I want to cancel my pimax crystal preorder,how do i get the refund?

Hello @hammerhead_gal i want to refund my pimax crystal preorder,how do i do that,can you please help me?

On the same page you made your reservation iirc there’s a cancel link. I assume that’ll give u a refund too.

It crossed my mind to do the same but i’m gonna wait until atleast mrtv gives his opinion.


I like the guy I honestly do, he seems like an awesome guy to drink a beer with. But I bought several headsets based on his advice and most of the times I didnt like them. Like the StarVR and the VP2. Well in his defence, he only tried StarVR at a tech demo and had the right IPD for it, so I can kind of forgive him that one. But the VP2 is really the worst headset I’ve ever owned, can’t understand how he’d defend it. He also was very enthusiastic about the Pimax 5k, when I felt Pimax should never have released it (I strongly felt they promised us the 8kX from the start and that was the headset I was hoping for). So nah, I won’t buy into this advices anymore just because he claims it’s a great headset.


I do get your point and yeh thinking about it i won’t base my own decision solely from his reaction as i agree he sometimes gets carried away etc…i nearly backed arpara after watching his 1st reactions to it.
i’ll take in a few reactions then decide. Not a good start though.


We’ve learnt after 7 years never to preorder anything Pimax. Always wait for the product to be released and then decide after watching a final product review.

Buy from Amazon a place where you can easily return a product if the reviews got it wrong and it doesn’t meet your expectations.


“several” suggests you didn’t heed the age old advise,“Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” :grinning:


Very true, I used to forgive him but can’t do that anymore. Well I still think his vids are enjoyable to watch. But won’t buy ever again ‘just because sebastian says it’s a good headset’

You must first learn to forgive yourself for repeating the behavoir :grinning:

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Nah luckily I’m in the financial position where money doesn’t really matter much. Made more than I’ll ever be able to spend. But still, when the VP2 arrived and when I put it on and I was like “WTF” and threw it in a corner after not even having used it for more than 1 hour … Yeah that felt like a BAD decision haha. That was really the point when I figured not to ‘just follow sebastian’ anymore.

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I am not one to be drawn in by all the hype and it was certainly just as heavy back in 2017. Seb’s repeating OMGs when first trying a Pimax in PCars was infectious. The 3 Amigos certainly had our attention but i have been enjoying my Pimax ever since so wasn’t all bs.
I would also say it was Seb’s insight that the Valve lighthouse delay would affect Pimax and his advise to scoup up a used Vive for base stations afforded me a year of enjoying my Pimax while reading others complaints with Pimax about delays on base stations.

He’s not all bad at all. He seems to be a smart guy and he’s decided that he want to make his living doing this, from what I understood he’s not doing anything else anymore to support his living. So you then need to be serious about it and you need to think: what makes people watch your youtube channel, I think personality is very important, you got to be pleasant to watch and, just like you said, what’s more ‘infectious’ than ‘being blown away’ by a new headset? I personally think he made that decision, so that’s why he’s pretty much always ‘blown away’ by a new headset and overly enthusiastic. The man’s got to make his living, can’t blame him for that for sure. But in the end, when you do that too much it’s going to cost you the loyal fans and I think that’s what’s happening now.


I have never considered most of these “fans turned messenger” enthusiasts to be experts just because they have an opinion. I do cull most of them for just that though. I just don’t consider any one voice but rather search for a consensus.

When Sebastian went full hardcore he got blanked by Pimax for months. He eventually toned down and was brought back into the Pimax fold.

Going to be interesting to see which way Seb flips this time. Is he going to speak truth or going to become another Yes man which is the last thing Pimax needs right now.

Either way it won’t matter it’s the people who return products Pimax need to worry about.

I really do feel scared for the Future of Pimax. They had a window of opportunity to build a company before others came to market. The 12k is Pimaxes last chance saloon and that now looks like it will come after Apple take the high end. There’ll be no coming back because Apple never miss.


Hehehe it’s funny this is exactly what I thought. He spoke his mind about Pimax and then Pimax didnt even want to send him new products anymore and their relationship cooled down till the freezing point. It seems they’re now ‘all friends’ again so does that mean he’s now indeed become a pimax ‘yes man’? I kind of figured it meant just that. But let’s see.

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They should also be worried about the people who thought showing it in this state was wise.


Delete 20 Charrs

Remember when he told us the Samsung Odyssey was super comfortable? and recently the Pico 4 and Quest Pro. Then weeks later real buyers experience it for 5 minutes it turns out to be the complete opposite

I can confirm the Quest Pro is the MOST uncomfortable headset I’ve tried to date. Its a solid unit with hard rubber clamping mechanism on the front and back of your head. How it passed testing and development I have no clue. Productivity? I couldn’t imagine anyone using it for that case especially with such low resolution displays

Best strategy like you say is to wait until it’s in stock at Amazon and real customers have it for review. For the Crystal that will likely be Q3 - Q4 2023. At that stage the Landscape will be quite different possibly with Varjo Aero 2 and Reverb G3



You can contact with our support to cancel the reservation spot, and they will proceed with the $30 refund.

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Smart move, where is Arpara anyway. Did they Deca out of existence?

Sure, but remember when he had his falling out with Pimax?

I went from Schilling the Pimax and it’s amazing 200 deg FOV ad-nauseum, to including it in a FOV round-up where he suddenly disqualified Pimax Large FOV setting as “unusable”

Unbiased reviews my arse.