Has Pimax Improved after all the promises? The answer is no





Apparently there is a short ~1 week delay with this batch. Would’ve been a good thing if Pimax reps were being honest with that. Instead of dodging the question.


I agree, Pimax support is still atrocious. I made a simple ticket a couple weeks ago requesting to upgrade my 8K-X preorder from SMAS to DMAS. I received a generic response that had nothing to do with the request. Then after clarification, they moved the ticket to Pimax store and have ignored it since. Like 4 days ago, PimaxQuorra even told me I would receive a response to my ticket but I haven’t. Now I don’t want to upgrade anymore. I will be keeping my SMAS. Pimax just lost $100 from me.

I hope when I receive my 8KX pre-order that I’ll never have to deal with Pimax support and everything will hopefully work fine.


Pimax rep being honest? Like how @PimaxUSA, @SweViver were telling us they shipped this week or how @PimaxQuorra is still ‘drafting’ the Update?

I went out of my way to get information. If they were being honest we’d have found out by Wednesday and I wouldn’t be making this post.

As of this post most people still think 200 headsets were shipped this week. That is far from being honest.


Maybe the situation changed day by day? :man_shrugging:t2:


This is hilarious … next week they’ll say ‘sorry your 8KX will be shipped next week’

Let’s hope not.

The support is beyond terrible. Over a month I have a ticket without an response. Constantly contacting them but nothing. I just disputed a purchase through PayPal. Never buying anything from pimax again.


Where have Pimax said anything about another delay ? I must have missed it .

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@SweViver I don’t think our mods are at fault if Our Pimax Reps actually told the TRUTH, this problem would never exist.

@Fomatter No they are too busy drafting the Delay Update.


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They just posted an update and then removed it again - the batch that should have shipped on the 6th is now shipping on the 13th and they “promise to be more aggressive” in shipping out by the 21st… totally believable


Well don’t worry I got the update right here.

Delayed another 2 days. I’m not going to argue with them. I hope I don’t have to RMA after they keep claiming to ensure QUALITY.

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I have a bad feeling that all pre-order customers will be waiting through October and beyond for their 8KX. Pimax always falling behind. The Pimax Now event was just to distract us from their very slow production.

For their sake, I hope everyone receives their 8KXes by the end of September. I hope I’m not being overoptimistic.


I have been disappointed with the 8KX release.

Pimax hyped the Kickstarter backers saying the product was ready, but now I’m seriously starting to doubt if I will get my headset in July. I wish I had held onto my loaner unit for a couple more weeks instead of rushing it back asap.

What drives me crazy is that Pimax had no need to start getting everyone excited, they could have started the hype train when they knew that production had already hit a minimum amount, like 20 units a day.


It seems its delayed less than a week so there is not much to worry about. I have no doubts we will have the backers fulfilled now in July. At least shipped out, then it all depends how long the delivery is.

@generic we all know you are here every 15 minutes to update your frustration about your late 8KX, but believe me it wont help. Please just wait a few more days without keeping spamming the forum about everything you think is bad about Pimax. I dont think im the only one here being quite tired of it…



Indeed just post what is produced and what is shipped instead of being vague and evasive. It will create far less drama with simple facts and honesty.


The big "release’ of 8KX will happen once we are past the backer stage and headsets are available and in stock without backlog. The mass production is not the problem here, its just been some minor issues with the shipments it seems. This is also quite new information to me as I was not aware of this until yesterday night.


New update just released. I know for a fact one backer has had his 8kX stuck in limbo with Customs now for a week requesting pimax get it resolved.

He was originally scheduled according to his tracking number to receive on July first I believe.


It would really help if for example Pimax staff didn’t spend 2 weeks gaslighting customers telling us that over 200 have shipped when in reality only batch one went out and out of that batch most have been stuck with the courier because of a lack of documentation.