Gyroscope calibration problem

Hi, i have noticeable screen incline on left side. Problem presents in games and in steamvr calibrating room demo. Can i recalibrate gyros or its hardware issue of my HDM ? If it’s dont’have solution i’ll return my product to gearbest.

i have also problems with steamvr hope they fix it …if they dont i will also send the product back to gearbest

Room calibration was done correctly with the VR headset laying flat on your desk and facing the monitor?

Nah, it look incline to left. I´v been do calibration in Steam Vr

many times. In games the same - you hit center button and it centered but keep incline to left.
EDIT. I did calibration using my cellphone’s gyroscope for showing if surface is flat too. But no luck. Everytime is keep incline to left

yes . it also show me same thing on my pimax too. and the drift issu is bonus. I hope pimax team fix them soon… drift issue is very serious now. I always reset the orientation

Have the same problem, picture is “crawling” right by the time.
There is 2 useless buttons on the headset, the Pimax software team should make one of them a “center calibration” button or something.

Pimax sux hard,they think to bring out a NEW goggle (8K) and the 4K work at 30% it realy bad!! Wow!!

Hey Sam I haven’t had that problem with my unit.

Yes those volume buttons not really needed as we can adjust volume in so many other places. Lol

What I recommend trying is d/l a game demo like Future War (endless runner type) to verify its not just in steamvr with gyro drift.

For centering view i think there is a hot key either in some games or in steamvr (believe it can be mapped to controller).

Sensor calibration/sensitivity tho is definitely something PiPlay software needs. Hopefully we see this added soon.

FIX - to this issue of the horizon to being level
-------- (For those who don’t mind voiding their warranty) ---------

This is not a fix that many people will want to do as it is slightly destructive to the case and there is potential for damage to be caused, however if you don’t mind the risks…

My temporary fix to this issue was to drill / melt to holes into the case just above the two gyro chips on the main board. I then found that I could CAREFULLY apply pressure to the chip/board with a NON CONDUCTIVE object through the hole and the horizon would then become level. The chip closest to the buttons was the one I had to manipulate.
(There are very small components right next to this chip so Be careful not to slip or miss and break these off if you try this).

Rather than putting holes in the case you can fold up a bunch of paper and wedge it between the cover and the board, that way you can squeeze the case to push the chip down, this is my new method rather than risking missing with a pointy object.

Hopefully a Firmware/Software fix is created for this soon as the headset itself is nice but the software is letting it down greatly.

Pic of the gyro’s here.

this problem has been present since day1 and there’s no sign they intend doing anything about it

My solution was to put the pimax on the ground until i was in the game (don’t touch it).
Most of the time the gyro was working fine after that.

it means. That all helmets were originally “defective”?
My helmet is experiencing the same problem.
And it’s very bad that technical support is silent.

Doesn’t mean all are defective. Drift is common with gyros. Some are worst than others. Keep in mind too different countries may have more or different electrical intererference.

This is also why many games & programs have a recenter binding.

Hmds with a positional tracking system use the positional system to reference center.

well pretty much everyone here has tilted screen, so it is safe to say all are defective in this regard

No tilted screen here. I do experience gyro drift but not as bad as some describe.

Hi! Thank you for you workaround. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to to it. May you please post a pic showing where/how to set the piece of paper?

Thanks in advance.

No problem

This is the gryo chip that handles horizon:

And here is the paper wedge in place:

Just be sure it is pushed in far enough that it does not rest on the screen cage.
The paper was rolled to 4.5mm however that will depend how much your unit is off by.
It will take a bit of trial and error to get the right thickness. I find the hole in the case useful for fine adjustment.

(This is assuming you’re horizon is off counter clockwise) Otherwise lifting the board would be required.)

Good luck.

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Thank you very much!

does this fix actually fix the in game drift to the side the horizon is out on?

Hi!I just got pimax 2 days ago.And found problems stright away with the side drift talked about here.Allso a slight horisontal offset i see just with the logo,it is so small it is not a problem for me in flight.(DCS)side drift is horrible.Take just a five seconds befor it is way out.If it sudenly work it work only once.I looked for clues and saw i had one sub and 2 soudspeakers nerby my have magnets in so i moved them.And i had a guitar ampefire close at other have insane big magnet in it.Instently DCS worked greate but only the steam version.Had a small breake and next time i started the sim the problem was back,even more horrible.It is a shame not updating software for this greate VR.Hope to see a fix soon.BTW i dont think pater there fix the drift to the side.only the tilt.