Kevin on MRTV: Your Questions

Dear community,

Kevin Henderson, Head of Pimax USA operations, will come on the People In XR podcast. I got lots of questions already, but I would also like to give you a chance to give me some ideas what to ask. Therefore I have started this thread. Thanks!

Bye, Sebastian


Why are there still so many quality problems? Isn’t it better to stop preorders until problems are solved? Do they have enough man power for customer care? I doubt it.

to sum up

Distortion in the edges, inner and outer.
Distortion in the middle.
Moving world.
Black dots.
Red and white dots.
Disconnecting every 30 seconds.
Loose parts inside.
Backlight bleed.
No tracking 6dof.
Drifting 3dof.
Entities popping.
Mic popping and hissing


Is there any guarantee that v2 lighthouses will become available in the tens of thousands for Pimax?


Hahah, you forgot software hopping and pissing. :beers:

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Any status updates on the possibility of open sourcing software?

When will they offer the new foam options? Many people have complaints regarding the narrow distance from the lenses with the shipped foam.


Progress checklist on the Backer rewards in general, and the “three pieces of content” specifically. Also, are Pimax planning to ship all backer rewards as a single package? What about coupons? Is controller design finalized or still in flux?


Status of wireless module and eye tracking module? When can we purchase the hand tracking module separately or with the coupon we have from them?


My questions for Kevin

Why is obesity so high in the USA?

Do you enjoy Chinese food?

Who was your best friend growing up?


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Pimax has a clear market lead being the only high fov consumer hmd maker for pc.

Why do you think other hmd makers seem stuck at around 100 degree fov.

danke sebastian, dass du dir wieder die arbeit machst infos aus pimax herauszuholen :smiley:

meine fragen:

  • wird die gehäuse qualität bei replacement headset besser sein? ich habe meine 3 wochen und langsam geht das geäuse kaputt, lohnt es sich ein replacement zu beantragen oder ist die qualtität gleich “scheiĂźe”
  • Wann kommt das Wireless modul, es ist unerträglich ein scheiĂź kabel dran zu haben.
  • Wann kommen die Controller?
  • Werden die Pimax Controller mit Vive/VivePro kompatibel sein ohne dass man eine Pimax hat?
  • An wenn muss man sich wenden, um das auf/weg Poppen von gegenständen (Occlusion Culling/frustum culling) im äuĂźeren rand weg zu bekommen, ist das Pimax oder STeamVR (Valve) oder Unity/Unreal Engine Hersteller oder SpieleProgrammierer Problem?

Prescription insert status please

I’d love for some information on the backers that haven’t received their Pimax yet.

Mentioned here;

It appears a shipment has gone missing!


Why is pimax so chaotic?

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-Have they redesigned the ring around the controllers?
-Have they started to experiment with dynamic distortion using the eye tracking module?

Edit distortion and save distortion profile. Have a distortion correction app.

Lighthouses x2. I’m skeptical they are actually going to happen. Something is going on with them… contractual or something.


Is he travelling a lot for his job? Who are the people he has to do most of his time?

What are the “three pieces of selected content” going to be and how will they be delivered?

Ich habe dieses Ein- und Aussteigen an den Rändern in Elite Dangerous auf meinem 2D-Flachbildschirm gesehen. In einigen Fällen ist es das Spiel selbst, das die Ursache des Problems ist.

I’ve seen this popping-in/out at the margins in Elite Dangerous on my 2D flat screen, so at least in some cases, it’s the game itself which is the source of the problem.