Is Pimax actually making the X? Or is everything on lockdown?

I’m honestly curious. I asked for an answer but no answer the last time.


Read the last three updates. They’ve said that they’re making it.


No they havent, they said after they make it they will make something else, and they’ve said they are “hoping” to have the last few parts finished “soon”. They have absolutely not said they are already making it.


I didn’t mean that they’re mass producing them yet. The old timeline said that evaluation starts on 2 April, then if all goes well.
Doesn’t mean that they have been made yet, but it does mean that they’re making it.

That’s what the announcement said. Then people can twist every word around and belive what they want.


The OP wanted to know when they are going to start producing them, you chipped in and said they already are, which they aren’t.

That’s not what he asked. Calm down

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We only know that they don’t have all parts and that therefore they’ve started to manufacture the Artisan instead. The resulting delay is unknown. I don’t see it shipping in H1 anymore. I guess this time it’s really out of Pimax hands. They need those parts and only god knows when they’ll get them.

For my own company I now have backorders until june. If that would apply to Pimax, then shipping could start maybe in july/august. I guess nobody knows. But the fact that Pimax is not giving us any info at all, but only non-info-updates, makes me think that the situation is quite bad.


New update a few hours ago:


What I gather from the update is they’re working on building 100 units by the end of April, which means 100 people will receive theirs in May. So I’d assume majority of people won’t get theirs until June or July at the earliest.


I agree. Hoping the tooling goes well

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When they were releasing the early 5k+ they would send out batches of about 100 every week if I remember right


…and this likely wont be 100 backers. Although I am not sure if you want to be in this group as it will serve as a guinea pig for the second larger run. I’d rather have a more polished version of the headset.


I would be curious to know how many people ordered the 8KX…

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Tooling of 8KX parts is already done. Its just the assembly which is left, of the first batch of 100 units.

Back in the days I got the first batch of HTC Vive. I was a “guinea pig”. The following 12 months, theres been at least 5-6 new iterations of HTC Vive, which all got less heavy and with some improvements. Having that said, that old thing I received in April 2016 still works, and I never replaced it.

The headset batches will always improve of course, this is how it works in the industry, especially when it comes to next-gen tech.

Yes, and the production scales up rapidly after the first or second batch.


Sweet! Can’t wait to get my 8K X. Ordered in November :slight_smile:


That is good news thank you for the update Martin :+1::grinning:


I am, just as you are, very excited and holding my breath for the final and first batch of 8KX being shipped. Once we have it rolling, the production will escalate quickly.

I have to say, despite these repeating delays, Im happy we didn’t rush the 8KX production back in December/January as was first planned. There’s a good amount of improvements made to the final PCB and parts. Thats a lot thanks to long term testing, and minor problems found during in-house testing, the CES and the US roadshow. I think we simply avoided a “Reverb v1 disaster”.


The danger for Pimax has and still is the competition. Rumours are already out on a HP Valve Microsoft collaboration - a next gen HMD who’s development won’t be slowed by Corona. Between those three companies they’ll have the expertise and clout to mass produce millions in a short period of time.

Pimax have already been trumped by the Index due to head comfort, eye comfort and ease of use.

If Pimax had of perfected the 5k+ 12 months ago they would literally be outselling Index right now riding the Alyx wave because demand is far outstripping demand. But instead Pimax chose to put the 5k+ lenses which is my biggest criticism of the 5k+ into an even more expensive niche HMD which won’t see mass production for months.

It’s like Pimax are purposely avoiding a successful path going for the nicher than niche path with old unpopular tech people have complain about for years.

The 8kX will not sell well and MRTV has already confirmed what I feared. Playing on a 8kX is not as enjoyable as playing on an Index which will be 12 months old by the time the 8kX reaches mass production.

Pimax need to perfect the headsets in their current range before moving onto the next. No sales = no revenue. No Revenue = no development. No development means no future promises and Pimax won’t get the same Kickstarter support as they did with the last one because they burnt all their bridges with so many broken promises.

Pimax should of stuck with the 5k+ perfected the lenses. Released the Headstrap with earphones and ramped up mass production to build a good reputation and confidence to grow their next product.


are you saying they had perfect lenses and replaced them with bad lenses?

Like I said before, the 8KX is the last thing Pimax can produce. After this the competition will deliver inside out tracking, wireless, accommodation and other tech that is likely too advanced for Pimax to incorporate. The 8KX is what the kickstarter should have been and that’s that. There is no 16K coming, only some add-ons’s