If you remove the IR sensor at least make the pimax turn off when not in use

My 5k never turns off, the only way to have it not driving me mad with its blinking is to use the off button or unplug it from mains.


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So why don’t you just push the off button?


It’s an important function. It isn’t working.

If you get one with screens that don’t work you could cut holes through the hmd and watch your monitor instead of wanting it to function as it should. Or you could be sensible.

Dismissing someone who is pointing out a fault in their headset is not helpful.

Your choice of an acceptable malfunction is yours, not others. By making the comment you demonstrate you wouldn’t apply their standard to your situation and yet assume they will apply your standard to their situation.

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I’m with you here the OD+ has a sensor and shutoff when not is use. For strange reason SteamVR start when I access some content in the WEB. If weren’t for this feature I could forget and leave the LCD “burning”

Their were supposed to use the accelerator to do this. I surprised it’s not already in the current version of Pitool/Firm

I understand it might be annoying… but its not a serious problem. Just switch it off manually.

@Sean.Huang @anon74848233 can you fix the auto-turn off function of the headset, the way it shuts off the backlights as well.
Tune the sensitivity so that the device would need a proper shake to wake up please. Or better yet, only the on/off button would wake up the device.



Or make the sensitivity (and timeout) adjustable in PiTool?


No one claimed serious problem.

There just seems to be a camp who believe no one is to say anything bad about pimax no matter what. Truth is irrelevant. Thou shalt not use pimax’s name in vain stuff. To the point you must not mention your malfunction, you must accept it and live in silence and all hail pimax.

Not referring to yourself personally as having been one of the ‘must never speak truth, only speak good of pimax’ people previously, I haven’t paid any attention to names. This post definitely came across as ‘how dare you mention your malfunction, you can only say good things’.

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I was thinking of that too immediately. :beers:

Relax @Flinnt

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It seems like such an easy (and cheap) fix… :+1::wink:

Not sure about that, my programming skills are in “Hello world” level, but I think the source code of pitool.exe and his friends might be a mess…

But yeah I got what you saying.


Add options in PiTool:

  • Turn of displays when HMD isn’t moving (default: enabled)
    – Sensitivity slider
    – Inactivity timeout (default: 1 minute?)

I can do bash scripting but don’t really code besides that, but as a system admin (Linux) I work with lots of Devs (part of a DevOps team).

Unless they need to do lots of changes firmware wise (stuff is probably hardcoded now), it’s seems “easy”… :wink:

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Yeah guess it depends on the hardware of how “much” the device can be shut down by software, but they say they can control the backlight brightness, so that atleast with the blinking chevron can be switched off.


Because it’s stupid?

Every HMD including pimax came with an IR sensor, but to save a few dollars they chose to remove it and replace it with a feature that isn’t working.

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Ok. To me it wouldn’t be that big deal.
Hopefully they will fix that function.

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Do you have it?

You have to hold the power button for what’s probably 15 - 20 seconds before it powers on or off, and it’s a really uncomfortable button to press. It’s not something you want to do every time you put the headset down.

I gave up on it and just unplug the headset now (which is less workload than the button press), but I think that creates other issues

No, I don’t have my Pimax headset, yet. I get it you’re annoyed and I’m not trying to downplay that.
Why would you even have to shut down the headset for every 5mins break?


Because we already have had issues with people having burn-ins on the screens. Also I don’t know how long my breaks are before I take them.

Yeah, well, lets keep poking the staff, maybe they’ll fix it. Edit. well they SHOULD fix it!

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Damn, not that stupid long press again, I hate this (and of course they even made it 20sec because pimax… /facepalm/).

Has this button any other function than switching the HMD off ? (firmware reset or starting fw update mode maybe ?)

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