HP Reverb G2 vs. Pimax 8KX - My Full Review and Comparison

My HP Reverb G2 arrived and since then I’ve been doing A/B comparisons with the Pimax 8KX. In this video I point to the differences between the two headsets and ultimately decide which headset I prefer.

I’ll be covering the picture quality, colors, SDE, comfort, FOV, audio, tracking, and more!

Update: I needed to revise some parts of the review!


Excellent video thank you.


Thank you dmel642. First comparison review I’ve seen and you did a great job explaining the differences, and without brand bias. Glad to hear my 8KX is still most likely the best headset for my intended use (sims). :slight_smile: Just got to hope the new IPD adjuster in the recent Pimax Experience update fixes the IPD focus issue I and many have, and we get a decent audio solution in the DMAS soon. Cheers!


I main racing sims for VR and I think I’ll be trading my 8KX for a G2 because the Pimax requires parallel projections and therefore that cuts the framerate in half whereas the G2 looks glorious and can run games like AMS2 at 90 FPS!


Glad to hear you still prefer the 8kx I think I will stick with mine until a better wide FOV headset at an affordable price comes out. I am very happy with the image quality of my 8kx but it cost me many many many hours to get it dialed in :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Thanks for the detailed comparison video! Sounds like you came to the same basic conclusion as VRgamerdude…the G2 has better clarity and colors but the 8KX image is close to it in quality with the wider FOV giving it an edge in immersion. G2 sounds like a good option for those who are not able to get the 8KX’s optics to work for them. I’m personally really happy with my 8kx and just need to get a better GPU than my 1080ti to really drive it the way it deserves.


Good video. Keep in mind you’re comfortable doing self modding to make things work for you. Not sure how many people want to pay 8kx money, get accessories off other products and do the modding needed.

The cost of a G2 full set vs a 8kx full set and Vive DAS is quite a bit more. The EU price is 1649 for the package + 20% VAT. Add another 100 for the Vive DAS. You’re over 2k

You’re getting into a 3-4x price delta.


Good point. The 8KX is definitely for the top enthusiast.


Agreed. This is partly what’s stopped me pressing the order button. I’m trying to decide is the increased FOV of the 8KX worth the 300‰ price increase (and the lottery of dealing with Pimax :wink:) over the G2?


very nice review thank you,

But i dont hear you talk about the mura on the 8kx(there is none on the hp reverb),and the crosseye feeling even when dialed in properly on the 8kx.


Everyone is different in their subjective experience. For me, I don’t notice any mura on the 8KX and I don’t get a crosseye feeling when I have it set to my ipd of 63.

The G2 looks like the 8KX but with a sharpening filter. Clarity is very good. I would wish the 8KX had Index or G2 quality lenses. Also definitely no god rays and looking at mixed reality menus felt like looking at an actual monitor.

Do you miss the FOV John, or is the loss worth it for the improved experience?


Hello,i only tried the G2 at my friends house for an hour yesterday.

Yes you will miss the field off view,but after 10 minutes or so i was totaly in the game because off the higher details and pop in the picture.

Also in my case i still dont get my 8kx to feel right for my eyes.And my 8kx has to much mura for me… I will get a new rma 8kx so i hope that maybe that one is better.

When i self have my Hp reverb G2 i can compare more,but what i saw i did like alot…


Do you think you could do a review of the 8KX Vs G2 out of the box and then walk people through all the mods and so on that you’ve done?

The way this video watches at the moment it appears that you’d already decided you wanted the 8KX to “win” and then did everything you could to give it an advantage and then downplay the areas the G2 is better.

You could also mention the complete cost of both systems as reviewed and how you think that cost/comparison works, e.g. is the pimax really worth 4x the cost and in what circumstances.

Reviews need to be somewhat objective if you want to be an actual reviewer. If all you want to do is completely subjective/biased “this is what I bought this week” videos then carry on as is.

You have the same issue with your 3090 videos - a decent review site would include a 3080 and a 2080ti to see what the different cost/options give you, just showing what a 3090 gives you with no other reference is fine as a blogger, but it’s not an actual review.


Why would he try to be biased towards the 8kx? He literally owns both headsets, he has no reason to be biased towards any headset as he has access to both of them whenever he likes.

But yea the vive das is not part of pimax really, could compare the smas or reserve the audio review until DMAS released.

He’s done a good job comparing the headsets in my honest opinion, even mentions the part where the g2 is a bit narrow and pushes against the side of his head, I have the same issue with quest 2, if both g2 and quest 2 have similar dimensions I can see this is a abit of comfort issue for some ppl.


Hehe chill out a bit @geoffvader. I believe he is honest. He loved his 8kx from the start and it seems to work very well for his face type so he doesn’t seem to get the downsides that many of us experience like eye strain, distortion and discomfort. So yeah if the 8kx works that good for somebody, it isn’t very surprising that he prefers the 8kx. However I think for people like you and me, who experience all kinds of downsides, the g2 will be the clear winner


He clearly points out the areas were the G2 wins which is in clarity and colors. He did not downplay that major point at all. I suspect that is the area that most people would be concerned with because it is the one thing that can’t be fixed about a headset if you aren’t satisfied with it. If you are not happy with the audio in a headset then you can fix that. The price of the headsets is there for everyone to see so a decision on “worth it” is going to a personal decision that every individual has to make for themselves. For people who actually have a good experience with the 8KX the decision between the G2 is going to come down to priorities. Is the better clarity and colors on the G2 “better enough” to give up the FOV of the 8KX? That is the basic question that those who like the 8KX have. Those that don’t like the 8KX don’t even have to ask themselves that question because the 8KX is not in the race for them.

The fact that he concludes that he prefers the 8KX because it has the wider FOV with picture quality that is within 90% of the G2 (in his opinion) is a very objective decision to come to. I know that you hate the 8kx because of how it did not work for you but there is no reason to assume that anyone who likes it more than the G2 is being biased for it for some reason.


I don’t have either of those issues. Dmel likely doesn’t either. You’ve made a lot of posts about this in the forums, so it must be true for you! I’m beginning to think that you must flawed headset.
You list so many flaws with your 8KX that it seems to me something must be wrong with it.


Seems to be for him. If you prefer the G2, that’s fine. However it would be nice if you could acknowledge that your negative experience isn’t everyone’s. Just as Dmel acknowledges that what he’s reporting is his experience.
If you hate pimax that much, why not sell your 8KX and be done here? Good grief, if I was that unhappy I’d dump mine in a second and then go to the form of my new headset and tell them how wonderful it is.


Oh man. He’s at least as ‘objective’ as MRtv.
Mind you that’s sort of like damning dmel with faint praise since MRTV gushes over the G2 as though it were the second coming of Christ.
I do agree that the cost of the Pimax is higher and he should include a mention of the extra cost itself in the mods. However I’ll be really interested in seeing how he and the other reviewer’s feel about the Primax 8KX when the Dmas version arrives.
Now, back to your regularly scheduled hatred.


Nice. Thank you.