HP Reverb G2 unboxing & impressions Tyriel Wood


I’m so conflicted on whether or not to cancel the 8kx for this. He says sept/oct release. Which is around when my 8kx preorder MIGHT come considering no further delays. Hmmmm…

That being said. It looks good. Definitely looks good seeing as it’s getting significant praise from more than just 1 person now.


Well I ordered on sebastiens reviews
Thanks @mixedrealityTV, & now this is just confirming it was a good decision imo.
I still want my 8kx but what a great time to be able to have these 2 headsets arriving possibly near the same time as each other.

One thing Tyriel pointed out which i didn’t hear before is the 6m cable & optional usbc for power.
I have a usbc on my motherboard doing nothing & I use all my current standard usb ports so this is a nice touch.


You will have a ball!

Actually the 6m cable has USB-C and DP. The device draws its power from USB-C. If the USB port does not supply power, you can add power via an adapter that plugs in into the breakout part of the cable.


I too have pre ordered G2 as well as 8kx coming soon. I mostly run iracing Nascar ovals. My 5k+ has been great but I want better in the distance images


Hmmm, interesting. Two of you on this thread have stated that you’re getting both. I’m curious, why both? They seem to be in direct competition. What games and activities are you gonna be doing with the one headset as opposed to the other? Seems like a hassle to run 2 headsets back and forth? Unplugging and replugging just to play different games on your preferred headset be it 8KX or G2 kinda sounds like a hassle tbh. Unless ofc you have the realestate to have both plugged in at the same time, if that’s possible.

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That’s a slightly complicated question but I’ll explain.

Firstly pimax owe me so much stuff still that I felt I had little choice but to trade it in to get an 8kx cheaper as I had little hope of receiving it.
I was owed from the Kickstarter 3 base stations, 2 controllers, $100 downgrade coupon & a hand tracking module.
So I got sick of waiting for everything & traded it all apart from the hand tracking module.
This means I practically have no choice but to continue with my 8kx upgrade plan.

Also I have a yawvr motion simulator, so if I want to use 360° yaw I need steam tracking.
Hence I have an index for that & 8kx may be a good upgrade.

I already know valve lens & valve audio in the g2 are great for me as I own the index & the lens are even improved.
I also know I’m still happy going to lower fov.
Pair this with these high quality screens & a price tag of ÂŁ525 & to me this headset is a no brainer for everything apart from using full yaw on my yawvr motion simulator.

So ultimately the 8kx will in the end probably go up against my index.
From previous pimax lens experience, i get eyestrain over time so I need to see if the positives outweigh this.
If I find I’m not using 1 anymore I’ll sell it.

Either way, i don’t see that I can lose.
If I want to sell any of the 3 headset’s I’ll get a good price.


Fair enough (20 Characters)

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i also have done the same, both will arrive in likely 2 months time, do you not think we should just cancel our 8KX though?

MRTV did say G2 was better, despite FOV being only Rift S type level (according to Tyriel at least)

Dont cancel the 8k X , the fov is disgusting on the g2 . Picture is very sharp though and the colours are great aswell .
Pimax 8k X got a very sharp picture aswell and good enough colours . But having that huge fov is way more immersive !

Ask sweeviver what he thinks about this if you dont believe me :smiley:


@sweviver please chime in!

yeah FOV seems lame, basically Gen 1

Ask Sweviewer …sorry but :grin:

8KX has more FoV but also bring with him:

  • Distorsion
  • 75 hz
  • DAS Audio horrible
  • Pimax Support
  • For No Kickstarter customer price 3 times G2
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  • distortion isn’t really noticable, I had the 5K+ and it barely bothered me, much better than having nothing.

  • does it not have the potential for 80hz in the future.

  • DMas is coming.

  • more 2.5x price.

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your first point is highly personal, some people say they see no distortion at all, some say they can see it if they look for it but its not a deal breaker, some say its so bad it totally ruins the experience… $1300 is a lot of money to find out you are in that third bracket

the same with the frequency - most other headset makers target 90hz because dropping below that starts to increase the range of people that suffer motion sickness - most likely due to dropping below their microsaccades range, again its personal but the further below 90hz you go the worse the problem can get for those affected

  1. distorsion it’s a minus…than for each user can be bothered more o less, but Is there…also for some user SDE it’s not a big deal but Is there…
  2. potential doesnt mean nothing …there isnt, any way 80 isnt 90
  3. DMas additional cost e nobody know if it Is really good…
  4. you cant take in cosiderstion price 8KX without tax and G2 with tax included.
    I have ordered G2 for 600€ tax included…8KX with DMas cost around 1.800€ tax included…and G2 600€ include tracking and controller… without controller 550€
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I’m not convinced by WMR tracking.

Yes this HMD has extra cameras for greater tracking volume, but I’m not sure it’s enough.

My Samsung Odyssey had a massive deadspot around my stomach (which is very flat), and I see no reason why this headset will be any different.


Now it’s much better…but anyway you can use It easily with lighthouse and index controller

I guess ultimately the price doesn’t really justify it.

i pre-ordered valve index controllers about 2 months ago, I just got the e-mail today to pay for it and can only assume it’s ready, this is for the pimax 8KX but the whole thing is costing far too much, maybe I should cancel my pre-order of 8KX and get G2, as long as G2 is better than index and is at this price i am happy, 8KX maybe better but price is crazy in comparison.

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I personally would not cancel the 8kx. Not at the backer price we paid. & I wouldn’t advise anyone else to either.
If I paid $1300 & then will have the $260 import tax bill then that would likely be a different matter.
But if the original 5k & 8k caused you problems then don’t expect anything different. Same as if they made you happy, expect the same.

This is a strong statement & very subjective.

Yes it’s less fov but many here like me aren’t fov fanboys.
I can & do go back to lower fov & i honestly don’t mind at all if other aspects are good.
I’ve heard this time & time again from other users.
For me fov is not the be all & end all. At all anymore.
I surprisingly realised it’s actually a lot lower on my list of must haves then I originally thought

Sweviver is a total fov fanboy.
I’m not saying this is a bad thing but not everyone feels like this.


I already have base stations and wands and could easily get index controllers if I wanted, which is true for either headset, the cost of the G2 includes controllers but the price of the pimax does not, so either way its the same cost addition to get steam tracked controllers