Important news about VR Berlin meetup

Hello everyone!

We have some bad news to share that you should know about before attending VR Berlin today. Unfortunately, the building suffered an electrical issue followed by a fire alarm at the VR Berlin location during our setup this night, which caused two of our units to instantly malfunction. The two units were our two 8KX samples that no longer power on. Because of this, we can only show you the working 8K+ headsets (including eye tracking), unless we find a solution during the morning. If we succeed, we will send you another update as soon as possible.

Luckily, we have one new 8KX sample coming in on Thursday, so at least we should have one working 8KX during VR Space in Gouda on Sunday.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Martin and the Pimax team


I am sorry to bother you Martin but can you explain how could a fire alarm trigger devastating electrical issue capable of crashing 8KX? :thinking:


@TOOOOHKA I think it was the electrical issue that did it.


Ah. I misread that phrase. Sorry.


Oh dear, pimax really do have some bad luck, well at least there will be one working headset and people will be able to view the 2 non working ones to get a look at the design improvements.


Damn man y’all cant catch a break lol


Lol…don’t bode well when 2 out of 3 go down. Good luck with returning them


Wait, so the electrical outlet destroyed the headsets? How’s that possible? Are they still working?


If it was an electrical surge surely all 3 headsets would of been fried?

Yeah that’s a good idea…turn a negative into a positive and let everyone have a good look

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Yeah this is quite embarrassing for us to be honest. After setting up the first 2 computers with 8KX, something weird happened, and right after the alarm went off so we had to leave the building. After 30 minutes of firemen and police on site, we got back in and couldn’t get them running anymore. Been struggling until now at the hotel but just cant get them to power up (hardly any sleep today heh).

After VR Days we only had 2 samples of 8KX fully working. A new sample arrives on Thursday, but unfortunately thats already too late for VR Berlin :frowning:

I know all this sounds stupid, I fully understand. But we have no idea how this could happen and we are sorry for letting you down this time :frowning:


Did you have surge protectors in place? If not, consider using them in the future for “insurance”.


Ouch… Man that’s a bummer but glad to see you guys are still gonna be able to demo something! []-(


This news is very exciting for 8KX in the first place, and not for the exhibition, I think.
Why exactly 8KX failed, and 8K + remained intact?
Is this due to the individual features of 8KX?
I would not really like to worry about 8KX, Pimax should definitely include in the guarantee cases of headset damage by electric pulses.
Otherwise, it will be scary to leave the headset connected to the network (But constantly pulling out the power supply also looks doubtful).
A good solution would be to upgrade the power supply to the required level of protection.


It’s almost impossible. Bar, PSU or mobo should collect momentary voltage spike.
Anyway is sound really bad for me as I did pre-ordered X.Definilly there is still some issue with this devices/protypes which Pimax don’t tell us about



This is really worrying news. Especially since the 8k+ was not affected by this incident. If the 8KX is so susceptible to power surges which a computer PSU should be able to handle ( I draw my HMD power directly from my computer PSU instead of the wall adapter), than I have to think twice about getting the 8KX until this has been addressed and is fixed for good.


OMG That must be a elaborately planned sabotage from other VR companies :scream:


Hmm, I’m already starting to think about lowering to 8K +, especially since it is available this year.
I don’t want my 8kX to burn out suddenly :japanese_goblin:


The cable gets power from an outlet, so I suppose it’s possible a power surge could fry it.


The way I read this post was that they only had the 2 8Kx units hooked up at the time of the surge… If they had all of them plugged in then it most likely would have zapped every one of the headsets. As a long time senior and district manager for the old and now closed Radioshack stores here in the US I can tell you that these types of power supply’s like the ones used for the Pimax headsets are very prone to shorting out with any sort of inconstant voltage or amperage spikes. It is very likely though that if they were properly hooked up to a surge protector that it might just be the power supplies themselves that are having the issue and not the headsets. @sweviver have you tested the power supplies with a multi-meter to see if the voltage output is correct? I’m sure you guys have already tried this but I would see if another power supply might solve the issue. Either way best of luck with the show! []-)