Kickstarter 33 update: 8k+ possible or 8kx update?

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Reading this latest update Pimax I think I should clarify more respect to which you refer with this comment.

Are you working on a Pimax 8k+ version or upgrade to 8kx?

Some new lenses?

Please clarify that comment better.

If an 8k+ is a reality, I think Pimax 8k sponsors should receive their update to a possible Pimax 8k+ for No additional cost.
Only shipments in the same way as Pimax 5k to 5k+.

Another possibility is that Pimax will create an upgrade from Pimax 8k to 8kx using a mounting kit.
(In that option I see well to pay the possible difference of price)

The sponsors hope for a more detailed clarification of the Kickstarter 33 update.

Thank you


Come on … they are making good offers and you demand more. Or did I miss that there was a life time immediate Hardware update pledge??


I think it is perfect that you are happy and accept Pimax’s communiqué.

Respect anyone who thinks differently from you.



sure thing , so sorry if you feel offended, I thought I was just also offering my humbled thoughts in letters.

Edit: in terms of information flow I am with you, but I thing this offer was future development orientated ( and might be not determined as of now) and in terms of getting that now for free I am thinking that this is not possible in a sensfull way for a small company.


I am happy enough with the offerings, although I am still 50/50 on what to choose. It is not about getting things for free for me, I’ll pay for good upgrades.
But if there is a 8k+ or something with grid rather than diamond layout panel in the works then that makes the 5k+ a better option for some poeple rather than going for the 8K now.


Disagreement is not disrespecting your opinion. On top of that no one has to respect your opinion. You don’t have to respect anyone else’s opinion. There is a difference between respecting an opinion and respecting the right to have one.

I respect your right to have an opinion. I would challenge anyone who said you did not have a right to your opinion or who thinks you should shut up.

If you want pimax to hand out free upgrades, but you don’t want to deal with dissenting opinions, then you should DM pimax. When you make a public post in a public forum you don’t get to tell people they cannot disagree with you, or that by disagreeing with you they have disrespected you in some way.


Hi. @destraudo

Thank you for your opinion

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My absolute pleasure. I think it would be a terrible move for pimax to promise to free upgrade people to 8kx, but if you can convince them to give me a free 8kx i will take it.

oh you added smilies
well a :ok_hand::pensive::ok_hand: to you too.


I prefer a 8K+. I think that the upscale is actually necessary. The problem is the panel and the method.


[edited by @twack3r] No one is obligated to respect ignorant and selfish people who demands more and more FREE stuff, mentioning other sponsors. You have no right to say what other sponsors want! Talk for yourself only, you’re greedy boy.


Couldn’t have put it better, well maybe a few more [edited by @twack3r]

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Do you have some kind of personal or mental problem?

Do you know there are psychologists?

I think with that answer you are defining yourself.

I’m not going to go down to your height.

Have a good day.


I didn’t know you were so successful at Pimax.

Greetings to my fans! :wink::joy::joy::joy:

Cant bypass the upscale chip, so i think the most realistic thing they could do in any ‘upgrade’ scenario is take back the 8k’s clean and check them , then resell as b grade stock / refurbished stock at discount .

bare minimum X will require-
They will probably need slightly different new IC, remould of one of the main case parts that contains the display and power out or click in parts to block/ repurpose the holes. probably former unless they designed for latter in advance to include little lock in tabs around holes.

We’ll maybe we can turn this storm to power the possibilitys of the future perspective of pimax s HMDs

It would be cool if Pimax has some thought for a new updated product for holidays 2019. could be the 8kx and a updated 8k+.

There could be new displays and scaler stuff in the pipeline for 2019 q1 ready to fuel the successors of the 5k and 8k.
Any news on sich Hardware?

Edit: @destraudo, ok you pulled the steering wheel faster :wink:

@PimaxVR @anon23564932 @Heliosurge
Are there no sanctions for such responses and disqualifications of forum members?

I say this because if we respond in this way, the forms will be lost and this would become a war.

Sure there are, guess they might also sleep depending on there location so they might need time
But we are all grown up, so We should be capable of managing this by our selfs - - -

What are you thoughts @Jam-gino and @industria n new Hardware options for future HMDs?

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People can disagree without going off the rails. Going off the rails weakens any argument unnecessarily.

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I am not an expert, software or lenses.

Seen the Oculus connect and knowing that Fresnel lenses can not today exceed the ≤ 140 of fov.

And even more being in the price range that is handled Pimax.

The ideal would be to focus today on an optimal field of vision for that fov.

It seems very difficult to reach the 170 that Pimax thinks without eliminating the distortions.

I hope I’m wrong and Pimax can overcome those obstacles.

But I would be satisfied if it works at 100% of its possibilities, fluid, sharp image and without distortion.

In the medium fov pittools option.

I think it will be a happy coincidence if we get a new panel that is anything close to a simple drop-in replacement in the 8k, at least for doing at home. The design does seem relatively modular, so a internal module replacement of more than just the screen might be possible.
A post-back, paid upgrade would be a better option anyway for me, I like keeping warranties valid.