How to fix dust blobs on the INSIDE?

So i was in my fav app Google Earth VR as usual, set out over a teal blue stretch of water, looked down and as I mostly wander around cities, came across the rare moment where the entire view was a solid color. Noticed a bunch of discoloration as I looked down, and unfortunately it was not in the GEVR imagery, it moved with my head as I moved my head. TL;DR there is definitely some dust or something on the inside of my HMD. Looks like it is on the lens itself.

How would dust get on the inside, aren’t these things sealed? Anyways I guess what i really would like to know is: How do I clean it without voiding warranty or doing anything risky that might make things worse?

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It seems the clean room(s) might not be that clean. And/or gloves are not being cleaned. It is possible as well the lenses are not being cleaned/protected prior to assembly.

These are hypothetical. Meaning pimax needs to answer why there process has failed.

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dirt on the inside of lenses is more likely to simply leave the image blurred because the lens can’t focus that close. “dirt” on the panels is possible, my 8k loaner had a hair stuck on the panel clear as day. but “dirty” “smudgey” “cloudy” panels is probably more likely to come from mura which is a defect in the panel usually most visible on light/white background.

you can pop the lenses out with some kind of sucker and check for dust of cause but that is probably as far as you can go without killing any warranty very dead.

there was someone posting images of their taken apart headset but i don’t remember who or what thread.


Sj’s Teardown is in the Table of Content Wiki located in #Pimax-pitool:Pitool-Discuss pinned


Dust can get in while installing confort kit, it happened with my 8k.

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I could not for the life of me find what you are referring to. I guess I should ask beforehand - will trying to take apart my HMD void warranty or involve risk of easily breaking something?

Dismantling. The headset will most likely void your warranty and yes you could damage the headset if not careful. Best to RMA if it is indeed dirt and not Mura

:slightly_frowning_face: So is the RMA process as bad as everyone says? Or is it only a few people that have to wait over a month? I’d hate to wait like 6 weeks to get it back only to find it’s in the exact same condition as when I sent it.

Unfortunately atm it seems the 8kX RMA process is very slow with shipping out orders. Even it seems for North American residents after PimaxUSA said some of the stock shipped to that warehouse was for “rapid RMAs” after some :us: residents received theres shipped from China opposed to the :us: warehouse.

@pimaxquorra might be able to give a better detail on why the RMAs do not seem to be speedy.

Donot Recommend.

But here is the teardown. It was on a 5k+ and there may have been revisions to assembly.

Aw yeah there’s no way I’m voiding my warranty. As I look at it more i’m starting to think @BNP is correct, looks like it’s more like discoloration in the panels themselves. It’s either that or maybe just the optics of the lens. Guess I gotta decide if it’s too distracting now that I’ve noticed it. I think my brain is fixated on it because I just noticed it. I’ll probably stop noticing it, it took me a few weeks before I noticed it to begin with so it can’t be too bad.

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Try carefully cleaning the lenses with the lens dry cleaning cloth that should be included with headset.

1h 30min

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I’m on day 16 and it’s not even been fully agreed yet, it’s unbelievable. Pimax ask for proof then it’s the R and D department. If you ask or pimax ask a question it’s at best a day and often several days it just drags on and on. Although all communication is very friendly and polite at all time.

If that’s the case I guess You could also blow compressed air into the headset gently through the holes where the cowling attaches?

Nice to know… :+1::wink:



If You’re trying to say that condensation can be an issue it is possible to use an air compressor instead… :+1::wink:


I agree, only the compressor should be with a drainage system


I would’nt use air from a compressor system without proper cleaning of the air( oil film etc) cleaned by active coal and drying filters. Should be as clean as breerhing air to be safe to use.
Compressed air for electronics can be bought in small cans like spray cans. These are safe.


Mine also has dust or spots in the inside of the lenses. It isn’t something that can be focused on, just a blurry tiny blob (multiple blobs) you can notice when moving your head across a light colored background. If it was on the panels then you’d be able to focus the eyes on them to see, but they’re out of focus. Definitely detracts from visual quality, but no way will I either take it apart until the warranty already expired, nor will I look into an RMA that would be an exceptionally painful process based on everyone else who’s gone through it.
There is definitely a QA problem here, one that just adds to the list of all the existing ones that have plagued pretty much every step.