How to play project cars on pimax 8k, 5k without parallel projections and steamvr


TLDR: you can do this with DiRT Rally too, but recentering the headset doesn’t center vertically, and because of this you have to set your Pitool room setup distance to floor to around 150cm (while wearing your headset at your seat and keeping your head still). Anyone know how to fix it to recenter both ways?

Woah. I saw your DiRT Rally video too, but I wasn’t sure if PP was needed or not, and it also seems like it doesn’t need parallel projections either??? I used to try running this through Pitool, but with SteamVR running. I guess the key is just do not run SteamVR. My only issue is that I can’t recenter my headset, I’m 5 feet above the roof. It recenters, but only above the wheel. Any idea how to fix that?

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I sort of figured it out. You have to put the headset distance from floor to your head, while wearing it and sitting in the room setup. So:

Do the Room Setup in Pitool, but make sure to:

  1. “Center” the headset around where you’ll be sitting with it on.
  2. Wear the headset and sit still, while putting ~150cm in the box. I did 137 and it wasn’t enough, so 150 should be about head height.

Doing a recenter doesn’t change the vertical distance, just horizontal for some reason. If anyone else can figure out a better way, let me know.


There is no problem if you don’t use a light house. I have not tried the light house yet.:sweat_smile:

Awesome @park :beers:

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So you need pp or nah?

Park if you find out how to play echo arena without PP I’ll pay you $20 I swear (lone echo doesn’t require PP just so you know)


Also Skyrim VR without PP would be pretty gangnam style


I tried doing this with PC2, but sadly it didn’t work :sob:

I then thought about how much the image is offset when adjusting the software IPD(and put it at -10), and this actually put the ‘cockpit’ mostly in focus. :thinking:

I tested it with pcars2 demo and it works fine.

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Are you just creating a new text document, or are you right clicking the PhysX3Gpu file?

Did you try ‘reset seated position’ in the ‘power button’ menu?

When I launch from PiTool, I can’t do a reset using the controller, it won’t bring up that steamVR menu because SteamVR isn’t on. If SteamVR is used, then I’d need parallel projections on.

Maybe that’s why I can’t get it working with PC2? SteamVR launches when I open the game from Pitool.

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same here…

Can you please write a step by step on how to do this, I do not understand what you do in the movie. (Chines letters or something). Does it have an impact on roomsetup? I use Vive lighthouse.

Wait so you could actually play games that require PP if you put software IPD to -10…? Could you play PC2 after you did that…?

1.Create “steam_appid.txt” in the folder where pcars is installed and write 234630 in that file.

2.If oculus home is not installed, copying both files LibOVRRT32_1.dll and LibOVRRT64_1.dll( ) to the folder where pcars is installed

No, I don’t think the images would completely converge(some parts would be aligned while objects in the distance wouldn’t). I would like to see how it would look if we could push it even further(maxing to -10 aligns some of the image). I have found the Pitool config file, and I’m tempted to edit a lower value, but I’m not sure it would allow it.

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