KAT Walk Mini - VR Treadmill



Damn it looks good! Especially with the 8k HMD.
I wish they could keep the price down … I would love to get one but 2000$ish is just a whole lot of money.


I’d love to see a demo by you @MarcoBalletta! You have bought the KatWalkMini. And I’ve been following them for years now. Do you have any idea when the KatWalkMini is going to arrive at your door?

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I believe it will not arrive to me before the end of September.
The shipping date is the end of August. The shipping will be by boat.
It will take at least 1 month to reach USA coast.
Realistically , I think I will be getting it in October :cry:

It was too expensive for me to have it shipped via plane

I am sure other people will be able to make reviews way before I get the unit home.

I am curious to test the kat walk along with other vr gadgets :wink: , like gloves and hardlight vest .

Also I am hoping I can experiment things with the katwalk


Damn a suit, gloves and the mini would be awesome :clap:t4: :sunglasses:


I just wish to figure out how and if a mini can limit some movements that we could have using room scale and I am wondering if we could come up with a DIY solution to have that hip belt strap anchor on our body differently (maybe from the top and not from the back) so that we can king of have more free movements in the torso . I am not sure. I need to get the hands on the kat walk to se how and what can be done to maybe make it even more cool :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if and who got their kat walk mini delivered ?

I am curious about their feedback

I already got my katvr mini.

Wait to check this Friday because I ship to my friend.

I mounted mine too this past weekend . I am not using on purpose the shell because I have no room to store it .

Sorry for the messy place.

So? how is it?! :smiley: :heart_eyes:

The problem that i have with it is that i can not use it for any game i want. The library of games is limited to the games supported by katio, the software that comes with it and that runs it.
It can not emulate wasd either .

I just hope katvr updates their software and make the katmini more versatile as the virtuix omni is , which overall is not better than the katvr mini.

Also they did not give me the new updated psvr adapter so I was not able to try it on psvr yet. They sent me an old non working model of the adapter. And even with psvr , not all the games might work so the curiosity I would have maybe for katmini and psvr is to figure out if other solution of locomotion for psvr offer or not support to more games.

I am very demanding and the fact I can’t use the katvr for any game I want, bothers me.

Unfortunately it did not give me peace in terms of finding the right locomotion method for me.

I might have an idea for when i get the cybershoes and I might use the katvr platform and rotating system for the cybershoes to actually be suspended a few inches on the platform though a harness mechanism I would hope i can make , and then I would use the cybershoes to walk in place on the platform.

But the question I have about the cybershoes is if I would have the same games limitations of the katmini or not.

Also the loss of room scale with these locomotion methods , do not make me fully happy about it.
I think locomotion is about personal preference of methods that all have advantages and disadvantages

Hmm, not compatible with all games is a big annoyance yeah because getting used to it and then finding out a new game I get isn’t supported and having to go back to joypad movement would really suck.
It does support Skyrim at least which is the main game for me.

Those cyber shoes look annoying to me, there is another shoe which lets you walk in place, I forget the name plus of course PocketStrafe which I want to try when I get my pc up n running but the idea is to actually walk and the Kat Mini definitely looks the best so far, only movement its missing is leaning back to avoid bullets/arrows as the back is actually rigid so you would have to actually step back.

What is the other shoes? I am curious now :slight_smile:

There was another one too but can’t find it, looked similar to the orig Kat Walk but their own official site has spyware that my virus scanner picks up n blocks and I read it wasn’t great either so not one to go for with those 2 combined heh

Out of curiosity, how much did you get your Kat Mini for?
Early backer price? I want to know what they are for the rest of us, I’ve heard $3000 which is at least half the price of a Virtuix Omni.

Oh wait sorry, thought you meant other 360 treadmills (swipe/wipemills?)

I can’t remember the name but you basically did walk in place but it had to be done sitting for some reason.
The vid I did have showed them in use at a show, but yeah, gotta sit.
Theres also that weird pad that you rest your feet on that pivots from the centre in all directions like pivot it right to go right, forward for forward etc, but sitting again.

Have you tried the KAT Mini with Skyrim yet? :smiley:

If you used the floaty’esk shoes you mean you wouldn’t be able to turn if you’re suspended above the platform!


Yo man, this is what it says on their site:-

Universally Compatible

With support for all major VR headsets and platforms, the mini is fully compatible with all VR games that support Free Locomotion

But. its not?

Officially, only the games on katio are supported.

Then you can try to lunch any vr game and see if the katmini driver inject in the game. This is not official supported and there is no optimization for it though katio. Practically they advetise a “good experience” with katvr only in games played through their katio because those are tested games and optimized.

I am interested in non vr games played in vr using vorpx. Those do not work with katmini.

Also oculus’s games do not work with katmini. Only certain steamvr games

So @MarcoBalletta how has your personal testing gone with it?
Have you tried any officially supported games such as Skyrim?
What about not officially supported games? Does it just have zero input in the game or is it just limited in some way?
Does it not work at all in VorpX?

When I see these systems I can’t understand why they wouldn’t have a setting for games they haven’t officially supported to set walk forward as W, back as S and strafing as A n D… Just seems ludicrous that this wouldn’t be a setting for games they don’t officially support yet :-s