IL2 With the 8kX

Anyone get IL2 working right with the 8Kx ? On main menu, it looks like a hour glass, curves in at the middle.

Also not so clear yet.

I managed to give a few tries to IL2 with 8KX. I have issue with lens needing to be super close to eyes and anatomy. In other words, even with thin pad, I cannot get into the sweet spot and so only roughly middle 1/3 per eye is sharp, the rest is blurred and somewhat fishbowl like. But that relates to all games, just the sims are more sensitive to good vision over wide FOV. I play everything on Small currently (more blur at sides does not bring much at the perfomance cost).

BTW: Do you mean like hourglass lying on side? That would probably indicate of the same problem - inner parts of lens being out of focus and bending the light. Just maybe more severe (as if I try to move lens further from eyes).

Yeah, I got it working properly in IL-2.

I have it set to normal FOV, supersampling 1.2x of the 8KX panels’ native resolution, to roughly 2604p vertical, no parallel projection enabled. Brightness -1, color +1 for RGB. Motion reprojection disabled both in PiTool as in SteamVR.

IL-2 is buggy only with the zoom, but the zoom does not help identifying anyway. I hope the developers fix their came, but it seems they do not care. This is what I use in steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\startup.cfg

[KEY = graphics]
3dhud = 0
adapter = 0
bloom_enable = 1
canopy_ref = 0
desktop_center = 1
detail_rt_res = 1024
draw_distance = 1.00000
far_blocks = 1
fps_counter = 0
fps_limit = 80
full_height = 1080
full_width = 2560
fullscreen = 0
gamma = 0.90000
grass_distance = 0.00000
hdr_enable = 1
land_anisotropy = 0
land_tex_lods = 3
max_cache_res = 1
max_clouds_quality = 2
mgpu_compatible = 0
mirrors = 2
msaa = 0
multisampling = 0
or_ca = 0.34907
or_dummy = 0
or_enable = 1
or_height = 2604
or_hud_rad = 0.85000
or_hud_size = 0.85000
or_ipd = 0.06290
or_sipdc = 0.00000
or_width = 3156
post_sharpen = 1
preset = 3
prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr = -1
rescale_target = 1.00000
shadows_quality = 4
ssao_enable = 0
stereo_dof = 5.00000
vsync = 0
win_height = 768
win_width = 1366


That’s on Ultra Preset. It holds 75Hz like this even in complex scenes - which helps the CPU tremendously as opposed to 90Hz. I almost exclusively fly on TAW with my squadron (SCG).

The system is an i7 OCed to 4.8GHz, no AVX, and an MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio (power target 102%).

In this configuration, it looks fantastic.


Cool. The zoom may work with PP. But I did not try it as with 8600K and 1080Ti i get just the OK 60+ish FPS on balanced and 40-50 ish on high on some dogfight servers leading to stutters. So I just close one eye when I zoom.

PP ist no option, it kills performance and picture quality.

IL-2s engine is bad enough to begin with, that you wouldn’t want to add PP in the mix.

There was a solution by the community via reshade but the Devs banned it. We were hoping they’d fix their zoom - like the DCS Devs did - but they didn’t.

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Thanks for that!!! I may need to do a new install on IL2. I have two numbers for frames for second showing, never had that before.

That’s field of view, tied to zoom. Ignore the second number. The Devs might have fixed the zoom soon, who knows. Then the game will have a superior VR integration for Pimax users than DCS, all things considered (performance too).

What are you talking about with Il2’s engine being bad?

It is one of the better flight sim VR engines out there. The only issue is zoom with both eyes. Close one eye or use a mod.

On the 8K-X, the BoX series is gorgeous. I run it standard Nvidia settings with PItool 1.25 - SteamVR Vid and App both 50% on Normal FOV. Runs well on a 2080 RTX and can’t wait to see how it goes on a more recent GPU. Given the 3080 is x2 raster performance then, it will be gorgeous at 75 Native fps mode.

The more recent updates in spotting have helped a lot too as was the move to Deferred Rendering which made the need for a high speed single threaded CPU less of a requirement.


Blitze I can not play with one eye any more. I have headaches for weeks. Currently I am on pp on (5k+), and very, very frustrated with situation.

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What are you talking about?

Do you fly the whole time with one eye closed? You do realise that is not necessary?
Only if you use zoom do you close one of your eyes or install 3Dmigoto Mod

Visually Il2 BoX series is great and improving all the time.

I did play with booth eyes, and I was closing one when zooming. That was ok at beginning. But then a 3 minutes later my closed eye started to have teardrops. I couldn’t see on that eye any more.
Later I said to myself play without zoom completely. I can’t. After 10minutes there is always something to see with zoom…
And headaches was not torelable any more. I was taking drugs against headaches every day. That is not ok.

Now I play pp on, And at least I have no eyes problems, nor headaches. But picture is sh*t, and my fps is 30-40…

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Look here, it sounds promising:

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PP on is not great at all. Geometric distortions with the horizon. With the right settings - spotting in Il2 is quite good and then it is having patience to get close and Id the targets.

This if you fly without zoom.

Sorry to hear you get tear issues and headaches though. Hopefully this is not with other titles as well. Do you fly DCS? Nothing like flying a Su27 over the Caucuses. :grin:

Nice to see you guys like IL2 me too!!! But I still can’t get my 8KX working right. My HP Pro smokes it out side of FOV.

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The problem is whether lack of a trivial feature may cripple some user’s primary use cases. That is a bug, and anyone who thinks otherwise should not be a beta tester.

What we can live with is beside the point.

In my opinion, it is downright unethical for beta testers to not care about things developers can do to support a wider diversity of life experiences on a low effort basis. Having beta testers who vocally don’t care about basic things like proper VR support, multiplayer, PvP, etc - only drowns out the more enlightened users who actually know how easy it is to make these things work without harm to the rest of the community.

This pattern creates the most needlessly divisive online communities anywhere, as well as the must frustrating limitations on VR. Frontier Developments in particular exemplifies developers who do little if anything to support VR and PvP, with their community members having become more hostile to each other as a result.

I can see this discussion is getting a bit heated, but my impression is JoCool is probably right. Needing Parallel Projections for VR zoom, multiplayer, etc, are things VR app beta testers need to care about. Frankly, I would add multi-GPU to that list.

Now that said, a Total SR of 1.4x is generally usable with the 8kX, and even though it works with DCS World now, I don’t use my VR zoom keybind much anymore. It’s not that VR zoom working with both eyes is specifically an essential feature, but that proper VR support should be done.

@JoCool Seems that you are getting a Total SR of 1.2x. I would suggest the community really needs settings to achieve 1.4x to read instruments clearly.


Yes indeed.
Guys, dispute please, but don’t go on the personal level


IL-2 developer announced solution for Pimax zoom in next update - link

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The question of Mods in Il2 and Multiplay is one for Hosted Server Admins. The option to allow Mods lies with them.

With SteamVR - I still find for spotting - using manual settings the way to go. Auto SteamVR settings just don’t do it for me nor the default PImax Experience settings.

I still stand by Il2 looking gorgeous as one does the dance of death in the sky - especially on the 8K-X :innocent: :grin:

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Blitze I do not understand your comment; we will get zoom for canted displays in next update (it will be soon). No need for mods any more.

Mods are no go. The developer shifted decision about injectors (mods) on server admins; that is nothing else but putting ban on all mods.

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Yes, next update which looks to be a big one with some good stuff in it as well as zoom fix for canted displays.

With Mods - I am not a fan especially when it comes to online play. I know people have used them to help with some deficiencies in games but they can also open up advantages to people in competitive play scenarios. Me, I know my limitations and don’t bother with scores but when I play online it is more in a tactical/supportive role LOL

The developers decision for Mods was to make it Server Side and let the Admins decide. I think it was wise and if the settings are listed - all good.

The Alternative View System in Il2 addresses some of the colour issues some users had with the game - again server side.