATM but I will make sure to update this description for anyone watching this video after the launch date.

Thanks for taking the time to watch my video and please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section… Also let me know what you think and wish for with this new simulator! []-)

Yaw VR Personal Motion Simulator Home Page:

Be sure to join the Yaw VR Discord server here:


ohh boy :smiley: I just wish I had room for it, unfortunately not :slight_smile:


Looks much better, I actually had a go on the FeelThree prototype at Makerversity in London a few years back - this pan/tilt method seems much smarter than the half-dome, I expect it to be much quieter too.

My partner veto’d me getting one this morning, but it seems I have 5 hours to attempt to sway that before the early-bird prices disappear…


Well… It won’t be delivered right around the corner, so I’d say You have plenty of time… :smiley:

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How accurate is the movement on the existing one?
I’ve got a another platform and I’ve got a good 6 inches of play around my head. This is too much for me to handle so I haven’t been able to do much driving in VR. If the movement was accurate, 1:1 with no ‘slop’, this might be worth trying.

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I’m in on a “crazy early bird” at $790 + $100 in shipping… :sunglasses:

That’s a crazy price for what it is! I hope they succeed! :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: Added the “Yaw Platform for Yaw2” add-on which is the bottom part shown that enables the third dimension (and 360 degree turning) for $380 + $60 in shipping and the “Built-in Casters for Mobility” for $80 . I have no idea what the cost of that would be later on, but it seems like a bargain compared to any other motion sim and kinda completes the package.

I was in such a hurry to get the crazy early bird package that I didn’t add any add-ons to begin with (ordered on the phone while trying to keep an eye on the 1½ + 4 Year olds at the same time)… :smiley:


What happened to the countdown? I was at 2.5 hours, went to eat and came back with the $1090 option remaining.

The ‘additional’ platform I feel is a little misleading since they are showing it ‘complete’. If I had the early bird price I could justify the ‘add-on’.

Yeah, hesitating for a few seconds could have cost you $100-200.


Yeah, and that’s nothing compared to the retail price, I guess…

I mean, the YawVR (one/og) starts at $1490,- + shipping… :flushed:

I ended up at $1410,- incl. shipping…

EDIT: $1730,- incl. shipping… :smiley:

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still very cheap for a motion simulator ( or a 3090 lol )


Yeah, I’m kind of wondering where they’re going to put the retail price(3-Axis) with the YAW1 being a 3DOF($2499?)


Yeah I have been interested in Feel Three for several years but IDK… This new Yaw 2 totally changes the game now!

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I find it to be very accurate when it is connected to any of my Pimax headsets due to the rock solid MC built into the Pitool… With my other headsets not so much!


I saw someone figured it up over in one of my Reddit posts and a fully kitted out system with shipping after the early bird but still at the $1090 price was gonna be somewhere around $2400! Even at that price for what you will get here it is a steal!!!

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I’m another one of the crazy early birds, $300 shipping to the UK though…

I need to learn more about the pro upgrades - the power point would need to be UK and I can’t tell if you need both pro upgrades in order to have the usb passthrough - they don’t describe at all how they overcome tangling and it’s quite a pricey add-on.

Honestly the lack of clarity/detail is a bit concerning, so just going to see what info they add over the coming weeks.

Don’t fancy that gross RGB chair at all, but nor do I like the titan/secretlabs options, so will need to keep an eye out for a suitable chair that isn’t garish/overpriced.


That with the additional shipping costs makes that option harder to justify. It’s a good call they made that an option to ‘BYO’.

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I just replaced the $80 “Built-in Casters for Mobility” for the $400 “Yaw2 PRO UPGRADE” (includes the casters) to get the 220V outlet and USB hub functionality as I figured it would be annoying to have extra cables in the cable management system (until we go wireless on the 8KX).

It’s still a steal! :slight_smile:






1 x $400 each


Yaw Platform for Yaw2

1 x $380 each





New total


ABOUT DKK 10,702

I’ll add a chair myself.

Their RGB chair looks like a casual gamer chair (which I have and never use as I have a better/more ergonomic office chair) without the bottom part, so I guess I’ll re-use the one I have (or buy a bucket seat instead).


The Kickstarter mentions ‘HDMI Passthru’, really need allow for Displayport to make this more compatible.

“The Yaw2 PRO version differs from the standard version in two important aspects. Firstly, the built-in USB and network connectors make cable management easier (HDMI connection will also be added as an option later)”


Doesn’t the Index use displayport too? Weird choice.

Anyway, if they do end up including some kind of displayport passthrough I doubt that it will work with the 8KX unless Pimax decides to create a shorter version of their cable 1-2 m) plus it has to support DSC, HBR3 and DP1.4 and the USB hub has to provide sufficient power (and of course be v3.0)… :slightly_smiling_face:

If it does end up supporting that, it would be nice with a short cable option from Pimax so we can run extension cables to the Yaw2 without as many issues as we’ve had with the existing cables due to them already pushing them limits of what DP1.4 offers.

Until a wireless module is ready for the 8KX I’m counting on using it with a pulley system and living with the cable being m becoming tangled and probably breaking now and then.

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Yeah, and possibly future headsets could unless they start using HDMI 2.1. Unless YAW plans on a 2.1 HDMI and there is some sort of HDMI to DP. There are plenty of DP to HDMI adapter so that would still be a more compatible option(for now).

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That might work of course… :+1:

But… Display adapters is a jungle. Lots of crappy ones out there… :slightly_smiling_face:

They should probably include both ports (or good adapters).

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