Jss0831 mini review

Well I don’t know how to make my own topic so ill post mine here. The resolution is awesome. I see 0 distortion(yes zero) on my 8k they were horrible. The mas doesn’t come down enough but its usable. they did not ship the thick face foam so it gets a little uncomfortable on my nose which I think the thicker foam will help. The audio works just fine for something that is built into a headset. better that rift and Vive deluxe audio strap but you need to have your expectations in check. Mine came with either a small imperfection or scratch on left lens that i can see when looking at lens but can not see when in game with headset on so not a big deal just annoying for an expensive headset. but all in all it is an amazing headset the clarity is out of this world.


Hi! Thx for your impressions and keep posting along the way using 8kX!
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Nice mini review - thanks :+1:

Interesting you found the built in audio (above the ear?) is better than the Vive DAS. Think you might be the first person I’ve heard say that - but totally understand it comes down to personal personal preference and mileage may vary.


When did you recieve your hmd and when did u order it, also im in. The usa also (west) so what were your shipping times, thanks

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