I GET RID of ALL issues with only one SIMPLE MOD

Hello all our pimax Community and @anon74848233 and @PimaxVR team. @EarlyBackers

I want to explain something that happened to me. Sorry for my english. I’m Spanish. And here in Spain, I don’t know why, the movies aren’t in original language. Hum… sorry for this comment XD

A resume: I’m developer and owner of a school and a developer company in VR. I tried everything, and mod everything.

I have another topic talking about… with the distance the distorsion disappear, but with the lost of FOV.

Ok… today I received ours Pimax 8K. For me… out of the box… sorry but the HMD is impossible to use. Incredible big distorsion. 4 views, overlapping. Bad IPD… OMG! I was this afternoon about to cry…

And then… I sat down, with the Pimax. I get rid of the foam (11mm version), and start to move it. Up, over my cheeks (yes… a little bit distorsión but lost all FOV down), far, near, up, down… ande then… I thought… Why not inclined…


What is that? Where is the distorsion? Where is the overlapping? Where is the eye strain? And my IPD starts to work!! Impossible! A PERFECT VISION. FOV near my cheeks. FOV near my eyebrows. Absolutely ZERO distorsion (not a bit… zero. Only nothing at all). How is that possible?

Then I though… how can I make a MOD in the more easy manner?

Ok… Here you have three pictures xD

FOAM of box, 15mm, and Foam of HMD 11mm. 26mm up and 11mm down… simply perfect… I can’t believe it.

With DAS… is amazing.

PLEASE @anon74848233 and @PimaxVR team. Think that all of us have differents type of face. Is possible that for other people my method work… but I think that you need to create a headband like PSVR, and where you can incline it, move position, etc… and you will get rid of EVERYTHING of the issues.

Ok sorry for this long comment. If the mod works with you… please tell to the community. I hope I can help you.

PD: One more thing… I have problems with my IPD. Then I tried something different. Close my eyes… think that I’m in the real world, and stare to a object more or less at 10 meters. I made it in Steam VR. I tried several times with differents IPD, until I open my eyes and said… WOW! Is identical to see something real!

PD2: I cried again… but when I tried SkyrimVR with the MOD, with perfect vision in all angles, and without distorsion, perfect IPD, etc…

Thanks for all the community!! You are the best. And pleas Pimax team… we need this Headband.

The images :stuck_out_tongue: eeeeeasy.


Nice job! It is good inspiration for other people. But as you said the widths of the foam pieces will be person dependent so I guess we all are going have to figure out what fits best for us.


Tilting headstrap needed.


Pimax needs to think about that distance issue when designing the halo head strap.


Nice modding Job!
I count myself to the nose-pinching victims among us. If i use the hmd with the Pimax cushion, its simply to much of an annoying strain on my nose after a short time using it. Especially when moving a lot, looking up etc. And there is also not enough room between my eyes and the lenses.
What works best for me atm is the 18 mm “narrow-face” cushion from the Vive set. I also tried some fake leather cushion from amazon, thats also way better. But the Vive Foam is nearly perfect on the Pimax. No distortion and no loss of fov.


Very nice. One thing I wondered after seeing all the various personal fit for clarity issues was if the Pimax Deluxe Strap would have ‘tilt’ adjustment. The Rift has it, the Vive has it, most others do too. But looking at the ‘bar’ that the current simple strap attaches to on the Pimax, it doesn’t seem like it will have the same ability. I wonder if the upper attachment point for the DAS on the HMD will somehow allow it. The weak plastic of the casing used however does not give me confidence it is strong enough to last long if so.

‘Tiltability’ is a very important adjustment when it comes to making sure every user can get a good fit and experience.


@anon74848233 please. Headband must have tilt option to get ride of all this issues :slight_smile:


So to confirm only extra foam along brow?



The good thing about the Pimax is that the plastic where the foam is attached to can be simply removed so i think it would be relatively easy to 3d print different type of shapes or even make a modular one where you could adjust the eye disatance to the lenses.
Definitely a thing i will have a look at when my unit fianlly arrives.


Yes! Only that. This make a little of inclination, and everything start to work.


For tilting headstrap you can try rEvolve - there is topic about it here, but you need 3D printer or $200. I printed one but haven’t assembled it yet, because of I don’t have my 8K yet, so no way to try it.


Awrsome thanks!

@asonkin65 might work with poor man. Only using side straps no top strap.

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Which headset did you receive & date please

@Matthew.Xu please add to early backers group.

If your are one of the people with big forehead, guess you can get away with this :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, this is my impression when I’m looking at rEvolve. Still may be a better option than DAS that is not tilting but using all three mount points or Pimax headstrap that is tilting but using only top clip, if somebody can modify it to accomodate Pimax via all three mount points. I don’t have my headset yet to understand if it’s possible or not.

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I have a 8K, but a friend of mine has 5K+. We are testing with this :slight_smile: I’m waiting another HMD, a 5K+, and want to create some test videos about this mods.

And the date is today. I was all day working on it hehe.


Added your Topic Mod to 5k 8k directory


Amazing job 2020char


I just did the same to my og vive that always gave me a little eye strain compared to my rift and my PSVR. I never knew why that was until your post! I always tilted my rift and my psvr slightly downward to have a clear Image now with the facepad of my vive being 1cm thicker on the upper side it gives me better visuals. Maybe Pimax should just produce a differend facepad for european big headed people lime me x)


Thank you very much! I did exactely the same following your modification and have the same result! Very sharp, no IPD problems any more… My glasses fits well now! In fact I noticed that the picture quality is dramaticaly getting better once when I tryed to turn my glasses inside the headset but did not have the idea tu put extra foam just upwards (instead I just add 10mm all around the glasses which gained room for glasses and improved picture quality a bit.)

Thank you for genious idea!