Half Life: Alyx will be included for FREE with Pimax purchased Index Controller Upgrades

All those who purchased Index Controller upgrades (both bundle and individual) will indeed receive Half Life: Alyx for free.

The restrictions of the program are identical to the ones imposed by Valve (order must placed before December 31st, 2019).


awesome! any solid eta to backers for the index controller upgrade shipment?


I wonder how well the game will translate to the higher FOV displays and what the performance will be like since source is notoriously CPU heavy.

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That’s amazing! All we need to know now is when we get them!!! If there’s anything you can say to the time would be one hell of a good day!


That’s amazing to hear! Any news on delivery time?


Color me surprised. Good work, Pimax!

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Can you explain how Alyx game appear on Steam by ordering through Pimax? Do we get a code or something?


They are overloaded this time I believe in Pimax. All offices but especially the one in shanghai. They seem overwhelmed. Today’s update #51 was sent out but someone double pasted the text…

They work overtime… A part of me is very glad they met such huge success and another part of me is sad that has to wait much longer for stuff to be accomplished and delivered.


Can I buy the Index controllers with the 8KX if I didn’t originally back the Pimax controllers? I asked support weeks ago but no one responded. Anyone know? Thanks.

Just curious, why would you want to do that? You don’t save any money getting the Index controllers through Pimax. You would be much better off just buying them direct from Valve.


sounds like siren’s song from retrospective point of view :wink:

Because Index is not available to many countries?


I’m in Australia. Valve don’t sell them here.

This woooould be nice as part of Upgrade Plan F except that:

  • I am still expected to pay extra for shipping even though I already paid for it at completion of KS.
  • PayPal is still not available as a payment option.
    (Sorry Pimax, but we have trust issues, and PayPal’s Buyer Protection is the only thing that might convince me to send you more money ever again.)

As a bonus, if you buy through Pimax you also get to wait until Alyx comes out or later to receive your Index controllers!

This is a fairly important question, someone should probably answer it.

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Brian you must have missed the update. Here is a link for your convenience.

To help ensure you don’t miss these updates. Below topic control switch to watching


Always a pleasure dealing with a large established company.

What did I miss? The fact that the comfort kit is on schedule? Looks like the Index controllers are delayed until the end of this month at the very earliest, and knowing Pimax more likely until March/April. Alyx is coming out in March… I wouldn’t put money on Pimax delivering the Index controllers before then (unless they aren’t the ones handling the logictics lol).

Not to mention the fact that no one has answered the question regarding how the game will added to your Steam account. The process is automatic when you buy it through Steam, so how is that process going to work through Pimax?

BTW, index controllers are now available to purchase directly through Valve again (at least in the US), with an estimated delivery time of 4-8 business days.

Yes it’s great that they have them packaged & ready to ship. Instead of an OEM bulk order.

As for Half Life: Alyx? Valve confirmed that this will receive the game. Now sure we don’t know as of yet how this detail will be handled. This detail might not be sorted out with delivery method. At a guess? Might be like when the Steamcontroller first released with a key in the box or might be included in a tracking email.

We will simply have to wait on this detail. Til the index controllers ship not that pressing of a detail yet.

The details on shipping starting with the US & EU seem to be pretty solid with details. But understandably many need to wait & see it happen.

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