Inexpensive Speaker Replacement for the 8KX

So I tried the DAS modification for my 8KX and it works better than the original speakers. But, they do not line up with my ears and just in case you do not have a DAS you want to take apart and wanted to try a different option. I found these little speakers on Amazon for around $43.00 and then designed a spacer mount to be able to replace the existing speakers.


So once you have the spacer printed, it is an easy installation after removing the original speakers.

I am not a designer for I have included the Fusion360 file if you would like to make it better - just make sure if you do you load your improvements as a remix.

Here is the link to the print file; Pimax 8KX Sound Kit Spacer by SideKick - Thingiverse

Here is the Amazon link to the speakers;


This is gold. I have the same problem with the DAS mod not being quite long enough tonreach my ears perfectly.

How do these speakers sound compared to the DAS speakers?

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I am impressed with the quality of the sound of these little speakers - but as only a DCS pilot and once in awhile a space pilot (ED) I only use the head phones for voice comms. My Bose system drives the outside engine sounds and special effects and the vibration inducing butt kickers!


The sound better to me as they cover the ears better!

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how are you guys trying the DAS speakers they arent even out yet

they are talking about the deluxe audio strap from the htc vive (DAS)


KDMAS - cup style headphones for 5k+ 8k
DMAS - index style headphones Vision Line
SMAS - dollar store over ear audio for Vision Line
DAS - Vive deluxe audio strap.

there you have it. Pimax 3 times more complicated than it needs to be.

I’m spotting a theme here with their controllers and eye tracking as well


Good one !
This is exactly one of the design I had in mind, there are several of those speakers and even headstrap on AliExpress, for about 20€.
But I dont have any MAS or KDMAS or whatever to try it on.

Awesome thank you very much for posting this in detail! Very nice guide.



I’m sure someone will build on it and make it better, but for the money it is a great way to go until we have access to better speakers from Pimax . . .

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So the more I use them, the better I like them!


so you got also the wrong hinges on your pimax 8kx i see,its way to high on your back off your head…


Pretty comfy though once I got the top strap set correctly. My 5k Plus with the DAS mod feel a little nicer. It would be interesting to get one or two more clicks down with the hinges - I would not want more than that as they feel really good now with the counter weights. Not sure how to mod those so hopefully someone will make it easy to swap out with metal ones with more range.


Great idea & thanks for sharing the spacer mount design.
I’ve just bought a set of these from aliexpress for £14.50.
I’m not sure if they are exactly the same but they look like they are

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you have a 3d printer, it’s straight forward to make a erplacement for hinges

If angle is no ok for you the print is parametric & you can adjust any angle you want, there are 2 variants of diameters for plastic hinges strap holes & for metal ones, they have difference for about 0.5mm afair also parametric, you can use prebuilt variants with15 degress shift

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Just printed it and received the headphone from Amazon. Yeah you are right the plastic thing is way to big. Too bad it wasn’t designed to be the right size. Will have to file now.

Edit. Man the audio quality is great from these. Maybe a little muffled but no biggie. I would take muffled over tinny and scratchy anyday.

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Your slicer can normally resize the file before you print if needed as each printer has a different calibration and will print slightly different sizes. I built this so it will have a nice tight fit so I do not need to screw it into place. So that means you may need to resize it in your slicer by a tiny amount before slicing to get it perfect.


This is a good idea. But my black spool of PLA is running low. If I had time i would remix it.

These work so well, I might see if I can paint them to match the MAS and make it permanent.

Will the DMAS compete? we will see.

$50 CAD was not cheap though and I have VR ears coming. I might see about modifying the stl for this to fit the Quest 2 though.

FYI quest 2’s built in heaphones sound twice as good as the SMASphones.

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You mean SMAS phones or have you received the kdmas?

i bought 4 pairs of it at aliexpress for different hmds, first was quest 1 & on two separate jacks it sounds great, then i used it for psvr with Y cable & it was awful, so it’s also up to hmd audio hardware & amplifier

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