Has anyone except youtubers got an Artisan?

Aliexpress said they had them in stock and ready to go - which I thought was bit strange seeing how few people seem to have them given the lack of posts (anywhere on the web).

Anyways, I ordered one 4 days ago but according to the tracking nothing seems to be going anywhere. Clearly this could be due to the world problems at the moment but also it could be that they don’t actually exist and will blame the lack of arrival on said world problems.

Edit: OK, I know one or two people have got them because there have been a couple of posts but anyone else?

i have buy one, but no news for me , shipping to FRANCE:

SO10808 02/08/2020

anyone have receive it?


Who did you order from?

From what I read here on the forum you should absolutely not buy them from Aliexpress, because the Aliexpress version does NOT come with the comfort kit, which makes a HUGE difference. Also, in terms of customer service you are basically on your own, if I recall the forum posts here correctly.


There are 2 users here that had ordered from Aliexpress.

@Ludiks whom does do youtube videos and @16BIT

Likely is best though to buy direct from pimax or an Amazon Store.


I think those 2 were early releases, prior to decision to include comfort kit as standard. Both have had things resolved through pimax I believe with @PimaxQuorra help.

But agreed likely best to buy direct or through Amazon.

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The problem with amazon is the best price is £1473 for an Artisan headset only and the problem with Pimax is that they are out of stock. Apparently, Aliexpress have 24 in stock and at the normal price - and they now say explicitly With comfort kit. But do they actually exist, that’s the question!

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I ordered on 2/05/2020 directly from Pimax. US shipping.
2 weeks ago i was told they were sure it would be shipped within the next 2 weeks. So i’m expecting it soon now. I’ll let you know when i get a shipping confirmation.

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Maybe @PimaxQuorra might be able to help with info.

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My tracking now says ‘despatched to the UK’ - I’ll keep you up to date.

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I ordered a Pimax Artisan bundle from the Pimax store back in January and have not recieved any news about it? :confused:

i ordered mine over two months ago, everytime when i ask support when i can expect to get my tracking number, i get a reply that its delayed for two weeks… its been like this 3 times now… this is so frustrating… i feel like i may not handle this anymore and just cancel the order sometime soon…

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t just reassures me not to be the only one in this case, I was afraid that there was a problem

Everyone that has ordered has had their orders indefinitely delayed with no reasons given = there is no problem? I guess we see things differently.

I ordered an artisan bundle back on the 18th of January, it stayed as a paid quotation until on the 23rd of March when I asked about the progress made and was told everything is back in production from one of their support team members, later on that day the quotation was turned into a sales order, but I have yet to get a tracking number, when that happens that’ll be the confirmation that it’s at least on the way, I would think they are behind on orders because of COVID-19 so best to be patient as they work to get this stuff out, take it as taking time for a quality headset and not having it rushed where the product wouldn’t meet the standards :yum:

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No, they do come with the Comfort kit, for sure.
My unboxing video of it was without but I received it later and now they are provided with.


oh dang, thats great to hear! I’m guessing it also comes with the headphones like the MRTV review too?

Unless the skus changed. No the Audio version was a deluxe package that had included NoloVR; I think the Nolo sku might have been replaced.

Hmm… The Artisan with p4k audio is not listed on Pimax site. Or the previous NoloVR bundle.