I pulled the trigger? 4090 incoming

I just did it… Paying for a gpu as much i was normally paying for a whole pc… But what the heck- i work hard- so give me the best there is for my hobby… As i love playing flat2vr mods and they are very demanding i need all the power i can get…

Now i worry if my system that i just build 3 month ago can work with this gpu … Especially the power supply? I really would like to avoid switching out all the cables as im not the best at this job, kind of clumsy - but is 850watt enough? Any other bottlenecks you are seeing- i hope not and i can just switch the gpu and be done with it :slight_smile:

OS: Windows 11

GPU : 3080TI nvidia founder edition

RAM :G.Skill F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC Speichermodul 32 GB 2 x 16 GB DDR4 3600 MHz

Case: H7 Flow | NZXT

Motherboard: MSI. PRO Z690-A DDR4(MS-7D25) (U3E1)

CPU: 12th gen I7-12700k,3600mhz

POWER Corsair RM850x PC-Netzteil

COOLING: NZXT Kraken Z73 RGB 360mm - RL-KRZ73-RW - AIO RGB CPU Wasserkühlung

Thanks for help


Dont panic, no problem for your system.
But you’ll probably have to run an additional pcie power cable or two.

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Is that not in the Box… Can you send a link. Worst thing is get the gpu but cant use it because I Lack a cable

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Don’t they catch fire?

The cables are in the box of your PSU. Corsair actually supplies all needed 4.
The 4090 has only a small adapter for this.

And don’t let Atmos panic you, just plug the connector in right. :wink:

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that’s what i thought, then i realized my case was too small. :rofl:

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Nice. I’m considering an MSI GeForce RTX™ 4090 SUPRIM LIQUID X 24G
Mostly because I can’t afford to cover up yet another Motherboard PCI slot…

I have the same Corsair PSU. I’ve been running my Zotac 4090 OC and AMD 5900X without issue.

There’s a lot of stuff out there about requiring 1000W+ PSUs, and it seems to be just overcaution. A lot of people were worried about the 40 series having big power draw spikes like the 30 series or worse, and in fact they’re much better. Total power draw for the system is actually in the 650W range.

All looks good to me. Very similar to my own system. And it’s working great.

All of the 4090’s have been shipping with power adapters. These take either three or four 8 pin PCIE power connectors. You’ll need to make sure that you still have the extra power cables for your power supply.

No. There was a huge media hysteria about this, but it turned out to be BS.

The new power connector works fine and is safe. Just make sure it’s plugged in all the way and latched.

This is definitely something to look into. 4090’s tend to be really big.

I have a large case, and it mostly fit just fine. However, the power adapter sticks way up, and I can’t put on my side panel. Waiting for Cablemod to come out with their 90 degree adapters. Works fine with the side panel off though.

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They often recommend higher wattages in case your not getting gold or platnum psu.

If you VR you will have no regrets 850W is plenty. I have a 750W and it was fine while I awaited my 1000W. I have only a 3-wire power to my 4090 so maxes 450W input. But my testing shows 320W was the max its pulling despite being overclocked. Initially I thought I was missing out since other models had 4 wire. The truth is Nvidia surprised everyone by voltage limiting the product much lower than originally expected (including the PCB partners) right before launch. In the end all the power supplies and coolers were over-designed. I do not feel you need a new PSU.


Note that gold vs platinum, etc ratings are only about the power efficiency of the PSU. Essentially how “green” it is. That rating doesn’t actually say anything about how well built, reliable, and able to handle overcurrent the PSU is. There are platinum rated PSUs that are garbage.

The only real guide to actual PSU quality are tier lists like this one:

Thank you guys for all your help… really appreciate it. Seems to be a great passionate community here :heart::heart::heart:.

I think i found the cables… This?


yes, the 1’s for your psu to gpu should have PCIE written on them, they are 8 pin (6+2).

The truth is that until just before production it was not yet clear with what packing density the GPU could be manufactured. If they hadn’t gotten a slot from TSMC, it would have been Samsung, which would have needed 200+ watts more.

OK, had the similar decision making topic 4 weeks ago, :rofl:

If you are not an overclocker running for the highest benchmark scores, then the Corsair RM850 should be sufficient.
If you have additional periphery devices like bunch of hard disks and internal players (12 drives or so) like me, it would add another additional 100-200 Watt power consumption (the hard drives are demanding, about 18W per unit max…, then one may think about an upgrade, which I did…
12VHPWR is an issue, because the bending radius of the connector is way to big for most common towers (20 cm width), so you use it out of spec, if you are not an electrician or engineer, you may fail with the bending… I find it very odd, though.
You may register on CableMod for buying an adapter (like I did)

I strongly recommend the German TechSite Igor´s lab. There is plenty of info, including case, water cooling, and 12VHPWR updates as well. a true investigation page…
I modified my Zotac 4090 OC Trinity and added the Byski water block, works like a charm, temperature easily below 45° C under full power.

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Speaking of which… Every time I give my 8kX another (futile) try, at least one of my drives - usually the one with the highest “drive letter”, becomes inoperable – the device no longer detected/mounted… Not something you, with all those drives, have ever experienced, I take it? :7

What do you mean by that… You worry me. Are you saying the gpu might not fit in my case? What is 12VHP? The connector on the power supply?

Again, dont panic… your case is a monster. :wink:



Do not worry .

The term 12W is the single cable, with a single socket on one side 12W and which on the other side has 4 8pin / pci express sockets.
It will be in the box of your graphics card, at the other end of this cable you will see 4 8Pin pci/express sockets
On your Rtx 3080TI you had 3 8pin pci/express sockets, you will need to plug one more into your power supply (cable in your photo)!
So you will have 4 8pin pci/express cables that will go from your power supply and that you will plug into the famous 12W cable

-So when these cables 4 cables will be connected to the 12W cable and its 4 sockets, there is one thing not to be missed:

-The 12w socket that connects to the graphics card, it is absolutely necessary that the socket is fully clipped, those that we see on the net who have had a problem with this 12w socket is due to a non-clipping at 100 % .

And that’s it, it takes 5/10 minutes to disassemble your Rtx 3080TI and install your new Rtx 4090.

For the size of the Rtx 4090 customs:

-They are larger in length / width compared to your Rtx 3080TI Fe.
I have 2 Zotac Rtx 3090 customs in 2 PCs, they are as big as the new Rtx 4090s, this is a very big card, I have 2 Corsair 900D towers and fortunately given the size of the Rtx 3090/4090 customs

Your turn Case: Flux H7 | NZXT 1 is a medium tower, check internal length dimension.
Then nvidia recommends not to bend the 12w cable at 90 degrees, it must be well curved.
Those who have forced this cable into towers that are too small in width by closing the side door of their tower have seen their socket burn.

Well it’s a bit logical when you mount a pc + a graphics card with 2 left arms.

aplushhssss :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:


The idea that you can not bend 12vhpwr cables safely is false information that was spread around by the media based on a leaked email about a problem found in testing with prototype power adapters which was already fixed in the production units that were actually sold. None of the extensive public testing on actual production units was ever able to produce a failure based on bending the cable. That’s because that problem no longer existed in the cables and adapters that were actually released for sale.

That said, there’s a stiff band placed around the base of the connector which will cause it to stick up quite high from the card, and it will interfere with the side panel of the case a lot of times. I have a large case, but it still didn’t have enough dimension for that. So I’m waiting for the 90 degree adapters to be available.

Igor’s investigation of this issue was poor. And it was frankly upended by the much better failure analysis performed by Gamers Nexus (and nVidia). Igor dissected adapters and then made judgements about them based on just eyeballing them. In particular, Igor did not actually test under load to see if it really would fail. His conclusions should not be considered valid. GN actually performed real testing using proper failure analysis procedures.

GN actually roasted Igor (and Jay) a bit for their irresponsible reporting.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that there is not a problem with the 12vhpwr connectors. Just make sure they’re fully seated and latched, and you’re good.