I'm gonna call my TPU experiment a success!

Good news for my bespectacled brethren… and sor…sororren? What’s the female version of that word, I don’t know. Regardless, I have news!

I went ahead and bought some TPU film for mobile phone screens- this is the older style, rubbery stuff NOT the newer glass protection. Here’s what I purchased. And apologies for the crap pics. My phone case kind of hangs over the camera a little :slight_smile:

Rather than going the more civilized way of printing a pretty template from a CAD file I was going to make, I just decided to #yolo it and got to cutting. A couple of pointers here:

  1. CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. Wash your hands. Do it well. I used some alcohol afterwards to try and get as much oil off my hands as possible.

  2. Use good sharp scissors. This stuff is way more rubbery than I remembered.

Started by trimming the outsides and making a rough shape. Then I layed the film over the lens and started to scribe the outline, while holding the film to the contour of the lens. Then I cut the film a little proud, thinking the excess could be squished into the edges where the cloth meets the lens. In reality you are gonna press and pull on this film, so you might even consider going shy of your scribe lines.

First I scribed the top, then the bottom of the lens. After I was happy with the shape, I just grabbed the second film and cut around the first. Took all of 30 seconds…

Then I got to applying. I kept the little sticky tabs and re-applied them to the cut film. The yellow is the outside of the film, which I figure probably has some kind of oleophobic treatment. It looks like it will do a good job slowing the accumulation of oils from folks with long lashes. The trick for application is to align the lens film and touch down in the middle- the high point of the lens. Make a perfect center sweet spot. Next you want to work out from the middle in whatever direction (prioritized the nose end) and you’re gonna keep the film taught while you carefully push the film down onto the lens with your other fingers. A couple of tips:

  1. This film is pretty forgiving- you can pull it up and re-apply, but be careful how you pull. If you stress the surface of the film it will potentially leave a little streak.

  2. Press down with the pad of your finger. DO NOT use a nail or anything too sharp. It will mar the surface.

I made these mistakes so the first lens did not come out perfectly- there was some marring from when I pulled the film up, and there is quite a bit of TPU at the bottom of the lens. I could try to hit it with an xacto knife, but rather than risk damaging anything, Imma just splurge the 7 bucks and give it another go.

RESULT! I tried it out with one lens done (poorly) and the other bare naked. The various little marks from my flubs were absolutely invisible. You would really need to mess up your application to see it on the lens. After checking it a while I am happy to report there is a bonus effect: THE BLACKS LOOK BETTER! That weird haze has been diminished, and the contrast has definitely been bumped in the right direction. I won’t say it’s transformative, but it’s a noticeable difference from the bare lens. My conclusion: DO IT! DO IT NOW!

I already had a couple of tiny scuffs from my glasses. This film will improve your view through the lens and stop any scuffing from happening. For seven bucks you’re crazy not to. Like I said earlier, I am going to buy another pack and redo the application. I have a feeling that this stuff will last a long time, so it’s a job worth doing well.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


So what is “TPU” and what does this do?


I used this on my Odyssey+ worked great. Same lens size as Pimax 5k+. 50MM.


Given this is round, there’s an unexposed area, yes? If it’s anything like the film I used, I am assuming you don’t see that line?

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TPU is polyurethane and in that application is used as a screen protector on mobile phones.


Really useful man, congrats, you should make a scaled drawing with the lens measurements to make those protectors. Thanks


Any difference in SDE? I know there is a thread on the forums here where they are looking into specific filters/screen protectors which may reduce the SDE (at least on the 5K+)


The image felt a little softer, but honestly it was tough to tell. I can expand on this a little more when I redo the lenses so I can get the “before” again. But it almost felt like soft effect was more prevalent the further from the sweet spot you look. Looking dead center it was much less noticeable.


mine covered the full area. i did have to trim about 1/4 inch off of the inner part, close to the nose piece. otherwise, it covered the full lens.

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Ah I misread your post- that was on the O+. 50mm diameter will definitely not cover the whole pimax lens. The height looks a bit taller than 50mm and the width is much wider.

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i will be mostly concerned with the “sweet spot” if I get coverage there the rest is not so important to me.


This looks like a great success. I was worried about lens scratches too. I think I’ll buy 2 packs at the start and maybe even have a spare set on hand, if I ever need to replace the film.

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For sure- just like a screen protector on a phone- it will eventually wear out. I’m sure my glasses will continue to work away on that one spot.

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The one in the photo looks yellow but the one you linked to dont seem to have a color.

I think that yellow color is due to a peel-off protective layer.


Yup- just a protective layer


I can verify that. I did the same mod on my OD+ and it worked great. It is very easy to do, you just have to pay a bit of attention and make sure to clean the lens properly immediately before applying the film. I cleaned up the lens but something fell on it afterwards (right in the center) so I had to start over.

You can do both eyes of the OD+ with one screen protector and the kit came with two (aka two spare lens covers). It also came with lens cloths and cleaning wipes.


If you want to use TPU to protect your Pimax lens,Please like this post for me to know how many backers wants to use TPU


If Pimax offered form fit protectors for the lenses, I think that would be a cool form of outreach to the community. Everybody worries about a scratched lens, and this is a cheap and easy way to put minds at rest.


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