Latest Firmware for 8kx 2076?

I cant find any info on what exactly is the latest FW version for the 2076 models? Currently I run Pitool V1.0.1.284v and FW Version V2.1.255.2002

Why is there no place where Pimax provides all available versions for FW and PiTool including a changelog?!? :thinking:


You can always examine Release Notes for the Pitool / Pimax Client.

FW2003 is the most recent version for the 8KX.
From the following website, you can obtain.


Then I am sure I use the latest Pitool version. Good to know that this is up to date. Thanks.
But there are no release notes available for the firmware, right?

Is it also possible to get the dfu file for the 2002 in case I have to downgrade because 2003 isnt working properly?

Here you go the FW2002.


Thank you very much! :+1:

Hey @DannyDan did you try the FW 2003 yet ? I am using with Pimax Client 1.10 and the 120hz with Smart Smoothing On is great.

Just hope they fix the Client 1 10 bug where the screensaver will not come on.

@PimaxQuorra ~ Do the devs know the screensaver is not working ?

I actually updated the headset yesterday but wasnt able to test it yet. I hope I will find the time today though.

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Which specific problem with the screensaver is being referred to here? We have not been informed of any complaints related to this issue. Can you please provide further details or share any relevant attachments with us?

so after some playtime in ACC with the new FW, I honestly couldnt see any difference until now. its working fine just like with the 2002 FW. :slight_smile:

Like I already said, The Pimax Client v1.10 screensaver is NOT working. There is a checkbox to have screensaver on or off. It does not matter which you select as it will never come on.

I always have the Screensave ticked ON to work and after some minutes of not using the 8KX the screensaver will blank the screen to black in the headset.

That is not working. I do not know how more simpler I can explain this as it is easy to see it is not working.


I tested this feature on my PC and did not encounter any issues from my end, indicating that it appears to be functioning properly.

I have informed the development team about this issue and hopefully that it will be resolved in the next patch.

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I now recognized one difference. the resolution is not the same with both FW versions:
2002 → 5120x3160
2003 → 4912x3160

IPD is set to 69.0 and no offset in Pitool.


maybe a optimized distortion profile

Okay well I definitely do not have it working on my PC. Win10 Pro with all latest updates running SteamVR latest version - NOT Beta version just Standard version.

Prior to installing the Pimax Client it worked and then when I saw it not working I uninstalled went back to Pitool 281 and it was working then reinstalled Pimax Client 1.10 and again Screensaver is back to NOT working. It is something that I always like to have operating properly but until is fixed I have to totally close Pimax Client from memory to allow the screen to go into rest / Black.


@DannyDan - that is curious and I find the image in 2003 FW to be bit sharper and clearer than the 2006 FW that I was previously running. I never used the 2002 FW.

2006 FW? I thought the latest one is 2003 as PimaxQuorra mentioned in a previous comment?!?

@dstar maybe, but I have the feeling, that with FW2002 it looks slightly a little better for me. :man_shrugging:

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FW2006 is 120Hz

But FW2003 also got the 120hz option.


The latest is FW2003.

FW2006 is an experimental firmware for 120Hz.


Brilliant - I’ll change to 2003 :wink: