I found a great screenshot of pixel/SDE comparison of the 5K+ and 8K and would like your feedback

I hate to beat a dead horse here but I know there some still on the fence regarding which headset they will purchase based on SDE and pixel structures.

So I found this screenshot from Sweviver showing the gauges in a cockpit. I want to focus on the white of the gauge bezel. We all know that the SDE always seems to show up on the lighter images. Well Im not seeing the SDE here on the 8K, however you can very much see the pixel structure as some of us have been calling pentile, and the 5K+ you can clearly see the SDE.

This pic “seems” to be a pretty good example of what the pixels/SDE might actually look in our headset however a somewhat larger.

My question to the owners of both the 5K+ and 8K:

Is this a decent representation of what both images might look like on a white image viewed at the same distance in both headsets?

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When I read your topic header I thought you found a great screenshot of pixel/SDE comparison. Then I clicked on it and found out you did not.


Didnt ask for your opinion.

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Things are getting pretty serious right now, GOSH!


If you can see clearly the individual pixels when they are showing the same color, then I would say there is still SDE

No SDE would be if you could only see where one pixels ends and next one starts by the change in color

In the picture you posted, if you look at it from further away, you can still see a screen-door like grid on the 8k (but less then on the 5k+).

I zoomed in the image a bit. Theres is no SDE (as in black lines caused by the distance between pixels) on the 8K on THIS particular image. Yes you can clearly see each individual pixel. The question for the owners of the 8K, I know there is SDE on the 8K but I was wondering is if this a good representation of the SDE or lack of as it would appear in the headset most of the time? This 8K image is close to what I was seeing in my Odyssey+. I hope I’m conveying the question correctly here…

This recycled topic of blowing up old pictures is getting old.

Plenty of backers who have received their HMDs have gone on the record saying that both the 5K+ and the 8K look great in action (text in either is absolutely fine) and you would have to engage in some deliberate immersion breaking to spot any significant difference.

All you need to know:
5K - higher refresh rate, easier on GPUs, a bit worse sde, blacks, and color
8K - lower refresh rate, harder on GPUs, a bit better sde, blacks, and color

End. Of. Story.


See my reply to risa2000 ,

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have u been born that nice or did your parents actually raise u this way?


Serious sources have never claimed that the sde is not present at the 8k, but rather smaller or different and depending on the color also different. What is decisive is that it is pleasingly low in both headsets compared to the competition. I stick with the 8k, because I put more emphasis on the 5 lux more brightness and the somewhat better black than on the hz and the text readability.


Yeah, the improved colors and contrast of the 8K makes me reconsider my plan to get the 5K+. I continue to waffle, but I’ll probably get the 5K+. I just wish that my choice was crystal clear.


Im backer 2500’s and 4500’s, was going to get both so I could easily make up my mind, but Im liking the 8k features over the 5K+ so probably going to sell a pledge…

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The 8K is not a clear choice… just kidding :wink: You should do like myself buy another headset and wonder if you will keep it. It will completely get out of your mind this 5K+/8K choice thing

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Meeting participant Martin mentions a similar 8K SDE with Odyssey +!

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Looks decent to me even if posted before. :confused::blush:

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Disagree but my eyes have had the benefit being there. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:

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My experience is that the 8k is not as hard on gpus. Based on recent r9 390, 980ti & 1060 6g tests on the 8k.

Serious folks if ppl want to discuss this more there is no harm in it. This is quite different than a pimax representative being constantly asked the same question answered over again.

It’s a big choice to make. With only receiving 1 makes it harder as one may wonder if the other choice would have been better.

@stixvr I would reccommend waiting & get both. With the ks rewards you will be able to sell one complete for better price & upgrade pc or use for other priorities.

I thought I posted a different take on a posted screenshot but some folks just want to complain.

Your probably right. I might just keep them both…:roll_eyes: Thanks for the advice!!

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Ok where do I send in the fine, lol

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