GreenHell VR also has the 180 unity rotation bug

i meant in vrpeft kit with the 0.77 render scale,if you bump it to 1.00 wich i assume its “native res” its much better for me might be subjective idk,but not as big difference if on top of that 1.0 with fsr you also run 120% or 130% in steamvr resolution,i get diminishing returns,that 1.0 seems to be crucial for me specially with FSR,im gonna wanna do the same with the next gen pimax even if i have to use severe FFR.

Kind of… It is the resolution recommended to the game by the VR runtime, so 1.0 if all of PiTool, SteamVR, and “whatever else might influence the resolution” are all 1.0; If any one of them is 0.5 (…or equivalent), then it is 0.5.

Any resolution modification or override in the game’s own settings is also going to take effect (Noteably many Unreal Engine games totally ignore SteamVR’s recommended resolution).

I am also pretty confident in my recollection that vrperfkit settings factor the dimensions, and not the area, in which case 0.77 indeed corresponds to 59% in SteamVR resolution settings.

Absolute Legend Nob Ed found a fix we can apply ourselves very easily tutorial below.

i have did it and i can confirm it works for green hell as of now and he tested on walkabout golf too.
here is the edited .Dll for green hell if you dont feel like doing it

just follow the folder path and replace(make sure to make a backup of the original “UnityEngine.SpatialTracking.dll”


Many thx,but can you run green hell on the pimax?But it has very very bad performance on the pimax 8kx

Awesome. I presume you must have posted the topic on reddit. :beers::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:

Why do we constantly have to work for free to do the job these studios are paid for (thanks for the fix of course! definitely going to use it, just frustrated we’re adding value to a for-profit product padding the pockets of share holders who aren’t making any effort)

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no thats Nob Ed he found the fix :+1:

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yeah honestly unity are the biggest assholes for saying if im not mistaken that pimax isnt supported instead of doing this 2 second change,i asked the eleven table tennis dev to report it to unity,he did and said that they pretty much cant replicate the bug on their non pimax headset(obviously) and that they dont support pimax,nvidia works with pimax no problem but unity is too “prestigious” for them :expressionless:,and then there are some devs that just ignore us like for green hell its been a month and not even a reply and other games still after a year no fix.

performance is bad,but it was unplayable with parallel projections on because of this bug,vrperfkit does help alot with foveated rendering at 0.8

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? you dont need parallel projection with this game

not anymore if you use the edited dll.


it does also wonders with the forest,it looks and plays buttery smooth now with great visuals

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Sorry my mistake.

i had the pimax still on 75hz for green hel vr instead of 90hz ,so vrperfkit doesnt make a realy big difference in the forest… its just great on 75hz…

Also green hell plays the best on 75hz,but the forest plays alot smoother

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For me the best settings for green hell vr:

Pimax at 75hz,normal field off view.
Steam sampling at 100%

Vrperfkit renderscale 70%,sharpening at 100%

In game:
Resolution very high,bloom off,quality medium,texure quality high,performance mode off,godrays off,Ambient occlusion medium

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nice, i actually just got the forest from the steam sale,will play it soon


make sure to use foveated rendering 0.8 too if you use normal fov,no perceivable difference for me but a nice fps boost

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Its amazing in vr !

Do u use : inner radius 0.6,mid radius 0.8,outer radius 1?

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I tried The Forest in VR, but I found it unplayable due to its bizarre and terrible VR controls. It struck me as another example of a “VR mode” for a flat game made by developers that have no prior experience even using VR themselves, much less developing for it.

GreenHell VR seems to be a lot better, but its performance is disappointing. I get better frame rates in VRChat. Hoping they’ll improve its performance in updates.

i use inner radius 0.7,mid 0.8 and outer 0.8 or 0.9 depending.

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