How worried are you about 75hz?

I have seen a lot of people talking about it, I am curious, if they can’t show the ability to pump out 90hz by the end of the campaign what will you do?

for me not a problem i think.

This is like a better version of 4k for me.

without the lagg and ghosting and drifting etc.
SO for me its worth the money.

Also no god rays or sde etc. justnice piece of hardware.
90hz would be nice,75hz is already good and better then 4k pimax


Most likely I will keep my pledge.


It’s a genuinely big deal and a pledge canceller for me, but I can understand why it wouldn’t bother others with different needs.

[Edit] Worth mentioning I already own a Rift & a Vive, for context.


I’m not worried at all.

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Same for me here. If it can beat the 4k’s issues alone im happy. If we get more thats a bonus!


Not overly worried either - sure, I would not be pleased at all, but would I cancel my pledge ? No.

It is mainly a prevention of motion sickness issue, and I have grown my VR legs for 1,5 years now, and did not find the DK2 running at 75 Hz too bad in demo‘s at the time.

So I guess I can cope with the lower refresh rate, and it actually liberates some welcome extra GPU processing capacity to go for higher settings for the games I would want to use it for: Elite Dangerous and PJC2.


This is the most worrisome news for me in the past few weeks.
I’m very picky about FPS and I always try to go for the full 90fps on the Vive as anything else gets picked up by my brain.

I need smooth. 75Hz is not smooth, I can tell the difference.

I have a couple of days to think about it - but my optimistic side will probably win.


im also just buying the HMD and maybe 1 base station. controllers i maybe buy later from pimax or valve.

so im talking about 500-600$ here, the 4k i bought for 400$
Now for a little bit more money i get lets say a better version of 4k.
And also goodies like eye tracking, wireless, the prescription frame maybe nice too.

Overall for me its a pretty good deal for not too much money , because you do get good value for it.

Maybe i sell my 4k afterwards for 200$ and that makes it even better, its like upgrading your HMD but you don’t spend the full price, same as i do with 3d cards, i buy one of the best, and sell and buy the new generation.


No issues for me, I’m doing what I want on the 4K at 60hz without issue so the improved fov and 75hz with no ghosting will be great. 90hz obviously better but, knowing how good pimax have been in the last 6 months responding to pimax 4K issues with constant software and firmware updates to get things working correctly have me not worried at all. You guys need to chill out.
It’s a kickstarter for a reason. You either back it, or you don’t. Just stop whinging about crap that’s out of your control. They are already giving away lots of extras for us.


Not concerned about 75hz but what else are they glossing over, it makes me very annoyed, really it does.

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Okay if you haven’t read over the posts in this link @Mau_S & I have some posts that maybe of interest on Brainwarp.

Those with Vives & Rifts keep in mind. That your current gpu might need either a bump to acheive higher refresh to output native 90hz. With Brainwarp can be a good solution for getting a perceived double native refresh rate(frame doubling). Big screen TVs do not usually have native 120hz input. Usualky 60hz using frame doubler to increase perceived refresh to 120hz or more.

Atm I am examining my funds to grab a full 5k package as I have the 4k & was happy with the v2 i experienced.

**However it is a fair amount of money & ultimately you need to decide what is best for you & your finances.

A) You back out & PiMax Delivers; miss out on great deal

B) You stick it out (while i doubt it) PiMax only manages to fully stablize 82-85hz. Is 5-8hz loss really that bad? Add brainwarp if it works as expectef you can double it.

I don’t think even at 82 to 85hz is going to be a that much of a let down with hi res & ultra wide fov.

But that’s my opinion.

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I’m going to be pretty upset if the headset isn’t running at 90hz when shipped. 90hz is the minimum for room scale to not give you motion sickness and anything less is unacceptable. It looks like most of the people that are fine with it here are people that only have the 4k which is just a seated experience. They should delay it if not going to be running at 90hz.No one is going to want to upgrade from a Vive/Rift/new competition if they know it won’t be an upgrade to their room scale experience. If i had to list features by importance 90hz refresh rate would be number one on the list. Theirs no point in having a larger FOV or having less SDE if not having 90hz will take you out of the expirance.


No there are many of us who have used a variety of options for motion controllers & roomscale
Razer Hydra (motion controllers)

PsMove Controllers with Pingpong ball head tracker
leap motion (some kind of roomscale)
Kinect (though results vary very heavy on usb bandwidth)

So no not just seated & unlike Vive & Rift users no vr sickness playing Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR.

Just because Vive & Oculus marketed that VR has to be 90hz is not so and is not consistantly 90 either uses methods to maintain a 90hz with concepts not unlike Brainwarp.


My stance is, this will be my very first headset, I really wanted to get on the rift/VIVE but I wanted to wait for gen 2 headsets. After hearing about Oculus Go and pretty much nothing on Vive 2, I decided to look into Pimax. I have been a backer since Day 2, and really want to see them succeed. I currently have an 8K-X backed.

Something to note is, I get motion sick pretty easy. I have tested a Vive, and after 30 minutes I was ready to puke… Does the htz directly translate to whether or not you feel sick? Or would the increase in FoV, screen panel, have any affect on possibility reducing OR increasing such sickness?

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That is the question. The french fellow who posted a review after trying out the v2 in Toronto is also vr sick sensitive & reported had no issues with feeling sick.

Now if your VR sickness is related to his. Then you should be fine. Emphasis on should.

Recent studies suggest vr sickness may also be caused by low resolution. Perhaps with the low resolutuon & pronounced sde.

Some though maybe sensitive to low fps. The real truth its mostly theories as VR is still relatively new feild.

I can say i have spent hours on my 4K model in The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter VR without ill effecr at 60hz. Where as Rift & vive users on Redit complained about being sick from it.

Now in reference though on Psvr (reg Ps4) Resident Evil 7 started having an off feeling within 20m and it. Has a frame doubler to give a 120hz experience.

It honestly depends on the individual. I use Gear VR Inmovater Edition (Note 4 ) and thats only 60hz low persistence. I play Smash Hit, (very fast motion game) and dont get sick. So 75hz would be 100% golden and acceptable to me, because I dont get Sim sickness.

That said, Pimax should fix this ASAP for the average consumer if they can. IF NOT, I HAVE ANOTHER SUGGESTION @PimaxVR

@Matthew.Xu @deletedpimaxrep1 if Your panels are RGBW sub pixel arrangement, you would only technically truly have 4k minus 1/3 of its sub pixels, so use what you have efficiently instead of forcing the hardware to do what it cant.

I"m curious. Have the engineers tried a 60hz low persistence mode augmented with brainwarp?

Its better for sim sickness to have 60hz with zero dropped frames, then to try and push 75hz or 90hz and fall short if your hardware cant keep up. Counter intuituve, but hear me out.

The 8K bridge chip (from what you have said) supports 4k 50hz Stereo 3D on the base 8k.

May I make the suggestion that you guys (internally) try a 60hz low persistence mode, and make up the discrepancy between 60hz and 90hz with brainwarp?

Since your subpixel arrangement appears to be RGBW, I think you might get a smoother high quality result with 4k 60hz (with 4:2:0 Chroma) and then use brainwarp to reproject and get an even 120hz sustained framerate with full resolution, USING THE BASE 8K.

This would be simmilar to how PSVR decided to go on handling FPS. High FPS only helps prevent sim sickness if framerate can stay 100% consistent.

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I’m very concerned and will most likely drop my pledge for two reasons. Firstly I am concerned that people could tell that it wasn’t 90hz even when they were led to believe it was, this means that it’s a noticeably less smooth experience. Secondly, there’s the dropped frames, even at 75hz, time and time again people are reporting frame drops in simple games like fruit ninja. Even my vive skips frames in a heavy scene depending on SS and what game it is when running on a 1080. How can a very high res hmd expect to be smooth on current gen GPU? I don’t care about wireless or eye tracking or any of these add-ons, all I wan’t is a next gen display at 90hz.
I’ll wait out the next few days but the v3 prototype didn’t clear up anything.


Not worried, 75 is still better than 60 (which is acceptable). Kickstarter campaign end doesnt means they will stop develop, so i hope they will tune it up to 90hz with the v4 or v5 prototypes.


Just keep in mind 1 your vive is restricted by hdmi 1.4b. And on the other how has your vive’s driver improved compared to when you first got it?