Is there anyone attending the Mid-Autumn Event?

In fact, this is a big event, the more participants, the more awards。
What kind of award do you hope for(peripheral products)? :wink:

The last sentence:What kind of award do you hope for(peripheral products)

  • Any new experimental tech Pimax has of course! :wink:

  • All official MAS hinge variations, plastic or metal. Would be great to make some serious comparisons as to where things are at now.

  • All face foam variations. I am very fortunate to have the more compressible and lower friction foam from a CES/Roadshow unit, and I would like to know more about solving this for everyone else as well.

  • EyeTracker module. Due to lack of immediate essential need and financial pressure, it is perhaps the only major peripheral I did not order (have Index Controllers/Bases, still waiting on DAS and HandTracker). However, I could probably develop some interesting VR applications using the EyeTracker for menu navigation and such.

  • Eagle Dynamics - if they have not been given 8kX units already, I would still really like for this to happen soon. Please do make sure they get a version with usable MAS hinges though - I would be happy to help provide/assemble these units as such myself!

  • PC Hardware. Lastly, I always need more PC hardware… this stuff has to be chosen carefully and gets very expensive for me. Custom built ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen3 for the 8kX, RTX 3090 OC to >2150MHz, etc… and I need some of this stuff to attempt development of perhaps the first computer routinely cooled to cryogenic temperatures…


I signed up using the form but were never contacted… :wink:

This is the post I made (has to be moved, I guess):

I’m on the lookout for a new 3000 series GPU… :wink:

I’ve already bought all the accessories You’re offering for the 8KX and the wireless module is far away, I guess? If not, one of those would be nice… :nerd_face:



See here.

Also, moved your thread for you. Seems only fair. :wink:


Thanks… :+1::wink:

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Are submissions still allowed today? North America time?

They don’t seem to have posted anything to the contrary, and may be extending the deadline…

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This is just silly…
I applied / registered for the event several days ago, but have not been granted access yet.

Now I don’t think I will even bother, their own event, their own registration page and that’s aparently not working correct either.



Since many responses have not been submitted, the event may be postponed to allow more people to participate


Okay, thank you. I have a new video I’m working on and I don’t want to rush the editing.

I thought about doing so.
But I wouldn’t have to tell anything additional others haven’t told or will tell already, and second, I am very busy playing with my 8K-X (American Truck Simulator, Elite Dangerous, Dragon’s Dogma via vorpX) :wink:

I already thought about posting an “exploration diary” of my Elite Dangerous tour from Sol to Colonia in my 8K-X - but except the fact, that the 8K-X really is more than splendid for this and even much better than my former 5K+, it would end becoming exactly that: A Diary about Elite Dangerous - and not so much about the 8K-X in the end :wink:

What I can say is, that views like these:

… just are awesome and breathtaking in the 8K-X, especially with FOV “normal” (and “large” even more, but it’s too demanding especially on planets and in stations, even with a 2080 Ti), that I am always speechless… just sitting there in front of such miracles and being totally excited and amazed :star_struck:

So, if ever there is some interest about reading something like this in the 8K-X mid-autumn contest, (probably only category 2, if so), let me know and I’ll see, what I can arrange. I’d have a lot of screenshots I’ve taken on-again-off-again by switching to monitor 2D-mode to accompany the text.

So long meanwhile - just have to “go” to my Home Office now :wink:


Ahhh Don‘t worry,Looking forward to your submission

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come on~!! :heart_eyes:As a viewer, I think I will vote for you!

I can understand your excitement. In fact, I was also excited when I experienced 8kx for the first time.Virtual Reality----what we realy want… :crazy_face:That is why i joined Pimax


Oh WOW. That may be the very best photo from Elite Dangerous that I have seen yet.

Kind of makes me wish maybe good old Sol (and Earth) had migrated up there somehow. To see that view in the sky at night…


You mean something like this? :



Honestly, I’d feel “awarded” enough to have received my 8KX upgrade plan D in time to participate :wink:


Ah, nice! Actually though, I meant, standing on Earth, looking up at the sky, and seeing the whole galaxy above. That would be very inspiring.

I know, understood you well.
But since we won’t be able to move Earth “up” there, for the moment there’s just VR :wink: And Elite Dangerous Odysee coming 1st Quarter 2021 hopefully - so I can put my virtual camping chair on such a planet and look up into the sky :hugs:
(Even though Odysee DLC itself won’t be in VR at least in the beginning… :cry: :sob:)