How To Make Your Pimax Image/Picture/Screen Clear/Crisp (Increase Clarity)

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If your colours look poor & contrast isn’t great, try put +2 contrast & -2 brightness it will cause some colours crush but can overall enhance your experience. Try to play with values further. Upcoming Backlight Brightness option also should help with this problem.

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@Allua if you like natural colors, try:

All - Contrast + 1 or 2, Brightness -2
Red - C+1, B-2
Blue C +1 , B-1
Green C +1, B-1

or for Bonbon oled like

All - Contrast +2, Bright -2 or -3
Red - C +2, B -3
Green - C +1, B-3
Blue - C +2, B -3


does this guide translate in any way to OpenXR, PimaXR users?

Pitool Settings are the same. The actual loadet game config is activ with pimaxXR.

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