Index controller tracking issues. Never gonna be fixed?

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don’t play an uno reverse card pls :,D

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maybe @Alex.liu could step in and solve this issue for good

Honestly I’m all out of ideas. I was going to suggest that it could even be an AIB specific compatibility issue which affects certain motherboards but seeing as Gigabyte motherboards are affected as well and they’re some of the highest quality motherboards in production I doubt that highly.

One time I RMA’d a Gigabyte motherboard and it was returned to me with a post it note with an arrow pointing to a spot where my cat peed on the motherboard. The fact they had the time to meticulously analyse the board told me they clearly don’t get many RMA requests and their products don’t fail often if they have the time to do that :rofl:


haha :joy:
well i’m just a bit moody because I thought by now it would have been fixed or there would be any statements from alex or the pimax team. If it’s because the old pimax headsets have a worse reciever or something then I suppose this issue will never be solved publicly :male_detective:

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Just reading this post and seeing that there’s no problems when one controller is plugged into the headset. This could mean that there’s a wireless data parsing issue, there’s two steamVR tracking dongles in Index and Vive headsets and I’d assume that Pimax also has two internally inside the headset. I don’t know though if Pimax headsets have two internal dongles or just one

There might be other people in your house using wireless.
Have you tried to isolate yourself from all wireless signals and turn all the wifi generating devices off to rule out wireless interference being the cause of the tracking issues?


Yeah one of the 2? 3? times i sent back my index controllers they asked me to shutdown my wifi, fridge and more. So that has been taken care of. Also 1 time hanged sheets around my play area so there would be 0 reflections.

Too bad I can’t post the important parts of my conversations with the steam support since the logs get removed after 60 days

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It could be that the person who has a z390 motherboard has wireless interference problems but your tracking issues are caused by the bandwidth limitation of USB 3.0 vs USB 3.1.

You should still be able to solve the issue by purchasing a seperate steamVR tracking dongle and sending half the tracking data into a seperate USB port.

The fact the z390 guys controllers work when one controller is connected to the headset with a USB-C cable indicates he could be experiencing wireless interference.

If plugging one controller via USB-C into the headset doesn’t resolve the tracking issue for you like it did for him, then I think I’m right and your bottleneck is the USB 3.0 5gbps transfer speed limitation of z370 boards.

I plugged to usb c as well and it was perfect. had vive controllers earlier they worked really well but guess they aren’t as needy as the index controllers

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Ok so if it’s not caused by

USB 3.0 bandwidth limitation

If it’s not wireless interference if you’ve tried the steps to isolate that problem

It can’t be an issue due to insufficient PCI lanes as z390 and z370 both have 24 PCI lanes.

It’s not an AMD related CPU problem as both you and the guy you mentioned have Intel CPUs

  1. Have you tried using other USB ports on your motherboard?

  2. Have you unplugged all other unnecessary and unused USB devices before testing which could be eating up bandwidth?

Failing that, I think you should just buy a steamVR dongle as that’s a proven fix.

Yeah vive controllers are not a good comparison and it’s a false equivalency as they don’t send nearly as much tracking data or haptic data, remember the Index controllers have finger tracking and capacitive touch sensor data which has to be transmitted, the Vive controllers don’t transmit that information.

yep done all that.

Just feels like if I buy a steamvr dongle it’s like i’m accepting that they messed up (if it’s a pimax problem). I wouldn’t have bought the index controllers if it said that some or early headsets would have tracking problems with the controllers. That’s pretty much what they’re hoping for :slight_smile: (I’ve had my share of dealing with the support, gotten to know them well :upside_down_face:).

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Look on the bright side if you bought any WMR headset and you want to use index controllers you need to buy the steamvr dongles separately, so it’s really no different to using the index controllers on the G2. :japanese_goblin: the additional SteamVR dongles are a necessary evil at the moment for any headset besides index if you want to use the knuckles.

They do as well just check Steamvr panel on desktop it shows 2 watchman dongles. From my understanding with SteamVR each controller/tracker has it’s own watchman. Why tracking pucks if not mistaken come with a dongle to pair with.

Debugging an issue like this can be difficult as there are many avenues to explore.

For example if individual A whom has this issue took his pc and headset to individual B’s house whom doesn’t have the issue. What would be the result?

That being said though with some folks having multiple steamvr headsets and only 1 having the issue suggests a problem with that specific hmd.

To be honest imho the built in dongles in any steamvr headset should be made to be easily irreplaceable like a wifi card in a laptop or usb slim dongle like logitech’s nano etc…

What are the chances the issue presenting for some users and not others could be due to Pimax using watchmen dongles of an inferior quality aka counterfeit dongles programmed with the SteamVR software which occasionally go faulty?

That would explain why some users have the problem on the 5k+ and not the 8KX.

I just bought a USB 3.0 Bluetooth 5.0 dongle which I suspect came from chyna which was faulty out of the box, so it wouldn’t surprise me considering chyna is known to produce cheap components but such cheap components are not always synonymous with quality.

Could be a variety of possibilities. There could be multiple suppliers used for dongles as the dongles are simply a specification not as they say a fake one.

Placement inside the hmd can be a factor. For example a laptop’s wifi doesn’t use external antennas like the sane laptop wifi card used in a pc does. This is in part why imho the watchman dongles in steamvr and even Oculus should be easy to remove and swap in case of failure or simply a newer better hardware components in a revised model.

In a more ideal headset would follow more of what OSVR was trying to do with a completely upgradable or near device. Much like you can buy special laptop frames that are very customizable and upgradable.

For what it’s worth, Asus and MSI are known to have USB issues.
Also, controller tracking issues are frequently bluetooth related. It’s a common scenario to have the bluetooth receiver at the back of the computer. This makes the computer tower block the radio waves to/from the receiver, making the tracking suck. Check to make sure that your ‘dongle’ (whether Steam or another source) hasn’t fallen behind your computer or that you’re not otherwise interfering with it.
-I can’t remember if the Index controllers have a dongle or if they connect to an interior bluetooth inside our Pimax headsets. You might want to check in your device manager to make sure that you don’t have any conflicts going on.
-edit: looking at my system, I don’t see any bluetooth from Pimax, just my onboard bluetooth. My internal bluetooth receiver has an antennae that I mounted to the side of the tower to give me maximum range.


I’m the guy, I had tracking problems in my 5k+ but when the new pitool came out that improved the tracking that Alex and Valve were reviewing some things, for me I greatly improved those problems, at first in a first alpha the tracking seemed somewhat slower and less accurate, but then I get better with the next versions. I don’t know if they improved the package code or what exactly Alex did, or prediction improvements maybe, idk.

You have updated firmware and pitool and you still have the same problems?

I think that somehow the dongles do not have enough power, their data transmission and radio is weak, sometimes by bringing the controls closer to the hmd I noticed an improvement when I suffered those problems

on my 8kx the tracking seems good but I still have the gun grip from now on randomly loosen, not sure if this is still a pimax related issue, but I have it on my 5k+ too